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Same name, different characters?

May 1, 2018

    1. I'm in a weird transition period with my collection right now and wondered if anyone else has gone through this?

      I've always been a lover of the MSD size, particularly Minifees! I had accumulated up to 10 MNFs and now I'm dwindling down the numbers. I know for sure I will keep my OTP's original forms, Brink (MNF Karsh) & Zephii (MNF VE Chloe), they have their own original characters that I created back in 2010/2011 for them. However, I recently (January) started playing Final Fantasy XIV and created Brink in the game and it's made me fall in love with him again BUT he's not the same OC I created so many moons ago, he just has the same name and eye/hair color. Then, I created Zephii as an alternative character and going through the same thing with her!

      I've shelled my two FF characters into SD-sized dolls, Soom SG Chalco & Fairyland FM60 Ria! I just wondered if that's an odd thing to do, I know it's my dolls/money/whatever, I'm just purely curious! I don't plan on changing their names, I've been fondly calling my SD ones "Big Brink" & "Big Zephii", lmao :D

      Minifee versions:

      In-game (FF) versions:

      SD versions (please excuse baldness/faceupless/armless LOL, they both are a WIP):
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    2. I think their MSD versions look stunning but you have to go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable and I am sure you'll do a great job with those two new ones as well. Did you do the faceups yourself? They look really good :)
    3. I've seen on instagram someone with SD version n a Yosd version of the same characters. In fact, they are a couple too.
      I think it's seriously ok to do that. It's creative in my opinion!

      Edit: Opps! I reread your question! You said Same name Different character. Haha!! I think it's still okay!
      Some people with the same name but they have different characteristics! xD
    4. Works fine, people are it’s the same name have different personalities, so it should be ok with your dolls too! Also I play ff14 too! Great game
    5. @Haiiro Kun Thank you!! They were actually painted by the talented AngelToast! She painted all my Minifees :)!

      @darkAisu Hehe! I actually used to have an 'adult'/MNF version of my tiny Pukifee, haha! Yay! \o/

      @Kyandesu Yessssssssss, I'm so in love with the game right now, haha! Super addicted! What server are you on? I'm on Leviathan myself!
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    6. Bummer, I’m on Diablos. What job do you main? I’m mostly hard and red mage. I’d love to she’ll my two characters but especially for my main girl I worry about finding a good sculpt.
    7. Awhh they're adorable both as dolls and in game!
      I think go ahead with the two sets of characters with same name, they can be AU versions of the same characters even if they are different? I have a friend who has the same situation with Pullips actually, she has her characters in doll form and in game they are hers and her husband's characters, although in game and in doll form are not exactly the same, they have the same name and similar looks and they're a couple... She just considers AU versions of them, so if they were born in Eorzea they would have a different background and possibly different personalities compared to their original story... I hope this makes sense?

      I also play FF XIV and have shelled my Au'Ra into a minifee Sirrca :D
      Sadly I'm on Odin, otherwise I would have loved to meet up in game!
    8. Actually just noticed @Kyandesu and @crazykimochi you are in the same data centre, you can meet in instances :)
    9. @Kyandesu I just recently maxed Bard! I loveeeee it!! My alt is an AST, I usually main healing first then archer class, but I went opposite for FF, haha! Maybe we'll meet in a dungeon some day! :P

      I chose Chalco because he had a lot of similarity with Brink, plus my friend really wanted to get rid of hers since she's been out of the hobby for a while, so I got him for a steal! My girl was easy because she gave me an excuse to get Ria, lmao! I had been pining for the MNF version, but gosh, the F60 version is BEAUTIFUL!

      @Shabi_Akireisa That makes total sense! Their MNF selves have always represented me & my husband, personality-wise! Thank you for your input, hehe!
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    10. I left two of my dolls/charactes alone for a while, and when I got back to them, their concepts/stories had changed! I think that's totally fine. We all change and sometimes something new is needed to bring the life back to a doll :)

      So in my case; it's same doll, different character/name/story/look! It made me feel in love with them all over again <3
    11. I love you @Wiske ! You know your dolls are always so inspiring to me! <3
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    12. Likewise hun! <3 :lovepeople who shell their game characters are the best!
    13. I see no problem with it!

      When I was growing up, my sister and I had hundreds of OCs shelled as barbies, Bratz, and homemade cloth dolls. Most of them weren’t much more than a name and basic personality type, but some of them ended up with very well developed characters and in depth backstories. Over the years, some of them have been brought back into our current RP or even shelled as BJD. As adults, some of the character traits of OCs we made in our preteens are either completely unappealing and ridiculous, or totally forgotten (or maybe never even were written), so we’ve altered them to fit our current interest. They’re kind of the same characters, but reworked and reshelled. Sometimes beloved characters just need a revision!
    14. Up until the last year or so I was going on 20 versions of one character. So....I don't think it's weird at all.

      I still have 5 Jokers (two of them need bodies), three Batmans, two Harleys, two Catwomans (Batman and Catwoman are hard to plural. And why does my computer recognize Batman as a word and not Catwoman??), a bunch of Alexes three Wynns and two Johns.
    15. I myself have the same characters (as a couple) in SD, MSD, and Yo-SD scales. :)

      But I also sort of have an alternate version of the same pair, too. The characters as I have then shelled are based on a journal RP game, and during that game (which was an AU for the characters already), we had an AU event (never too many alternate universes?) where the characters took on roles in the world's distant past. My character and his boyfriend kept the same first names in the event, and later shifted to similar ones instead; they're definitely different characters, but the short form of their names are still the same.

      (My reason for buying that alternate pair was that I wanted both a tan MNF, and a MNF El, so one of the boys is shelled as a tan El.)
    16. @CloakedSchemer Yessss, for sure!! I've honestly have been so uninspired by my crew, I held on to them because I was so attached to the doll & OC, but I finally took the leap last month and sold a few to get these two SDs and it is SO REFRESHING! I think it's the best decision I've made so far. I felt guilty having them sit there, after spending so much and working on their characters, but I have no regrets! They are loved wherever they will go :D

      @VampireAngel13 Ooooh! That is a lot! But there's so many depictions of characters, depending on the author and whatnot. Your lot must be amazing to see all together, haha!

      @vicemage I guess I could just view them as living in AU, which technically the big versions originate from Eorzea, good thinking!
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