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San Diego's First BJD Con! December 5th, 2009

Aug 24, 2009

    1. [​IMG]



      Raphael's, Pixiedust Designs, PamSD's Dollovely, and more!

      Photo Booth

      Get your BJD photographed


      Door prizes and more

      Costume Contests

      Best Steampunk

      Best Fairy

      Best Owner/Doll Combo



      Once on the 8 freeway head west towards the beaches. The second to last exit is West Mission Bay Drive. Take that and turn right. Continue on West Mission Bay Drive by taking the right curl. Turn left at Quivira Road, and another immediate left. Turn right into the Marina Village Conference Center. Turn right in the parking lot and go to the far north end. Look for the building marked Coral Room.

      Note that if you are coming down from the north on Interstate 5, you will need to exit on Seaworld Drive, as you can't get onto 8 West from 5 South. For those who take that exit, here are the directions:

      Continue onto Sea World Dr
      Merge onto W Mission Bay Dr via the ramp to Ingraham St/Mission Beach
      Take the ramp onto W Mission Bay Dr
      Turn left at Quivira Access
      Turn left at Quivira Rd
      Destination will be on the right
    2. BJD Convention Etiquette​

      1. All participants must have a paid membership, regardless of age.

      2. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied, at all times, by a parent or guardian with a paid membership: please do not drop off to pick up later. The BJD convention is not a playground, and all participates are expected to behave or will be asked to leave.

      3. Treat other participants with respect. Refrain from foul language, offensive jokes, or ethnic slurs.

      4. Please do not handle another person's doll or property without permission from the owner.

      5. Please keep an eye on your dolls and other items brought with you. The convention is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft to items or person.

      6. Be aware that photos and videos of you, your doll(s), and/or your designs/creations may be taken and posted on public and private websites and boards (i.e.- Yahoo! boards, Den of Angels, or Zone of Zen), as well as information and photos printed in newsprint or magazines.

      7. The convention host reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and ask that the person leave the premises, no refunds.

    3. :aheartbea Discussion Thread is Here.

    4. :pcake Just a quick notice that I will be at PamSD's meetup on Saturday and can accept payment for the convention. Cash only please. :) :bcake
    5. [​IMG]

      Further News
      Pam of Dollovely will be holding a sueding demo/workshop!

    6. For those traveling a great distance and wanting a place to stay, here's the info.

      Where our mini-con is being held doesn't have overnight accommodations, however, there are a couple of hotels nearby.

      The upscale Hyatt Regency Mission Bay resort is just down the road from the Marina Village and has rooms from about $143 a night.

      The Dana On Mission Bay is about a block away with rooms from $125 a night.

      The Mission Plaza Hotel and Suites by Sea World is about a mile away, from $109 a night.

      Some have discounts for AAA.

    7. Ms. Cholong :aheartbea of Dolheart USA has graciously accepted our invitation to be Guest of Honor to San Diego's First Ball-Jointed Doll Convention! :D

      Yeah! :pcake:dance:celebrate:bcake
    8. Tickets are currently $15. After September 30 they will be $20, and $25 at the door. Get them early and save.

    9. Today (September 30) is the last day for $15 tickets! Payment can be made to brucedabold (at) yahoo (dot) com. :aheartbea

    10. Membership to San Diego's First BJD con is now $20 until November 30, $25 at the door.
    11. :bump Bump to remind that there are only twelve more days to get your San Diego BJD con tickets for $20. November 30th is the deadline. After that they will be $25 at the door.

      :dance:celebrate:dance Just 17 more days to the con! :D
    12. Seven Day Warning!
      November 30th is the last day for $20 memberships!

      Just 12 days to Con!
    13. :bump:dance:celebrate:bump
      One Day Left for $20 memberships. :aheartbea

      See everyone on Saturday! Yeah! :D
    14. I've updated the directions for those coming south on the 5 freeway. You will need to take the Seaworld Drive exit instead of 8 West:

      Continue onto Sea World Dr
      Merge onto W Mission Bay Dr via the ramp to Ingraham St/Mission Beach
      Take the ramp onto W Mission Bay Dr
      Turn left at Quivira Access
      Turn left at Quivira Rd
      Destination will be on the right

      Sorry for the confusion. :(

      See everyone on Saturday! Yeah!
    15. San Diego's First Ball-Jointed Doll Con is just two days away!

      Please, cash only for this event. There is no ATM on the premises, and the nearest is a half-mile away.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone! :D