Preorder SartoriaJ Jude head

Dec 15, 2018

    1. Hello!
      SartoriaJ opened preorder for her first and limited head - Jude
      Head can be ordered on SartoriaJ official site and etsy store.
      DOLL - JUDE (8-9 Inch Head)

      Order info
      Sales period: 1-31.12.2018
      Event gift - free ems ww shipping and opportunity to choose color for gift eyes with small iris.
      Size of head - 8-9 inches
      Size of eyes - 12mm
      Skintones - warm ivory (~light normal pink), peach cream (matches with iplehouse peach gold), amber beige (matches with iple special real and dollshe copper oriental)
      Custing company - Dollshecraft
      Fits bodies like Iplehouse EID and SID, Dollshe 28m and 18m, Soom megagem
      Head created by person worked with Iplehouse.

      Options: 4 promo types, with diffrent faceups and opportunity to add special outfit


      Blanc head
      • x 17