SartoriaJ MSD/Mini Heads

Jul 18, 2019

    1. I couldn't find a thread for these guys, so here we go! The fabulous Jude sculpt by SartoriaJ has been made in two mini sizes (shown on IH FID body).

      Lestat LE Jude
      Admiral LE Jude

      I've wanted a Jude since I saw a client's, but I don't have space for a big guy. Needless to say, I pretty much jumped on the chance for a 5-6 version. Anyone else ordered?
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    2. I ordered one in 5-6 as well. I had wanted to avoid making a specific OC as doll, then had decided to maybe go with fashion size because I was getting tired of SDs...and then shortly afterwards he was released, so I guess it's fate.
      Gonna put him on a Racoondoll body and hope the match is alright. I had wanted to go for a Iplehouse Leonard FID before, and those fit well on Raccoon, so I would assume the Jude will as well.

      He's going to be the dark haired, big guy:

      Hope I can get his husband (the one with the goatee) as FID one day as well :D
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    3. @Ara Oh he looks awesome! It felt like fate to me as well. Jay's sculpts have that IH polish but feel somehow... creatively unleashed? the world opened up by FID/Racoondoll is making me super happy. I just don't have space for the big guys at this point, and this smaller scale is so great to handle.
    4. That would be awesome if the Raccoon bodies would work for Sartoria´s MSD heads. Since they are separately available.
    5. Yeah agreed @Ashemanu . I imagine racoondoll will work fine since Sartoria's heads have multiple s-hook slots, which should make them easy to hybrid in general. I'm going for the FID model body, but hoping to adopt one.

      @Ara I neglected to say yesterday, but your big dude's shirt is amazing and I want one. <3
    6. I grabbed one as well--I've already got a peach gold FID vamp Claude, so they can share the body for a bit, I think! Very excited to try faceups on such a teeny head.

      @Ara Your art is amazing! Very excited to see what you do with the head.
    7. I feel that about the bigger size. I do have the space, technically, and I still really like big dolls. But they are not only expensive, they are also a pest to handle and buy props for. And since with these two characters I actually would like to do photo stories or own bigger props, do dioramas and co. going with SD+ just seemed insane. So I'll give the fashion ones a try. They have the same aesthetic in the end after all, so I just hope it works out :abambi:

      Aaah, it's not mine! Sadly :lol:
      The painted one is by my girlfriend Reconisan (the guy on the right with the goatee is hers), and the sketches are by Vermillionsketcher. The guy on the left was my Medic OC/loadout from Team Fortress 2 once before I turned him into an own OC, so I got a ton of commissioned/gift art of him. Unfortunately I can't draw myself at all.

      Hey dear! :D
      And I agree, I hope it works. I want my Jude to be bigger than a FID, and since Raccoon is bigger and works with FID I just cross my fingers. Technically there should be no reason for it not to work, if FID and Raccoon are a match.
      I will take pictures once I managed to get the body as well.
    8. @Ara Yeah, I adore my two remaining big girls, but between the convenience of the smaller size and the whole world of props (and I already have a 1:4 diorama haha) this is too good to pass up. I'm getting back into sewing and into wig making too, and this is a great size for that. I might finally take a doll outside too. The big ones are just too much for me to lug around.
    9. Nearly all of mine are 70cm :sweat
      Only got one YoSD and a SD10 that are smaller (not counting the four pet dolls/weird critters). I love the presence of the big dolls and they look really "bamf", but I'm so tired of how much of a hassle they are when it comes to actual "playing" (like taking pictures, dioramas, taking them around for pictures).

      I'm just glad more and more companies, and especially ones with an aesthetic that I already adored, are jumping onto the fashion train.
      I hope I will actually like the size though once I own it. Regular MSD sized dolls never clicked with me.
    10. @Ara Yeah, this time last year, I had a whole Dollshe-based big crew. The only 'regular' slim mini I've managed to hang onto is my rescue narae (and that's half a matter of her being such a rescue and half tribute to Bimong's work). Shifting my big dollshe arsene to a fashion arsene was the proof for me that literally downsizing this aesthetic works, so I hope Jude suits you! He's a great sculpt and super fun to paint, so I can't wait to see your work.

      There's definitely a world of difference in terms of presence between human proportioned fashion scale and the more cartoony/doll-like (for lack of a better term lol) 1/4 dolls. I do find that forced perspective is a bit more work with these little guys, but I'm also more aware of that so I get better shots with the fashion scale. Kind of odd how that works.
    11. Hi! I’m thinking of getting Jude but in the 6-7” size so he would work with my Youpla girls. Would use an Iple FID body for him though, and he would share a body with an Iple head as I’m planning to venture more into FIDs as well. But - I’m having doubts about the size now and wondering if I should just get a 5-6” head and forget about the Youpla storyline...

      Anyway, love this sculpt and have been admiring it as a bigger version, he’s perfection
    12. Hello everybody, I really like SartoriaJ's work, definitely going to low-key stalk this thread, especially now that they're making FID sized heads.

      @Maria I happen to have both a Ziya and an FID Claude, I never thought of putting them side by side because of their height difference — if they were human sized Ziya would be 1m52 and Claude 1m96 — but they actually make a nice father and daughter combo, which is a very welcome surprise.
      Please don't mind the bald naked people, I can't wait for the holidays to finally have the time to make them wigs and clothes
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    13. @Litzski Thanks! That is actually quite extreme! Thanks so much for the pic! There are couples with a huge height difference in real life but that just may be a little too much... hmmm.
    14. Ooooo. He is handsome. I'm worried his head would look too small with the typical msd girls who tend to have 7-8 heads. Most male dolls like this do have tiny heads sadly :(. Does anyone know if this would be the case with Jude or if he'd work with a vito or even dream valley body? Something like that.
    15. Thanks for that comparison @Litzski ! That's definitely a massive age as well as height difference. She always looks young, but she looks really young next to him haha.

      @KSTWrites This type of doll is relatively human proportioned, though still exaggerated, so it definitely will look odd with the very cartoony type of doll. It's not just size, it's the over-all style and proportion. I can also say, having painted and handled both, that Jay's independent heads are even more human-scaled than the IH heads (he does smaller eyes etc). Anyway, point being, the long and thin limbs, undersized hands and feet etc that go with the large-headed cartoon type aesthetic will look bizarre with this head because it's a totally different style. Vito is proportioned too large I think. Even FID heads (which are similar to the 6/7 jude) look wrong as you can see here. If that link doesn't work (flickr has been weird lately) just google "iplehouse fid souldoll vito."
    16. Wow. That is quite the difference! Thanks for showing me. Oh well. Not a total loss. There are other sculpts out there :).
    17. I got the Jude head in 5-6”, Amber Beige, so excited! Getting him an Iplehouse FID body at some point.
    18. The MSD Jude head was offered in two sizes, the typical 5-6 the fashion dolls use and 6-7 which should fit with Vito, ID51,etc. I ordered one of each size.
    19. My msd Yvonne head arrived yesterday)

      Thinking about her character)
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    20. Do you think they're going to release the other sculpts in msd size as well? I really love Zakary, and the new girl Yu, but I'm trying to avoid getting any more sd-sized resin dolls.