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Update Sato FCS Discontinuations

Oct 4, 2009

    1. So yesterday when I attended the Owner's Gathering at Tenshi no Sato there was a laminated information sheet informing attendees that the following wigs and molds and eye colors were going to be discontinued at Sato FCS on December 22, 2009


      Molds #: F-10, F-11 and F-15 (F-10 and F-15 have always been Sato only)
      Wig #: W-85N


      Molds #: F-02, F-06 and F-18 (F-18 has always been Sato only)
      Wigs #: W-5 and W-21

      And starting December 22nd you will no longer be able to order the following zoukeimura colors even from Sato:

      GE# 04 (Thin Green)
      GE# 15 (Neosium)
      GE# 18 (Thin Orange)
      GE# 24 (Baby Pink)

      Thought everyone would want to know ASAP.
    2. does this mean just sato or does it mean there gone from good from everywhere after leaving sato?
    3. Discontinued is discontinued as in gone for good.
      This is a bummer I love the SD F-6 so cute and the W--5 and W-21 are great wig styles. Sad :(

      Mods I just noticed I posted in the news section. If you need to delete my post feel free to do so. Sorry.