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SatsuPurin's feed back thread!!! <3

Dec 2, 2009

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      --My first feedback thread.
      . . . well here it is.

    2. I traded BJDs with SatsuPurin. It was a wonderful trade.:) Great communications -- questions asked and answered. The bjd was carefully (and attractively) packed and shipped on the schedule we agreed to -- things couldn't have gone better. I'd happily trade again with SatsuPurin!
    3. SatsuPurin bought a wig from me it was a great transaction, she is very friendly and I hope she enjoys the wig!!! (very prompt payment)
    4. I made a deal with SatsuPurin to make payments on an Elfdoll Red, I even offered to give her a deposit of $100. She refused the despoit telling me that no problem, she would hold him for me, the doll was mine and not to worry.

      I got a note from SatsuPurin saying that she finally got her paypal working (after a little help from me because she seemed confused about it) on March 6th at 9am. Shortly after (just after 7pm on March 6th) I get a message telling me that someone in her home town offered to buy him and I should respond if I still want him. At 11:47 PM that SAME NIGHT I get a message saying that she's selling him to this person regardless. (I had not checked my messages as DoA ws doing some work, and was a bit behind schedule, so I didn't check as often, but I still checked EVERY DAY.So in less than 5 hours she gave me to respond she agreed to give this doll to this other girl instead.

      I replied that of course I still wanted him, and that we'd entered into a verbal agreement where SHE was the one who refused money. She uickly changed her mind and tol me I could have him again. This was still on the 7th.

      It is now the 8th and I now have a message in my inbox telling me 'too bad, leave me negative feedback, I'm selling to this girl...' Some of her messages are very repetitive, I have three in my inbox telling me this same thing.

      Do not buy from her, I would never try to buy from again. She flaked out TWICE in one sale in less than a day.