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Save your pennies cuz Tokyo Boy 4 will be for sale!

Sep 25, 2005

    1. At the next Dolpa! And from the little bird I got this info from, they can't say what size he will be, so could that mean he will be taller than Isao???

      Thought the confirmation would make a few of you out there happy!
    2. AHHHHH tokyo boy XD wheeee!!! I cant wait to see!!!!
    3. *resist, resist*

      ... I need a job. :oops:
    4. Me too. The things we do for dolls. XDDD
    5. Here's hoping that Isao maintains his status as the only one of the Tokyo boys I like. :lol: Ephram still needs a body, and I really want an Arashi. Can't possibly afford a TB. XD
    6. When is the next Dolpa approx?
    7. The next one is the Christmas Dolpa so that's very exciting news! I wonder what his outfit will look like :D
    8. Oh no, not more waiting! I'm gonna have a heart attack one of these days from all the anxiety that builds up being curious X3
      I'm hoping I can resist the siren song of the Tokyo boys... Isao almost had me.
      *excited anyway*
    9. in what website will the tokyo boy 4 appear??? @.@
    10. Good thing I am almost half way there~ I can't wait x_x
    11. I and my wallet are so with you on that. :oops: :oops:
    12. Oh wow! What a lucky girl! Hum, Volks can have cruises here in Calif, there are alot of dinner cruises here in Long Beach...not far from Torrance

      Most likely first on the Volks Japan website...it gets updated first.
      edited to add that it will be awhile before this happens, when they finally put the Dolpa info on-line, so probably not until Dec.

      I wonder, oh my, would this mean an afterparty at the US store??????

      (not gonna think about it, not gonna, nope, not gonna think about it)
    13. I wrote Volks the other day and had it confirmed that the next Dolpa will be on Christmas day. I've already started pricing tickets! I'm 99% sure that we will be going again and staying through New Year's, a season I've always wanted to see in Japan.

      Hm, the next Tokyo boy. I've also heard rumors that he will be an SD16, so bigger than the SD13. Not sure if I will be interested myself, but we'll see. I might be doing group clothing shopping again, but it was really stressful last time, so I might just be going to the dealers room and trying to get more ALG shirts for my kids. I hope to actually meet some DoA people this time -- we seemed to miss each other at the last one.

      Cassiel's cruise sounded amazing and I totally started crying reading her story! I :love Volks!

      Gods, I'm such a dork!
    14. Volks mentioned the Tokyo Boy at the Cruise that I went on yesterday, yeah... ^_^ The ONLY thing that they said was that they couldn't yet say his name or his size... (Yuzuko theorised that this may have actually been a slip-up on the president's part, to have even mentioned his size... *grin*) Any speculation about him being an SD16 or having even longer legs or whatever is PURELY speculation on the part of us (and other people) and nothing more, so... we'll just have to wait and see. ^_^

      Volks usually releases the information about the LEs for a Dolpa about a month before the actual event.. so I expect we'll find out about him in late November.

      Yep, Dolpa is on Xmas day, I believe Yuzuko posted this information quite awhile ago. ^_^ Volks release the dates for Dolpas fairly early because they open applications for dealers fairly early, and the dealers need to know when the event is to know if they can participate or not. ^^ There's a lot of organisation that goes into being a dealer at a Volks Dolpa!!

      Yay for Volks! They rock my world so, so, so much. :D
    15. x_x I can't wait...! *pain* I've even changed my saving plan (yeah, I know, no big :D) from getting PF Peter and then Latidoll Ronnie right away to PF Peter and then LD Ronnie after I have saved for Tokyo Boy 4 completely, so I can be sure I'll have a chance if I like him x_x
    16. Cassiel, thank you for the info! Wow, reading about your day on that cruise, how special!
    17. -shifty look-

      December 25th for sure, huh?
      ...can anyone direct me to a tutorial for dolpas? ^^;
      Are tickets required beforehand...etc?

      Lol! :D
      If he's an ... SD16... then...
      Agh. -incoherent-
    18. My pleasure! And as for the cruise.. honestly, so glad I am able to share it with everyone. It was the most awesome day! :D I'm so happy that Volks are such a great company and do things like that for their fans. There's just nobody else like them, not in the BJD world and maybe not anywhere! ^_^

      There's no actual tutorial, but.. ^^;

      You need to buy a guidebook in advance from a Volks store. They cost 1,500yen as I recall. The guidebook is your entrance 'ticket' to Dolpa so you need to take it with you. There is nothing else needed to get in, an it costs no other fee to get in. I think they may also sell them on the day from fairly early but I could be wrong. (I have some memory of them selling them until 8:30am?)

      Dolpa opens officially at 10am. However you have to queue up beforehand, and there are different queues if you want a) to enter Dolpa b) to buy an LE c) to buy Tenshi no Sumika limited goods (clothes, shoes etc.) If you join a LE or Sumika queue you're not on the normal Dolpa queue. When you finish queuing for your LE or Sumika items you must then go to the end of the Dolpa queue, if it is still there. I believe they may hand out tickets like a lottery or something to see who can and can't get an LE on the day, and who has to pre-order. I'm not sure; Inertia may know?

      They don't let you queue up overnight anymore but queuing starts from about 7am I think. Japanese queues are very orderly and once you have a place in the queue it's not polite to push in or try and sneak up the queue or anything. The people around you will also let you hold your place in the queue if you ask nicely if you need to, say, go to the toilet or whatever.

      I think Inertia may have some more specific info about queuing up for Dolpa -- I only know the details released by Volks about Dolpa, and from my own experience queuing up for an After Event. Last time I went to Dolpa I was lucky enough to get in on a dealer pass, so I didn't need to queue. ^_^;
    19. Thanks for the info, Cassiel! XD
      A guidebook from a Volks store? Do they also sell them online?
      Or...YJ again? *_*

      Where exactly are Tokyo dolpas held?
      -very blankly-
      You know how it is...hotel bookings...
      -shifty eyes again-

      Sorry to be such a n00b >_<
      Also, the difference between the three queues:
      - one is to buy a LE doll
      - one is for like clothes and stuff released
      - one is for all those dealer booths? Is that the normal dolpa you mentioned? ^^;

      Wow, to get in on a dealer pass!
      And the cruise >D
      You're so lucky! ^__^
      Can't wait to see your Scarred Cecile when he gets to you ^^