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Saying "thanks" after receiving your doll?

Oct 4, 2009

    1. (Please feel free to delete/move this thread if this topic already exist:sweat)

      I'm wondering,do u all thanks to the company(the one you're ordering from) after you receive your doll?
    2. I've said thanks to private sellers, but not to companies. Companies are a business, and I certainly don't say thanks to best buy or walmart when I buy something from them (Although I do thank the clerk).
    3. I usually do (sometimes I'm so excited with new doll I forget, though). Doll companies aren't anything like some anonymous big-box outlet, and even if they were, a little kindness and appreciation is never out of place in any setting, 'business' or not. I think it's shameful that people seem to think being 'professional' means being an impersonal automaton.

      I see so many nagging post titles on Q&A boards, I think it's the decent thing to do to let them know *I*, for one, am totally thrilled with my doll. I hope it's not a bother, and gives the person handling customer service some small reason to smile in their busy day.
    4. I like to.
      I imagine they get tons of "Here's my money" and "This is wrong" comments, as well as a bunch of questions, so it must be nice to get a "You guys are great, I'll buy from you again!" comments every now and then ^^ It never hurts to say thanks~
    5. Of course! I really only buy dolls from the MP though...I don't think I've ever sent a thank you e-mail to a company.
    6. You know, I'd never thought to do that, but I believe I will in the future. It's true - they are an artist-made product and I always thank and fawn over every purchase I make on etsy (and sometimes ebay)

      so I think it's a nice thing to tell a BJD company/artist that you enjoy and love their work after you've received it. After all, I'm sure it's a welcome response rather than my usual - "b... bu... but... where's my dollie??" haha

      though I usually include some form of flattery when I ask (always truthful of course). Especially with Lati. :)
    7. I've sent thank you's to the companies I've ordered from. It's something I like to do. I figure it might be nice to hear some feedback from a happy customer. :)
    8. I do the same. It is fun! ~Gus

    9. Yes. Even though they are companies I'm sure they love to hear that the doll arrived safely and the owner is happy with it.
    10. Individuals, yes. Companies, no. I sorta feel like I'm wasting their time.
    11. yes, i've always done that and even included the pictures of the dolls
      and they were very appreciated it : D
    12. I haven't received my first doll yet, but yes, I do intend to leave a message on the company website. Especially as, ironically, the company in question sent me the wrong doll only this week (last Monday I do believe) and I had to ship the package back to them. When my right doll comes, sure, I will still feel a bit irked that the company didn't ship him out correctly the first time, but I'll also be grateful because, firstly, they took the steps to rectify it, and secondly, they gave me very good communication when I called them about the order mix-up. So, yes, I do believe a word of thanks is needed.
    13. I always thanks private sellers and sometimes - companies (when there is a way to do it besides e-mail, such as feedback, forum, gallery etc.)
    14. I don't send any specific messages to companies, but when buying from private sellers I always let them know when the doll arrives and tell them how lovely s/he is and how happy I am with him or her.
    15. I bought Callahan from the Ebay B&G dealer, so when I left feedback on the sale, I wrote thank you. I also posted a thank you message on Soom's Q&A when my Glot came in, to let them know that they could update my status to delivered. :)
    16. I haven't so far, but it seems like a nice idea to do. I'll keep it in mind next time I order something 8)
    17. I think there was a thread just like this a while back, but i have no idea where it is ^^;

      I thank everyone. XD If i'm buying from the marketplace, of course i'll say thanks. That would come off kinda rude, i think, if someone sold you a doll and you hardly even told them it got there or that you were grateful for it, it'd seem like you didn't care or something. Buying from a company, of cousre i say thank you! I've only bought direct from Luts and Fairyland, and both companies are absolutly wonderful to deal with. They're very happy to hear that their dolls have arrived safely and are loved ^^

      ...not to mention FL seems to only give the puchase points when you let them know your order arrived ^.~

      Also, i'm pretty sure i've seen on Luts that they really like hearing that the dolls arrived, and they love seeing pictures of what people make of them =]

      i figure, the companies are people to, and they're working to make us happy, so why not let them know they're doing a great job?

      also, re: walmart/big company comments from above: You say thank you when you buy stuff at the register right? There's sort of a customary "Thank you, have a nice day"/"Thanks, you too" sort of thing.Its small, and not like writing to the CEO of Walmart to tell them you just love the t-shirt you purchased, but it still is saying thanks! <3 (and trust me. If you get a string of customers--wherever you work--who are rude and don't recognize the fact that they are enjoying a service, not a right? Its very annoying and kind of upsetting.)
    18. From the beginning I've planned to always express my gratitude after receiving my dolls (as long as I am satisfied with the condition itself - though I'd would thank anyway if I'm requesting replacement/help for some reason, too).

      I guess I view a BJD company like an artist (as opposed to a mass corporation). Sure, thanking them may take up their time, but don't all artists enjoy having their work appreciated and loved? Doesn't - in a way - that encourage them to produce higher quality and/or unique works?

      So much is involved in a doll's production - I can't think a quick "thank you, s/he arrived safely, s/he is beautiful!" could harm the buyer/seller relationship.

      Just my two cents. ;)
    19. I intended to thank Leeke after I received my Koji, but I completely forgot about it.

      Though when I received a replacement hand (for free!) after Floyd's hand got damaged, I did thank them. They didn't nag about shipping costs or anything, they sent it just like that! So kind, I had to thank them~ ^.^
    20. I think my version of thank you is not pestering them when my doll is in production. The last two dolls I ordered for myself were the "takes xx days" sort. Luts I knew it would be 30-45 days. Soom I knew it would be ... around 6 months. If my Luts doll took 50 days I would have done a little pestering, but in the meantime I just leave them to do their thing.

      In an actual, physical store, of course I say "thanks" whether I'm buying a doll or eye putty. But online it feels kind of like wasting their time to say anything unless I have a question or an emergency or something. It's probably best on those sites where they have galleries you can post photos on to do thanking there with a nice picture of the doll, rather than spamming the Q&A amongst legit questions.