SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1

Dec 16, 2012

    1. Welcome to discussion thread of *Flower and Junior*, I had a head of little cat CHAR, 0w0~
      I need to comparison with 1/4MSD body ( because I only had a MSD and AE's body) ,if any body can give me any idea?
      CHAR'S Flickr:CHAR



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      This is a discussion for SCdoll mini Flower and Junior.

      Company website: Home - flowerandjunior

      SC doll *Flower and Junior* discussion part 1:
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    3. Flower Junior dolls are adorable! I'm also waiting for the head of white Char and the body. ^^ I've ordered a white DIM body during the winter event, they are going to ship it soon.
      Very much excited to see him! *O*
    4. [​IMG]

      [h=1]MSD girl body(2006) /MSD boy body(2006)[/h]
    5. Really happy to see more of your dolls! I'm very interested in a WS Char; what body would you suggest to match resins? I've heard lots of things about white skins varying..
    6. My Char has arrived! He is such a charming young fellow. *3*
      I think I can show the match with white Doll-Leaves boy body to those who are interested -


      More on my Flickr, as usual.
    7. Ooohhh!! I'm so excited! I'm going to trow myself at Kaka!!
      I'll need a body now.. anyone tried smaller bodies then Volks' ?
    8. I love Kaka and Char! I want them both so much I don't even know what to do. LOL Wait, I guess!

      Char just has that perfectly sweet face, I wanted my DollChataeu boy to be a catboy and earlier today I saw a Char head on a DC body in Normal Skin! They said the match was off
      but I wonder if it'd match the White Skin?

      I've got such amazing feelings for Kaka, I feel like I can do so much with him! Not sure what exactly that is but I'm sure it'd be fun. He's so full of personality it's awesome.

      Hnnngh. So much want for these lovelies. I wonder if Nima is going to be an MSD sized head too? I hope so! :D Those ears on the concept art are killing me!
    9. DC yellow is very orange, absolutely no match for volks skin. I find it so sad since the older DZ (sister company) were a great match before 2012 D=

      I think Nima is a MSD sized one... I do hope its a little smaller though. I want to make them "human" versions of my anthros :D
    10. My Char has got a faceup! I'm very happy about it. ^_____________^

    11. Yay Char spam! He's so adorable, Reya!

      Chibi_Fluffy, yeah. That's what the person who had the doll said as well. So not a match. I think the Flower and Junior heads would look pretty amazing on the new Dollzone boy body with those wide hips though. Some creative blushing would be in order of course. :P I'm just so happy to see a company making MSD heads! Everyone makes SD heads and I'm just thinking for SCDoll giving me more choices. <3
    12. Has this been discussed on DoA at all?
      According to Flower and Junior Impldoll has modified a Char head to make their Avery.
    13. I saw it on their Flickr account.
      The first time I saw the head I thought is was someone who had Char and modified it.
      I find it really sad since sc-doll is so small! No one will notice and since it is a very cute head I am sure a lot of people will want it :/
    14. Yea, I just found out about the company after the news thread about Kaka (giggle, french XD) but it's very sad.
      Should the mods be notified about this?>_>;
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    15. I don't really know, sc-doll itself seems defeated already since it is not the first time this happens from Impldoll.
      I was not aware it was this far, but from what sc-doll wrote in that blog, we miss a lot of copyright infringement that will never be found out :/
      Is sc-doll on DoA ?
      I would think that might help if they want to make it known that they shouldn't go to Impldoll for that head ?
    16. I think it's Bapupupupu who also created this thread..
      The only thing that would happen is that the Avery head at least gets banned from DoA because of it being a modified recast, but it's at least something.
      If not a comfort to the original artist.
    17. TQV, thank you very much! It will be great to see your own Char in this thread soon! *)

      I think the mods do know about this issue with the Impldoll, the question is whether they have taken any precautions against the definite plagiarism, or not. I can imagine how unpleasant and offensive this piece of news turned to be for Small and her friends, since they are only starting their doll-shop and brand. =___="
    18. I made a thread in the Ask section and they are discussing the matter.

      I fell completely in love with Kaka so I hope she/them won't feel discouraged from continuing their business by all of this..
      Hopefully I can sneak an order once my bills are paid at the end of the month. :3

      I was really hoping to be able to purchase the cat ears with him though... They look so cute!^^