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Scared of buying different colored resin dolls?

Mar 16, 2012

    1. Do you only buy one color of resin for your dolls? (only white, only normal, only tan etc)
      And are you scared or unwilling to buy outside of your usual resin color group?
      Whether the dolls would look good together or just afraid of not liking it once you buy it? :doh

      I personally love white resin dolls and only never thought of getting a different color. Which is why I never order from Crobidoll because it's normal resin (Even though I love their sculpt).

      But today I placed the order for a normal color head, but I am SO SCARED :...(
      I am scared it won't work with my other white skin dolls, or that I won't like it.
      Maybe I am overreacting because I can just sell it... but does anyone else feel this way or felt like this before buying a different resin color?
    2. Haha, and I thought I was the only one. When I was planning my doll family, all my dolls come from Iplehouse. I realized I dislike white resin because I fear it will yellow into an unpleasant lemon colour/mellow/green while real skin seemed to dark for me. So all my dolls seemed to be planned in normal skin.
      However I realized that Claude and Barahan can only pull of certain looks in real skin. So I decided that I will look out for real skin version of them in the market place. Then I realized I liked white skin Yur, so now white skin yur on the wish list. Now Iplehouse introduced a new darker skin tone (peach gold skin) so some of my dolls might come in that colour if Iplehouse makes it available.
      It did take a very long time for me to see beyond my fear of yellowing and dark skin tones before I could put dolls other than those in normal skin on my wish list.
    3. Not scared, no. I prefer the natural looking brown to ebony tans but I have ones that are normal and white skin. Of the three it's the white skin that makes me pause. I do not like death, snow, paper white dolls. Those are quite creepy to me. I've been lucky so far that the three white ones I have are a very slightly creamy sort of white. I don't have any purple, red, green, etc. just because I haven't gotten around to it yet.
    4. Oh goodness, I didn't realize anyone else felt this way at all. I always want the normal skin option but have been looking at the white skin for a certain doll I've had my eye on. I'm just too scared to order it. I'm worried it will look way too pale in comparison to the natural skin. I guess you're right, it could just be sold, but I get attached to dolls and am not really keen on selling them.
    5. I thought white, brown, and ebony greens? The only color that supposedly doesn't is normal skin. That one yellows. Am I wrong?

      I've been hesitant to get IH real skin even though the color is gorgeous, since I've seen the proof of it greening quite a bit even recently. For whatever reason, greening doesn't dissuade me from light brown or ebony skin though. I don't see myself ever buying a white skin doll, but I like normal skin.
    6. It depends on what company you buy from. I have plenty of WS that is in no way green or greening. I have also had Ebony for three years now, and tan for a little longer, neither of them have a hint of green in them. In fact the only green doll I own is a Luts Beauty Green Chiwoo. Who isn't green anymore, as I blushed him peach XD Greening was really only a few companies and a few resin colors in each....most resin just yellows, or loses it's pink, creaming out a little.

      Personally I prefer the rainbow that is my collection XD I started out with one NS doll and a bunch of WS but as time went on and there are dolls I could only get in one color or the other...I ended up with a bunch of both. And some tan, DT, grey and one pink! WS is still my go-to color of choice, but I do enjoy the odd fantasy color, and Dollmore NS is my favorite color of all I think....It's so pale it comes off as being WS anyway...
    7. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) thank you. I hope I get over my fears too.

      I do think brown to ebony dolls look most realistic. But white skin dolls always come out paler in photos though, but I love the look of my white skin dolls in real life especially when blushed.

      Same here! I rather not to sell my dolls at all!

      This is one reason why I hesitate on normal skin. Because it looks too yellow sometimes > <

      :lol:You are FEARLESS
    8. No, I've never been scared of it... I'm an early-adopter freak and like to take a plunge. I bought Iplehouse's first-ever attempt at tan resin (Tan Soo Ri in '05), and I got hooked on their dark resin tones immediately. I bought their first-ever attempt at Realskin resin too (Akando Pierrot in '08) and got instantly hooked on that too. By now, I don't think I will ever own a NS or WS Iplehouse doll; they're lovely, but their sculpts look so much better to me in darker resin.

      I don't prefer white resin, but I will buy it if that is the color that the doll happens to come in-- usually because it's a fullset that I crave & the white is appropriate. I have white demons, imps and a merman; it works for them. ^^

      All resin is prone to discoloration over time; keeping all of it out of the sun as much as possible (all colors) can delay/prevent the discoloration greatly. My first tan men still have fabulous skin for old guys. None of them are green. My white guys have yellowed, even though they've lived behind drapes all their lives.

      But my Normalskin contingent-- I think all Volks, some as old as 9 years-- has simply "mellowed" in that gorgeous ivory way that Volks Pureskin Normal ages. I dunno what magic pixie dust they put into the resin in Japan, but I have a feeling it'll still be this gorgeous for a long time.
    9. My first two dolls were actually fantasy colors: green and lilac. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to bond with dolls that were normal or white skinned! That hasn't really been an issue for me so far, but I can totally understand your fears, especially when your family is all white resin.
      It's good that you took the plunge! At least you'll know whether or not that skin tone is right for you and your family. :)
    10. I have dolls of all colors and even some fantasy colors. I buy whatever resin seems appropriate for the doll to my eyes. I like variety, though, and not everyone does.
    11. I'd love to have a doll in tan resin (a Volks tanned dolly, that is)- but I will admit that I'm a little worried that it'd be difficult to get a new replacement hand in the right resin tone if the doll should break a finger or two ><
    12. I am actually interested in getting more colours. I have both white skin, normal skin and one grey doll. In the future I want blue and green and perhaps a red imp.
    13. I have three white dolls, two of which are "cream" white and the other is paper white, two normal skin dolls and I plan to get a grey skin soon. I wouldn't be afraid to buy any color out there if I liked it. I don't think my NS dolls look strange next to my WS dolls, but I'm not very picky about everyone matching. I say if you love a doll in a certian resin color, go for it. Some people say that WS over time turns a beautiful creamy color, while others say it can turn a nasty yellow or green. Different resins will yellow differently, so I suggest trying to dig up pictures if there are any. I don't mind if my dolls yellow, since the ones that are still around are here to stay.
    14. Do you only buy one color of resin for your dolls? (only white, only normal, only tan etc)
      My first 4 or 5 dolls were WS. I really didn't want a NS, but finally got one. I have to admit that I wasn't too into it--BUT it was nice having a different skin tone to play with. And I ended up getting another--she was a surprise gift--and they made a perfect pair--so it was all good!

      Are you scared or unwilling to buy outside of your usual resin color group?
      I wasn't scared, but unwilling. But after I already had several in one resin color, I definitely felt like trying something different!

      Whether the dolls would look good together or just afraid of not liking it once you buy it?
      Well, this is always a problem that is hard to know for sure until the doll arrives. Now that I have a lot of dolls, it's no big deal. When I first started out, I worried more about such things. But I no longer worry about it.

      Now I actually like to get dolls that are different! :)
    15. I think everyone is wary when they get a new colour. I know I was unsure when I got my first WS doll, and it was through her I knew I would never buy WS again. And I was unsure when I got my first Tan doll too, but evidently I liked the colour enough to get my Lapin! Funny thing is, if it's a fullset limited (as in I don't get to choose anything apart from buy/not buy:lol:), I'm not so fussed about their resin colour. It's because I like the overall look of the set, and if the resin colour looks perfect for it, then awesome!

      That's just the nature of some resin colours though. I mean, out of the two, I'd prefer normal over white.. but I wouldn't get either if both are yellow, y'know?

      I think I was spoiled by Dream of Doll though. Even though they're pretty darn pink when new, they mellow out to this gorgeous creamy pink colour.
    16. This reminds me how very convinced I was that I'd only ever get normal skin dolls when I got into collecting. Needless to say that changed pretty quickly after my first WS doll arrived which fit into my crew so well, I just stopped caring.
      The only real criteria I still have now when it comes to choosing a resin color is 'does it fit the character design of whoever the doll is gonna represent?'
      If the answer is 'yes', all is well.
    17. I thought white skin was evil when I joined the hobby and started hearing about "beauty green" and how quickly they went all gross, but I'm over it now. I much prefer normal skin in general, but I've got a couple white dolls. It all depends on what kind of character I'm looking for.
    18. I used to never want to buy a white skinned doll because I was afraid of yellowing, then I bought my elf shiwoo, who was a yellow BW luts, and I find whit skin dolls to be beautiful, even yellowed naturally.

      I was then afraid of tan dolls because I think most tans are wayyyyyy to dark. While I still think that after seeing Sooms Bronzes skin I fell in love with that light tan color. I am still afraid of really dark tans so I guess my next gold is to see a light brown Iple skin, or brown Soom shin doll in person.

      I have seen grey in real life and find it lovely, I would get a grey skin doll.
    19. I'm actually the opposite. All of my dolls are normal skin. Why? I like the natural look. Papery white seems too unnatural. I think it yellows too fast.

      Now... I'm getting a Souldoll Souloid. Default white human parts with bottom steel skin parts. I'm in diving head first into the realm of other skin tones. 2 in one doll, my god. But I just loved him when I saw him. I'm nervous though because he is the first 'different' resin I'm getting. Maybe because he just looks right that way I'm not OVERLY nervous.

      We will see when he gets here!
    20. I'm kinda the same way too:lol:
      I like natural pink resin over white, tan, grey, normal yellow, and any other colors, so I prefer to just get all natural pink resin doll if I could.
      I don't think you're overreacting, I was a bit worried too when I order my minifee, which do not have NP skin. I was worried because I was afraid she'll look yellow next to my NP dolls. =/

      But it work out somehow, so try not to think too much about it. And like you said, if anything happens, you can just sell it.:)