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Scared of dolls!

May 19, 2016

    1. Actually, my husband asked me to post this thread. He is seriously afraid of dolls, something which is called pediophobia. The more realistic they are, the more creeped out he is. So of course I had to get into the BJD hobby, poor guy. He has quietly accepted my custom Monster High dolls sitting above the television. He is actively trying to ignore them, but he says things have improved since I put clothes on them.

      Even so, he's okay with me buying a 1/3 BJD. I have offered to keep the doll locked away in its box when he is around, but no. He says he will be okay and hopes he will get used to a little lady sitting near him. As long as he won't have to handle the doll. Haha, it's not like I'm going to force it on him.

      Side note: It's not like he has never 'wanted' to be near a BJD. A friend of ours has 7 BJD, of which he took a lot of pictures in the woods.

      Now, we were wondering how your significant other handles your BJD hobby. Are there more people uncomfortably living with dolls? Do you have to keep the dolls behind locked doors?
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    2. I have a flatmate living with me, she's afraid of dolls in general. She told me she got scared by some doll when she was very little or something, hence the attitude towards them. And she was never into dolls, more into plush toys, puzzles and such things. But she's OK with my BJDs, not that they are all over our flat, just in my room. And she says she kinda got used to them. My flatmate even went to a doll meeting with me recently. Also she has several tiny BJDs she really likes. So I guess she's OK while she doesn't have to interact with them much.
      I'm not into all kinds of dolls myself. I really like BJD, I'm also fine with fashion dolls, action figures and figurines. But old dolls, especially plastic ones, just creep me out. I had to sleep in the same room with a big old doll that's very much resembles a little girl, I'd say 2 years old or so, for quite a while and that just kept creeping me out. Like having her stand there and stare. I guess one of the reasons I'm not into old dolls is their history. I know what emotions I put into my dolls, but who knows what those have been through.
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    3. My older sister is terrified of dolls because of the horror movies she watches. Whenever she's home alone, she'll close my bedroom door because she thinks they'll come to life and kill her when no one is around. I usually just brush it off and take no offense. I don't go out of my way to show her any of my dolls either. I might bring my Yo-SD to the living room since he's really small and not as noticeable as a 60+ cm doll.

      She has actually gotten better around them but she's still pretty scared of them. She'll apologize to one of them if she insults them because she still thinks that they will do something to her. She also has a fear of wigs so she would probably freak out if she knew the dolls were wearing wigs. I haven't told her that though.

      I don't mind if people find them creepy or scary because everyone is scared of something and I try to respect that.
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    4. I can relate 100% as my husband also very afraid of doll. The realistic ones since he's okay with all the action figures and plushie. He never complained about Barbie, but he seriously freaked out with the Monster High ones. And of course it got worse when I started buying BJD. He doesn't forbid me from collecting BJD but he doesn't want them to be near him so we're compromising XD
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    5. I don't have a significant other, but I can see how it would affect your hobby. The good thing is that he is slowly accepting it in small doses. There are some people who can't even be in the same room as a doll. I think as long as they're open to that, the very least you can do is come up with a compromise that works out for the both of you. At least he isn't forbidding you from engaging in the hobby. :)
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    6. My boyfriend is okay with my dolls. Its not something he would buy for himself, but he is definitely not scared. He is into photography so the dolls can be an interesting object to photograph for him.

      I can see how someone can be scared though, especially if they are very realistic or big.
      Say, I really love how Dollmore's Lusion looks like, but I think I would be scared if I owned her because she is just so big.
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    7. I have to say horror movies have ruined the ones around me. When I first got into the hobby my boyfriend was not very thrilled. He would ask me to keep my dolls "covered" or "locked up." I had reassured him time and time again that they were not "alive" and wouldn't hurt him in his sleep.
      "I don't like that they watch me sleeping." He'd say. Or silly things like, "of course nothing has happened to you, they love you!"
      A year in he has finally come to tolerate my collection and has even held one of my dolls.
      But my sisters are still not very fond of them and refuse to come into my room.
      I can understand it either way and I've found it just takes the person some getting used to or warming up to the dolls.
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    8. When I first started "dolling", I think my boyfriend thought dolls were literally only for children and that I was having a mental breakdown or something. But then I started spending more and more time customizing them, and he saw the amount of time and artistry that can go into making one (faceup, rerooting, clothing, etc.). He kept asking questions and I kept showing him more. For example, I showed him a YoutTube video on how resin casting is done! (In the end, he even asked if I could make a MH Doll that looked like him hahaha)

      I'm not the type of person that would bend for a significant other on a matter like dolls/BJDs. They are displayed, posed, dressed, gussied up all over the bedroom. In my opinion, if I like it and I've put a lot of time in in, of COURSE I'm not locking them away!

      Hope that helped :XD:
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    9. Sounds like the Uncanny Valley is kicking in a bit for your poor husband :XD: It's really good of him to be so accepting despite his fears though.

      I don't have a significant other myself, but no one in my family is particularly afraid of them. My dolls are all in my bedroom so they don't bother any one :) If someone with a doll phobia came into my room they'd freak out for sure; there's BJDs, Living Dead Dolls, Monster High Dolls and Hot Toys everywhere :lol:

      @Lalette You wouldn't want to wake up in my room then. The first thing I see in the morning is my Dollmore Trinity girl who is standing up staring me in the face :XD:
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    10. The thought of dolls being seen as childish did cross my mind... But we play with 1/10 RC cars, even take them to special tracks to race them against other RC cars, so I stopped caring if something looks childish or not. As long as we're having fun, and what's the harm in that?:dance
    11. So fun!!!! I agree, who cares if it "childish"? :lol:
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    12. Yes, the Uncanny Valley! That's what he calls it as well. I'm very proud of him and grateful he accepts my (to him) disconcerting hobby. I've heard so many stories about people having to hide their hobby from the significant other, even telling lies about buying a new object... That's just sad.
    13. I would probably freak out a little. :XD:
      I looked through your Flickr and she is really gorgeous though.
    14. Thankfully, my husband and most family members are very accepting. My sister is even in the hobby.

      I know this may come across as shallow but hear me out first. If my husband had been terrified of dolls and expected me to keep mine hidden, I would have ended the relationship early on. Not because resin is more important than living people, but because dolls of various kinds have always been a big part of my life. So many of my hobbies involve dolls, whether it's sewing for them, making props, photographing them, making other types of dolls...I have kept dolls on display and visible since childhood. It's just an aspect of my personality, and if he couldn't handle me and my lifelong hobbies, then he isn't the one for me. So he would either have to work on his phobia, or move on. I won't enjoy my hobby in hiding, that's just asking me to change who I am.

      My nephew, on the other hand, thinks my dolls are the creepiest thing ever. I don't shove them in his face, but he knows if he's coming to my house, he's possibly going to see one or two, and that he should stay out of the doll room. I'll be respectful of others in their space, but I don't change my own space to suit others.
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    15. FlyingCodeMonkey (Mr. Brightfires) doesn't "get" the doll thing, but he's never had problems with my little resin minions, either. He knows that I like them, so he just sort-of shrugs and says to each their own. It's similar to how I don't get his thing for rock-climbing, but I accept that it's something he likes to do, so I'm okay with it. We respect each other's interests, even if we don't share them.

      That said, if I ever showed up with a doll that looked like a clown, there might be some push-back. He's one of those people who just can't abide clowns... 'Absolutely hates them... So, no Circus Akando limiteds for me. But past that? He's been okay with everyone in the crew. Even the creepy ones. :lol:
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    16. I've found that people who claim that dolls are creepy stop after they actually seen mine in person or even dare say they're cute. At the very least, they decide they're not going to murder anyone. Although I suspect that wouldn't be the case if I had went with a different style. There's definitely different BJD "looks" that are more palatable to people who aren't doll people.

      My boyfriend is very supportive of this hobby. He buys me doll things and helps me with lotteries, likes seeing them in different outfits, etc. Honestly I think if his parents wouldn't act like his cheese slid off his cracker, he'd probably get a dollfie dream. So he just lives vicariously though me ;)
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    17. It was definitely a little strange when I first got her but I'm used to it now.

      Thanks! :) She's gorgeous in person, I should really try to take more photos of her.
    18. I was uncomfortable around dolls for a long time. Mostly because of horror movies and even Toy Story. Because they all suggest the dolls are alive and trapped. So, I'm pretty understanding when people around me are afraid of them or think they're creepy.

      It's rough that your husband feels that way though! I usually keep my dolls out of sight for visitors. I don't think it would be possible if my husband had that problem.
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    19. Out and proud! :D We shouldn't hide our hobby, even when people might think it's childish or that we have issues. No, those people have issues for not respecting someone else. Also, I think they're just jealous. Who doesn't want to play with expensive toys? Dolls, RC cars, real cars, little trains with those cute minuscule people and farm animals... It doesn't matter, as long as we're having fun. And who would want to deny us our fun?! Exactly. Stupid, disrespectful people you definitely don't want to be in a relationship with.

      That said, I think we should be a bit accommodating towards people who are seriously afraid of the things we do. This is why I offered to keep the doll away from my husband. Not hiding or denying myself the hobby, just slowly trying to make him feel more comfortable with a little resin person in the house. Of course, I hope that one day he will come to love the hobby as well, just like @zaylea 's boyfriend.

      Then buy him a Dollfie Dream! There's nothing more awesome than getting to share a hobby with your loved one(s). My husband has RC cars. He let me build one when I was recovering from surgery. When I could walk again, I started driving it and haven't stopped since. My parents in law saw how much fun we had and bought RC cars for themselves. Now we go to special tracks at least every other week to race them against each other and other RC cars. It's the best!
    20. Psah, he'll be fine. Like you said, he did take photos of mine, and it's not like he had a screaming fit during the birthday party. Also, it can't be much worse than that time Lindi and me took him to the ranch to get rid of his mild fear of horses and then angry mares nearly trampled me so... :D
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