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Scarring dolls. How come? Curiosity...

Dec 20, 2006

    1. Ok, I've seen lots of threads about how-to, and requests for pictures of, and so forth, but not WHY.

      And I'm really curious. And finally brave/stupid enough to ask :D

      Sometimes I look at the scars and think "ok, that's part of the doll's history" or something. My Kenshin has a painted-on scar, but that's because he's a character doll and it's his identifying mark. But sometimes I look at the ones who've been heavily carved and think "ouch!"

      So... I'm wondering what brings people to want to do that? It certainly would limit your resale market I would think... I don't have anything against this practice, in particular, but I wonder why it appeals to you.
    2. Well, not everyone intends to resell their dolls. I know this is a general mindset, but some people aren't afraid to heavily mod their dolls because they plan on keeping them around indefinately.

      My husband's doll is scarred, but that's because the character had a hard life and the scars are just there to show that. I think that's the main reason- a lot of dolls are pretty (even the males), but scarring can help tell a lot about a character. You see it a lot in anime, like Kenshin. The hero usually has a scar somewhere. ;)
    3. Yeah I know... that was kind of a tongue-in-cheek comment, really. ;) I'm too chicken to permanently scar Kenshin, because I'm afraid I'd muck it up and make a mess of him.

      I was thinking more in terms of open wounds, what have you... and just wondering why it is appealing to people. Not the "I'm not afraid to do this" aspect of it but the "I want to do this because..." aspect. I wish I had a better way to describe the question, but I don't, sorry :(
    4. my Tamsin is slowly acquiring his scars, and they are indeed part of his history. all of his scars are raised, though, so i'm not cutting into the resin, i'm adding onto it with gel medium. when Sehti (Hound) finally arrives and i get to do his mods, he will also have scars, at shoulder, wrist, hip, and ankle, and again, this is a part of his history.

      some people just like scars, though...
    5. Hiyas

      My boy Damien is based loosely on a character/s from the Anita Blake series of books... and is a Vampire that has been scarred up by a werewolf, which is why he has his various cuts.. from swipes in the fight..

      I never intend to sell him ever.. even tho have been offered money by people and if in the future I did (and again no intention lol) he would go to either my daughter or a couple of friends who would buy him in a heartbeat.. I love him the way he is its him his character...

      His cuts/scars are actually cut into the resin and painted so with him for ever.. but I personally think it suits him makes him unique lol... and some say he is gorgous even with the cuts.. even with the ouch factor.... I do but then im biased lol..

      also strange as it may seem ive been offered more money than I paid for him originally because of the cuts... maybe because he is unique

      lots more pics on my site of all is cuts etc...

      Hope that helps...

      Hugs Maz x
    6. Well... one of my future dolls is heavily scarred, and he even has open wounds yes. I don't know why.. really, it's just part of who he is. Some of those scares trace back a long long time, and every scar has a story to tell.
      His open wound for example, was given to him by one of old friends, when he freaked out. It never wanted to heal.
      It's part of his character, and I don't plan to ever sell any of my dolls I get. This particular doll however, I will try to make and cast myself. So there is no way he gets sold.
    7. It's what has been said before: it gives extra character to a doll and in my opinion the above picture really shows that. I think this is a fabulous mod job, btw. I really like the feeling and the extra look the scars give.

      As for why people do it, I can't really answer personally, but I agree with what other people have said before me.
    8. Thanks as said I love Damien and makes me so proud when people like what I have done to him...

      Thank you..

      Hugs Maz x
    9. With my Miss Snow (CP Harang girl), it was done just to make the resin avatar match the appearance of the original character. She wouldn't really have *been* Miss Snow without it. At the point in her life that I wanted the doll to represent, having that scar was a Pretty Big Deal. It was more or less the entire reason why she was in the situation and position that she was in at that particular stage of the story.
    10. My next-but-one boy is going to have some heavy scarring and amputations (which I'll no doubt have tons of fun doing!) Why? I'm not concerned about resale value as I don't intend to sell him at any stage, but for me it's a matter of making the resin shell fit the character. Said boy has been a scarred amputee for as long as he's existed (over ten years now), and speaking in character terms it'd be as weird for him to have his doll-form suddenly have an arm as it would be for anyone else to wake up one day and find one of their limbs missing. It's part of his history and who he is, so it's necessary to mirror that in resin form.
    11. Thanks to everyone who's put up with my bozo question so far :)

      I had a feeling that would be the answer, but I was just itching to know for sure. Probably the reason it's seemed so curious to me (not in a bad way, just interesting) is that with the one exception none of my little cuties has come with a pre-established character.

    12. My new boy is probably going to have some light scarring (paint wise) because it's a part of his character history. I'm too chicken to do anything permanent--but it has nothing to do with resale for me (my boys aren't going anywhere). I'm just afraid I'd screw something up I'd regret later. :P
    13. For me - I just like them. I think most of the scarred dolls I've seen are simply beautiful. Perhaps I'm odd like that. ^_^ Cecile is the only scarred boy I own at the moment, but I have plans for a heavily scarred boy in my future, hopefully 2007 - not because of any character, but just because that's what I want.
    14. I think it has something to do with establishing that these dolls represent something that could have flesh and blood. I mean, it's easier to damage skin than resin so I think there's a special connection to be had with scarred dolls. I mean, there's a shared sense of fragility, I think.

      But that's just me. Maybe I'm over-philosophising that.
    15. I dunno, seems if you changed your mind about a scar, you could putty over it and repaint and then your doll wouldn't be scarred. Of course, if you intended to resell him or her after that, you should be straightforward about what has been done to the doll, because it's kinda like selling a car with big Bondo patches. Haha.

      I'm in the "dueling scars and dark histories are sexy" camp so scarred up dolls are more than A-OK with me. Scars give a sense of fragility and mortality, but also a sense of the survivor, of toughness.

      Some of my favorite manga, anime, and videogame characters are perpetually scarred or bandaged.

      And Cecile is really "up there" on my dreamdoll/future imaginary boyfriend list.
    16. I haven't done my scar mod on Lex yet, but it's on my schedule for this Winter/Spring weather permiting. He has a gash through his left eyebrow that trails over and below his eye a bit and a thin scar crossing it on his cheek.

      I gave him a facial scar so that you'd know he was from a different background than the rest of my cast. It's something from his criminal past that he can't hide in his new privilaged surroundings. He's gotten more comfortable with it and doesn't hide it behind his hair anymore but I think that has to do with his girlfriends (he has two) finding it attractive. ;)
    17. My future dolls will all have scars. It's part of how their character will develop through the storyline. I myself have heavy scars all over my body (it sounds creepier then it is XD) and it effected my personality a lot. And since my dolls will represent different parts of myself I'm planning on doing that to them too.
    18. One day, I might give Paul a scar on his lip to match the real Macca. Other then that, my babes will be happily unharmed.
    19. When I purchase dolls, I don't often think 'resale value'. I try to make all my mods reversable (even Fachtna, who was missing an arm, his mod was reversible- i made a little cap to string his arm through).

      I like my dolls to be different. So when my character has scars, I will put the scars on my dolls :)
    20. Scars are cool. I'd buy a doll with a carved-in scar if I liked how it looked.