Scary mermaids?

Sep 14, 2016

    1. I've seen quite a few mermaid sculpt, and they're all so cute! But....theyre all cute. :/ which got me thinking, are there any more unusual sculpt for mermaids that could actually be Scary?
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    2. Dollzone released Sawarieda, and she's a bit different! :) Could be faceupped to be scary or beautiful! Or both!
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    3. Well... I thought these guys were more cute than scary-- but they are definitely more 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' than 'The Little Mermaid'... even if they do have kind of sweet faces.

      Prias | Doll | Argonautica Dolls
    4. Resinsoul has a sculpt named Lu. She doesn't have a mermaid tail, but her ears have a fin like shape to them and she has tiny fangs. I think she would make a good sea creature or mermaid.
    5. Ive always thought that Sooms cass sculpt could be made into a creepy mermaid. She has finned legs instead of a mermaid tail but i consider her a mermaid all the same.
    6. @Anneko yes, these we're more like i had in mind! I remembered seeing them a while ago, the sculpts are sooo good! Definitely unique!
      @orangediscord Actually the Dollzone sculpt are what inspired this topic, lol! Sawarieda is absolutely sublime (in both the beautiful and terrifying aspects of that) but her size seems too much for me to handle tragically! If I'd love to get my hands on the smaller versions sometime in my future, hopefully ;)
    7. Thank you for this! The body and accessories are so good, and I love the aesthetics! But...his face is too pretty OTL I MEAN I love like 90% of him, but his head just makes me crack up lol compared to how dramatic the rest of him is. I do appreciate you showing me though, bc overall he's really great :thumbup
    8. personally I think all fae and such should have fangs there is a thin line between them and vampires, good luck! I think God of Water would be great but so are the girls with potential
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    9. You are speaking exactly my language! :D the supernatural are both enrapturing and terrifying
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    10. God of Water is a MASSIVE doll. I saw him in person at Dollism in Buffalo (he was one of the raffle prizes) and the lucky lady who won him was putting him together on her bed in the hotel and I happened to be walking by the open door. I kid you not when I say he took up the entire length of the bed from the top of his head to the end of his tail.

      The Argonautica dolls are not terribly scary in my opinion. I have a Little Kio and he's actually got a mischievous smile. I think you'd have to really work to make him scary.
    11. Yeah, I probably worded that wrong, because you're righr about the Argo dolls. I think mainly i wanted to see a different kind of mermaid that wasn't immediately stylable as serene and pretty? Most mermaid dolls I've seen since joining sort of followed that trend and I just realized only yesterday there could be something different. Does that make sense?
      (And lol i figured God od Water was pretty big but that is RIDICULOUS :lol: but his aesthetics are inspiring)
    12. I'd put in about $20 worth of tickets for him and after seeing how huge he was, I was kinda glad I didn't win him as I have no idea where I'd have put him never mind how I'd have gotten him home to Canada on the train *laughs*.

      Naicree (Little Kio) is adorable and I'm really glad I was able to get him. His sassy little smile is part of what drew me to his sculpt. I think the sculptor had an alien in mind for him but for my purposes, he's an Oceanid and is the Herald of the God of the Depths. He's even got real pearls as his eyes.
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    13. anyone who actually got into the mythos and tales surrounding the Tuatha de Danann realizes they were beautiful beyond imagination and just as terrifying and the Persian counterparts worse!
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    14. If you consider the faces too cute, the solution may be to make a hybrid: mermaid body and the head of e.g. Glorydoll Lucy.:shudder
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