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Scrapbooking for Your Dollfie :)

May 30, 2010

    1. I work at a craft store, we sell LOTS AND LOTS of scrapbooking supplies. When I started working there I had a customer come up she had photos of her dollfie she was going to scrapbook. (maybe more than one its been two years now) She comes by every now and again and talks about her dolls :) (btw I hope you got your new dollfies by now!) But anyways, it got me thinking, how many of you scrapbook memories of your dollfies? If so, what memories do you scrapbook most? Going out with them, opening box day, new clothing.. so on..
    2. Hm... the scrapbooking stuff I do have is kind of inaccessible for me right now (we're kind of mid-housecleaning/organizing), and I'm a horrible procrastinator, but when I get my things-what-make-me-happy scrapbook put together, doll photos will definitely be a part of it, along with photos of my cats, theatre pictures (and programs and tickets and such), photos from cons...

      I don't have kids, I don't travel to a lot of places, my whole reason for scrapbooking is so that when I get depressed or anxious, I'll have a physical reminder of all the things I really love and the hobbies that make me happy. And BJDs is definitely one of them! (and one of the more easily photographed hobbies as well...)

    3. I have actually thought of scrapbooking my storyline/photostories. The thought has crossed my mind but I haven't put real effort into thinking on how exactly I would go about it just yet. But, yes, I would like to do some sort of picture-book or scrapbook if you will. I think it would be nice.
    4. I don't scrapbook myself, but every Volks Sumika I've ever been to (including Korea and LA) maintains scrapbooks of customer photos, with some pages created by the customers in question, and others created by the staff from submitted photos. Some of the larger stores have entire series of scrapbooks, often with multiple submissions from repeat customers marking important events (birthdays, anniversaries, new outfits, etc.). I think it's a lovely idea, just not something I'm personally inclined to do.
    5. I actually thought about it.... I worked in an artist supply shop this winter and with all the things I saw go through my hands I was really into it and started looking for things I could use.
      But after some time I just knew I would not really do it and I do not really know what I would add in it since I do not really have any good quality pictures... Maybe when I get a camera ?
      For now I'm sticking to blogs and stuff like that, maybe one day I will print the pictures for something else xP
    6. I never really thought about it, but it seems fun to make some sort of scrapbook, it's just that I'm afraid I make waaaay to many photo's and that the book becomes really, very and truly big.. or there will be more of them.. XD
      cause I got photo's of individual dolls, shoots meetings and stuff. And I'd want to add some stories about the characters too..
      But maybe I'll try making a scrapbook :) When I'm bored or something :)
    7. I have a page for each doll that celebrates their arrival, or a batch if that's how I got them, then I have pages for swaps, meet ups, major events like getting the dollhouse, trips, a change of identity. Some like the Volks Tea Party have several pages. Sometimes there are excerpts from photo stories or other pics I just like.

      Now it's split in to two books, the Barbie cover has a page for each doll, or group, and the rock star has events and other pics. No one says it has to be just one book.
    8. I've never really been into the scrapbooking thing. I can understand it, but my mind just isn't wired in such a way that it appeals to me personally. I don't even put my personal (trip, event, etc) photos into albums, much less putting together actual scrapbooks, so I can't really imagine doing it for my dolls. A couple of my friends like it, though.
    9. As soon as I can print some pictures that is exactly what I am doing! :D my dolls are a big part of my life so I think they should totally get their own scarpbook!
    10. It's on my list of things to do someday, but I haven't gotten it started yet. I do a lot of sewing for my dolls and would like to have a book with pictures of outfits I've made. I do have an "ideas" scrapbook with pictures of outfits I'd like to make. I also make altered books as a hobby and would like to do some incorporating pictures of BJDs with a theme or storyline.
    11. I've been planning to make a doll scrapbook! I bought a beautiful scrapbook and some papers and I've drawn sketches of various page outlines and subject/photo ideas. I used to scrapbook 12-14 years ago and had to do everything by hand. It's really exciting to see all the new supplies and gadgets that exist and I really want to try them out. :)

      I think I've changed my mind in the past couple of months, though. Instead of doing a scrapbook for my girl, I'm going to make one in-scale to her and have it be her scrapbook! The idea really excites me and it would be more challenging to actually make it but it gives me more ideas for pages, would keep me interested longer, and would cost less for papers and supplies. It's going to be my summer project and I can't wait to start! :)
    12. I've also though about it but haven't ever actually did anything with the thought. I think it would be nice to do, but I haven't did it yet. I'd love to put in opening box day pics for my next dolls if I ever did do one (my current ones, I was so excited I forgot to take pics). But I think days out together would be a really sweet scrapbook topic. And also little photoshoots or photostories. I take too many pics usually though so my book would be filled pretty fast.
    13. Niniatiale Maybe you could dedicate a page to each of your dolls :) have a scrapbook for that and then another for meetups :)
    14. pastelflower I hear ya! Gadgets like the cricut machine and the sidekick are great! I hope your mini scrapbook comes out great! (:D
    15. Gail in AZ That sounds like a great idea! I hope it turns out awesome :)
    16. I never really thought much about scrap-booking(actually hated the very thought as is was the worst section to work in when I worked at Michaels) but I have thought about making one for my bjds. As much as I like having photos of them on DOA and my computer, I'd like to actually have physical evidence of certain memories with them. Plus it would also be easier to show to anyone who know that i have them, but have never seen them and want to know more.
    17. I have never scapbooked per se, but when I was collecting Blythe dolls, I made a copy of all my fave photos and put them in two giant photo albums.....I will probably do the same for my bjd's.
    18. I love the idea of it, but I'm not organized enough to do it. And I really love the idea of the doll-sized scrapbook. To be honest, my Resin Life book grew out of an idea to do a family photo album of my dolls. It just eventually evolved into an actual book. But at some point I plan on doing a photo album of black and white film photos of the dolls. So I guess that would be in the same lines as a scrap book, just not as fancy.
    19. That is actually a pretty nice idea, but I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them, so I probably won't start anything like that just because I know I'll start, get bored, and then have a bunch of scrap booking supplies just lying around.. I'd like to see some other peoples though, I think it would be really interesting and cute.
    20. Senko I work at Michaels- I hate that section too :P Its evil...