Sculpts and skin tones

Sep 25, 2016

    1. I find that certain sculpts I look at look better in certain skin tones. An example of this is the Ringdoll Boyce. To me he looks better in tan. I have seen pictures of him in other tones but he looks really good in tan. Are there dolls that you feel this way about?
    2. Sort of. I had always wanted an Iplehouse JID Isar in real skin or light brown which looks extremely gorgeous in every picture I have seen.

      But as luck would have it, I bought a peach gold Isar which at the time was the better deal of the two options. At first, I thought I would have a problem with the resin color, and for a moment I considered giving her to my niece if I was not happy with my purchase.

      However, it was never the case. Now I am convinced that Isar looks really good in any type of resin, and I love my peach gold Isar. :D
    3. Yes, definitely! I lovvvvvveeeee Souldoll Gana, but only in the Sandy brown color. Real skin is ok, but definitely not white skin unless id dye it. I think the promotional images is what colored my opinion on her skin lol
    4. lol I love the iplehouse peach gold skin! The Aaliyah sculpt in peach gold is amazingly gorgeous (Shes my grail doll btw) I can only see her in peach gold or tan though but maybe holding her in my hands in a different tone will change my mind lol
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    5. lol the promotional images do it to me every time! I either love them and I go look at owner pictures to see what others have done with the sculpt and I see I only like it the way they were promoted on the site or I hate the pic and I see owner pics in a different tone and fall in love with it
    6. I think skin tone can make a huge difference. I absolutely loved this one doll (azrael by souldoll) in his grey resin colour but the exact same doll in normal skin I didn't like at all. Maybe the faceup made a difference as well since it was slightly different, but I do think I end up preferring certain dolls in certain skin tones.
    7. Aaliyah is also my grail doll too. :aheartbea

      I want a vampire Aaliyah sculpt in either real skin, light tan, or ebony resin. She is such a gorgeous doll! On her though, I want the original EID size instead of the customized SID body that seems to be popular.

      I hope we can both get the Aaliyah doll we desire, and I agree with you too - who knows, maybe holding her in a different tone than the one we envisioned might change our minds. :)
    8. AWWWWW we're grail doll mates!!! lol. I loved the vampire one in tan and ebony and I agree I would much prefer her on the taller body than on the smaller body. Yes I hope we can both get the ones we desire. We have to post them as soon as we get them lol
    9. yea I think a good faceup and skin tone can make or breask a decision for a doll
    10. One of my favourite sculpts only stands out to me in tan skin. The white skin version just doesn't appeal to me.
    11. I feel like I'm biased towards whatever the promo photos show... That gets in my head as the "default" for that sculpt. If I can at least find owner photos of the doll in a different skin tone that might change my decision, but generally I'll just stick with whatever was in the original promotional photos on the doll's official website.
    12. Don't most dolls look better in tan? Nearly half of mine are! Even thought I'm so fair I get sun burned in half an hour. Two of my "tan" dolls, both from Lume, look more like dark NS than true tan. One of Soom's Faery Legend dolls was made in fairly literal white or black, and I like the black far better (even if it looks more like grape juice than coffee in person). I do prefer Fairyland Real Pukis in normal, although as Himeutsugi said that might have something to do with the promo pictures always being NS. Two of my mature tinies were originally shown in white (Lume Koit Elf and Soom Boehm), but I ordered them in tan or bronze, since I like the color far more than white.
    13. That is a great idea! Let's post our Aaliyah's when we get them. :3nodding:
    14. Withdoll Ruby looks amazing in tan. She looks pretty basic otherwise.
    15. Iplehouse Kamau, for me, just had to be in dark resin, preferably ebony. I like my dolls in either tan or paper white, which can also be very interesting. Or fantasy coloured resin. AS Bing yi wasn't interesting to me until I saw her photo edited into purple.
    16. Luts Delf Claus. I like him in normal skin, don't care for him in white skin and just plain adore him in realskin brown :) I love tan more for Atelier Momoni Reira as well, while I prefer normal skin for Minifee Rheia. No idea why!
    17. @Leo Pheonix lol yeah it seems everyone in this thread is naturally inclined toward tan
    18. I could have written this! :thumbup I want a sandy brown Gana soooo bad. No other skin color will do.

      I also prefer Supia Lina in Tan and Withdoll Priscilla in grey.
    19. Yes, Soom Hyperon in grey skin. I had to have him, he just looks so good in grey. I also strongly prefer Soom Jethro in the brown tan skin vs. white.
    20. i love switch normal skin and mocha didnt see the white or rosy white irl yet