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Sculpt's non regular parts

Oct 25, 2017

    1. Regular BJD body is head + 1-2 parts trunk + 3 parts legs/arms. I was wondering what possibilities the field has to offer about anatomy rendering? I know for example Doll Chateau and their disproportionate ankle/wrist joints which make them look like a 4 parts arms/legs. I know how hands can reproduce each phalanx. I think I remember a 3 parts trunk. Etc.

      I want to know, for reference purpose, what are, as of now, the most sophisticated sculpts (i.e. with the most parts) for each part of the human(oid) body, or sculpts with weird/fantastical combinations which are not corresponding 1:1 to human anatomy. I am talking about the articulatory map, not something else like the proportions, etc. A good example would be a joint in the middle of the "thigh".

      Everything which doesn't fit the regular mold is welcome. Examples are mandatory. Thanks.
    2. There is a Dollshe body with quite a lot of joints:

      And you can also see in the video that many joints mean not instant improvement of posability.
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    3. Many dolls have 3-part torsos (usually one joint under the bust/ribs, and one at the pelvis). My DreamingDoll Elva16 girl is like that, as are MiniFees and many other Fairyland bodies, some DZ bodies, Resinsoul Rong and others... too many to list, really. May not be as common as 1 or 2 part torsos but it's definitely not rare.

      Magical Angel dolls have joints in the feet that let them stand on their toes.

      Amadiz Angels and a couple of the Lillycat doll bodies, among others I can't recall, use a double thigh joint.

      Some Dollshe bodies have a joint at the base of the neck. (And since you mentioned Doll Chateau, you've probably noticed that some DC bodies have another one of those "extra wrists" in their neck.)

      Pasha Setrova makes a doll with an extra joint in the shoulder to allow shrugging and slouching.
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    4. Whoa! I've seen that on some 3D-printed dolls and pose-drawing figures and other OTs, but not on a big resin.
    5. Thank you Kittzel and CloakedSchemer, that's exactly what I want to know. Ipledreamer, sorry but I don't see your doll, all I see is a website about 3D printing and like it's in German, I can't navigate through it.

      Yeah, I call it the neck above the neck or extra neck... anyone does what they can to name it.

      I am not that surprised about the 5 parts trunk because I know this figure mannequin SFBT-3 which has over 80 points of articulation. There will always be someone to try how far you can go, maybe thinking the more parts the better. That's not a bad thing even if the result is not always convincing, but you don't know until you try.
      So we have a 5 parts trunk. Who has a 6 parts trunk? 5 parts trunk once, 5 parts trunk twice, no 6 parts trunk in the room?

      Neck > 2 parts
      Trunk > 5 parts
      Legs > 3 parts / double joint hip / elongated knee-ankle joints which look like extra parts / butt cheeks joints
      Feet > 2 parts + jointed toes
      Arms > 3 parts + double joint shoulder/ elongated elbow-wrist joints which look like extra parts
      Hand > Fully jointed... 15 parts?
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    6. @Sechs You can see two of the Dollshe bodies that include that neck joint here (the Classic 28 Pose L3 and L4).
    7. Now it should be the right link.
    8. Oh, I forgot about Doll Chateau’s jointed toes! I know Christina has them, not sure about others.
    9. Butt cheeks used as joints, I didn't know that, haha.
      I tried to find some humanoid with elongated members or unusual articulations/limbs but I only found chimera like female spiders or mermaids.
    10. Speaking of "members," that reminds me... does anyone remember which company it is that makes their male dolls with a joint in the crotch and a set of changeable/posable penises? Because that's a thing.
    11. I voluntarily eluded the topic but, yeah, there must be a demand... and DOA gives 8 pages of results for "penis".
      Couldn't find your set but I found something way more interesting: "jointed" boy nipples (Nobility Doll > also has jointed penis).