Sculpts that "got to you"

Sep 9, 2020

    1. What I mean are dolls that you did not care for and passed on at the first glance, and probably the second and maybe even the third, but eventually, over time they just grew on you? It's not a type of a face you usually go for, not something you could predict yourself liking, but somehow, be it through other peoples photos, or just looking at the doll while browsing you just found yourself mildly obsessed with them overtime?
      Did you ever buy a doll that got to you that way? And if you did, was it worth it? :)
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    2. Lillycat Lyse. 100% bought her just because. Her price was too good to pass, the caramel skin is really yummy (xD), and I wanted to own a Lillycat at all costs. At that time Ellanas were too pricey (I wanted the dark tan, which goes for 800 euro), so I ended up buying a "second choice" (well, not even a second choice, since she wasn't in my wanted list). Never liked the face, and the former owner's face up didn't help, since it was really terrible (she had a cringe expression). So, when I started studying her face in order to take a commission slot... Something happened. What I didn't like became what I liked more about her. Her little nose, the shape of her eyes, her mouth... Everything now have become stunning. I feel really stupid because I understimated this sculpt, but now she is my favourite Lillycat girl! Sorry, Ellana XD
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    3. Doll Chateau's Madeline, and old Volks heads :) Doll Chateau is a little hit or miss for me, and I thought the Madeline (and the...other one who's name escapes me lol) sculpt/body were weird... but i've really really grown to like her a lot. I want one! Maybe not a grail doll, but definitely on my wish list. I think she'd be one of my 'shelf dolls', like my Giorria.
      And a few months ago I bought a really old hybrid doll, with a volks nono head circa early 2000's. The (modern) faceup is cute, but I was iffy on whether or not i'd actually care much for her in the end. Sure she was adorable, but long term I just wasn't sure. the eyes are huge, she's definitely got that 'old bjd' look about her...kind of out of place with my other dolls. but as soon as I put some eyes in her that I made, she just came to life, and I adore her now! She also has the benefit of being able to fit into the cute SD clothes my feeple cant ;)
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    4. Dikadoll Murong. Dont know why. I bought this head second hand on a whim, owned him for a while, then sold him. I grew to regret selling him and went back to look at his sculpt on dikadoll over and over again, I just had to have him again. So I ordered him. While waiting for him to come home, I keep looking at him on the website over the last few months, still obsessed with him. I know I will have him soon. Just can’t get over him now. Still waiting for him to come home.
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    5. I had a mild case of this with Granado Galileo. In what few promo images and owner photos were available at the time I first saw him, he had this almost somber, contemplative expression to him. Decent looking fellow, but nothing really crying out to me. Well, after receiving some Granado Vindoll heads in last year's anniversary surprise boxes that I had no use for, I swapped them for Galileo from another DoA member.

      I figured I'd just make him an alternate head for my OC Aqqen, but when he arrived—he turned out to be the ultimately perfect sculpt for his partner, Tahmos, who I was desperately looking for another sculpt to reshell him.

      It seemed almost serendipitous that this boy who barely grabbed my attention at first would end up being so perfect:3nodding::kitty2
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    6. This is how I felt about Momoni. I thought she was cute but she wasn’t really my style. And now I can’t stop thinking about her and need her in my collection. I definitely blame it on all of the amazing instagram photos.
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    7. Pukifee Cony. The big chipmunk cheeks and mopey expression were never my thing. But then, ya know, my wife opened her Cony and I fell so in love with the doll’s face that it physically hurt. My wife noticed and insisted that I take the Cony. I had no choice in the matter, lol.
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    8. This has happened to me with Popovy dolls. At first I really didn't like their super skinny frame and strange expressions. But now I kind of like them (and did try to buy one.) I don't know if I have just gotten used to them, or its because I understand more what they are going for with the dolls and I know more about the artists too.
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    9. Doll Zone Moon. I was repulsed initially, put off by the exposed spine, but I found myself drawn back to photos of the sculpt again and again. Eventually I realized that it was the face I was attracted to, so I sought out a head being sold by itself and eventually obtained one.
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    10. I feel the same way about Volks Nono. Didn't really pay much attention to her. Even thought she looked a bit weird. But the more I would see her in different styles, I ended up thinking she was so cute. I now have a sweet dream Nono on the way ^^; totally wasn't excepting to get a Nono so soon into my doll collecting.

      Another doll I have to mention that fits this post is an Angelphilia doll. I definitely thought they were weird at first and kinda ugly but the more I saw it now I'm obsessed. I think it has to do with seeing their insanely exaggerated sculpts at first and disliking it. I still kinda do. But they have much tamer models I definitely want to go for.
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    11. Volks Luna "got me". I didn't like her when she was released. I didn't like Volks' photos of her. Then a few months later I saw some owner pics and OMG!!! I HAD to have her!!! I did get a Luna eventually and I love her so much!

      Another one is Minifee Chloe. Not that she's not cute. But she's SO popular and everyone has one and I didn't think I needed one until someone brought THE PERFECT tan MNF Chloe to a doll meet and then I was doomed. I put one on layaway and now I too have a tan MNF Chloe! LOL!
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    12. This has happened to me with an entire aesthetic. At first, I was not the biggest fan of "high fashion" dolls like Pasha Pasha and Popovy Sisters dolls, that sort of super-skinny, fashion model look. Now though, I've seen so many stunning photos of this style of doll that I've been contemplating purchasing one of my own.
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    13. This has only happened to me once. I was still very new to the hobby in 2006 when CP/Luts introduced Delf Moon. I did not like the sculpt at all. But, I kept being drawn back to it for some unknown reason.:nowords:

      Back in those days, the Luts site had pages and pages of gorgeous clothes and shoes for their Delf boys and girls, which I would pour over every night, wishing I could buy everything I saw. One of the dolls modeling the clothes was their new boy, Moon. The more I saw him, the more I became fascinated by his regal features and before I knew it, he had captured my heart. :aheartbea (Even more so than CP/Lut's El, who was wildly popular at the time.)

      Well, a month later, I ordered him, and a month later he arrived. (Yes, back in 2006, dolls use to arrive in 30 days. :o) And, he's still here with me. He turned 14 years old this month. :smallcake
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    14. Doll Chateau Evangeline was the only doll with this effect. Still don't have her, and I don't think I ever will.
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    15. Bimong’s vampires. I was paying my IOS Infernale and there were some options available from Iplehouse’s The Addiction when Bimong announced it. I will probably never buy vampire Narin but will never forget.
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    16. Back when I first started in the hobby, CP/Luts El and Shiwoo were incredibly popular. It seemed like everyone had one, and I just did. Not. Get. It. They were just so blah and plain to me, nothing worth being so obsessed over at all when there were so many more interesting options out there with fantasy parts and such. Why would you limit yourself to them? It made no sense to me!

      Fast forward a few years, and I'm working on a character doll. I had a MNM head for him, but just couldn't find a body that worked right; eventually, after trying a few out, looking at a variety at meets and conventions, and asking around, I determined the best choice was CP/FairyLand's MiniFee body. Well... it didn't fit with the head, and I wasn't totally in love with the head for the character anymore anyway, and after looking around at MNF sculpts to see which one I could replace it with... turns out it was Shiwoo! Sure, the MNF sculpt is smaller than the Delfs that were so popular when I got started, but it's still the same face. So I ordered it up, and fell in love with the sculpt once I had it in hand.

      In love enough that I sought out a secondhand Delf Shiwoo. :) Even though I didn't want SDs and, when I started, didn't like that sculpt either, I got him to test the waters... and then got a Delf El to keep him company.
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    17. Notdoll Belladonna. I very strongly disliked this sculpt for years. Then this past winter, one popped up on the market place and something about her grabbed my attention. I just had this strong feeling that she was the sculpt I didn't know I needed to shell my girl. I went back and forth on this for weeks, trying to figure out if she was perfect or if I'd hate her. :XD: After much research, I just decided to go for it and.....I love her. <3 I still don't think it's a pretty sculpt, but that's perfect for her because she's not meant to be your standard beauty.

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    18. Fantasia Doll Vivian for me. When FD first came out around three years ago, I recall being ambivalent to the Vivian sculpt -- pretty, sure, but not one I'd like to have. Then I saw these photos from a certain faceup artist that just painted a Vivian, and I finally saw her potential. Just in time, too, because I was wanting to reshell my primary girl for aesthetic and sizing reasons. I had the fortune of obtaining a secondhand head from the MP. Since then, Warpaint-Adhara as FD Vivian has pretty much been the "spokesperson" of the crew, and one of the most recognizable of my dolls.
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    19. When I first got into the hobby, I thought Villitunes dolls were just too weird, but lately they've been growing on me... particularly Mimichu.
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    20. Dollzone's Wendy only mildly interested me at first, but by the time the event period for her was ending I'd come to love her. Lucky for me, Mint on Card had her in stock. Something similar happened with Dickadoll's Tea. I was initially more interested in the other elf girl made at the same time as her, though not that interested. Then I found out that DickaDoll made her in tan, and suddenly wanted the one I hadn't paid much attention too at first. I managed to find her in stock at another dealer.

      And now Racoon Doll's elf girls are growing on me the same way...
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