Sculpts you love (but will probably never get)

Oct 3, 2009

    1. If there's another thread covering this, let me know - I went back 15 pages and didn't see one.

      I've discovered that I'm the type who really does need the doll to have a character in one of my stories to bond properly with them. This means that there are some sculpts that I just love, but have no character for them. Other people I'm sure will have other reasons, such as too many higher priority dolls, etc., but I doubt I'm the only one who loves certain sculpts but doesn't plan to bring them home.

      Here's my list:
      SD13 Elena
      SD13 Rinon
      MSD Miichan
      MSD Taachan
      SD10 Kanata
      SDC Toki
      SD16 Ruby

      Blue Fairy


      (Pretty much the entire JID line actually . . . :sweat)

      It's better for the pocketbook, but still . . . Elena and Rinon are at the top of the list right now, I think they'd be a fun pair of girls to have around ^^.
    2. Euclase. Well, sort of.

      The owner pics of him are just gorgeous beyond words. I spend quite a lot of time here and on DA just marveling at him. The things people do with him are amazing and he has such an attitude and grace that it staggers me.

      I say sort of because owned his head for about 3 months. However, hard as I tried my own boy never captured any of the wow-factor that others seemed to so effortlessly find. Mine never failed to remind me of a pop singer with too much cosmetic surgery. Though unmodded, he lacked the magic that attracted me (and still does) to everyone else's Euclase. I eventually sold him because I couldn't shake the resemblance.

      Every time I see new photos of one pop up, I always drool and awe and wish like hell I owned one. And I never, ever see the flaws in other people's Euclases that were so glaringly obvious in my own. He is gorgeous, probably my favorite Soom MD ever. But, alas, he's just not meant to be mine.

      Also, Hikaru Genji. That boy is absolute perfection. When I can afford him, he is never on the MP. When there's now way I could ever hope to scrape up the funds, he appears. Seems he's not meant to be mine, either.
    3. Unbelievably (for me, I'm normally not a Soom fan), it'd be a Soom Amber. I don't check the Soom website because they normally aren't the kind of dolls I like, so I've only seen her now that people who ordered her back in January have her safe at home. There are several reasons I'd never own her; it'd be uber-difficult to come up with a backstory explaining those ears unless I seriously up the weirdness level that I am willing to go to (I like to have some sort of common ground with my dolls!), I couldn't afford an SD and not least, her head alone would cost almost twice what I paid for my last doll.

      Oh, my.

      I used to be a mega mega WooSoo fan, but there's no way I could justify spending that much on a doll, no waaay. Also, I don't think I'd want to own one - I take my dolls to lots of places for photoshoots or meets and I'd just be scared to damage it, the enjoyment would be so much less.

      (Hehe, an Amber wouldn't be much better - she'd need little earmuffs to wear to doll meets ^_^)
    4. Suigintou, purely from a practical perspective. I love everything about her facial sculpt; love Volks SD13 girls in general and would easily be able to fit her into my crew.... but can't justify spending $2500+ on a piece of resin, no matter how pretty.
    5. My best "never get" sculpt is a SOOM Spinel. I want him so bad~ And could probably eventually afford him without face up and jointed fingers, but I figure if I'm going to get my dream doll, I *WILL* go all the way. So~~ I'll never get him, aha.
    6. Dollshe SA Saint, I love everything about him except his size. I really wish I could get over the height but it's just too much doll for me.
    7. Same here. The doll needs a character or else I'd be broke in a mad attempt to buy them all. >_>
      I have a lot of those but the ones I could list from the top of my head are:

      Dollmore Lusion Dahlia(!!)
      Dollmore Chami
      Dollmore Kara Klum

      Leekeworld Mihael
      Leekeworld Mabel

      Zaoll Luv

      IH JID Tatiana
      IH JID Tania

      Migidoll Miho <- actually got him but was sold :<

      Volks Miruku
      Volks F-01, F-14, F-22, F-30

      Minifee Miyu
      Minifee Karsh
      About half a dozen pukis..

      It'd definitely be a different story if I won the lottery. :lol:
    8. Oh, DM Lusion Dahlia... she is spectacular... but I wouldn't feel comfortable branching out into such a different size, and I like my dolls to be able to interact with each other and pose them together... I can't see Dahlia fitting in :(

      Plus my flat isn't too large O_O;

      B-b-but she's so lovely... ;_;
    9. I've sold countless dolls just because I get them and I just can't get a character for them...I'm even thinking of selling my Pado now, because much as I try...after two years, I cant really come up with a style that inspires me for her.

      Alot of the limited and volks dolls wouldn't work for me too...too expensive too...

      I do want Dahlia one day....especially as my little ones get older and the younger one leaves babyhood behind forever :(.
    10. Haha, thankfully all my "must have" dolls are lower in the price range for me. xD

      I'm completely in love with the Soom Amber and Topaz sculpts though. Those are the two most beautiful girl dolls I've ever seen. :O I don't even usually consider getting female dolls either. They're waaaay out of my price range though, and I have no idea what I'd actually do with them if I did get one.
    11. there are lots of dolls, I like but will never have, volks swd Tae for example, I', in love with the sculpt, but so far I haven't even looked for her, simply because I don't really want another girl for now, and my funds will not be adequate anyway.
      I wanted Akando for a while, and I really like him still, but he is way too big, same goes for Evan..
      leeke mabel is on my list of dolls I want, but I don't think I'll ever buy her, nomatter how lovely she is. (not in love with the body, and don't want a hybrid as of yet)
      crobidoll ys b-type, I am smitten with him, but will not buy him, even though he fits in nicely with my dolls.
      mostly these are dolls I had or have on my wishlist, but that changes all the time, so I just look at the sculpts every now and then, and think: stunning, but not for me, maybe some other time.
    12. I love the faces of the biggest Soom guys, but they are too tall to fit in with my other dolls and I don't want to start a new size group. I adore the Iplehouse big beefy guys, but just can't see them fitting in with my collection, so I will have to admire them from afar. I also love some of the big elves, but I have tiny elves. I have to draw the line somewhere or my wishlist would be endless.

      Edit: Just reading back through this thread to see if I commented. Funny... Iplehouse finally made a big boy I could not resist (Tedros) and I became enchanted by Lumedoll's big elf girl, Bellatrix and bought a head for a project. I still haven't bought a giant Soom guy, but never say never.
    13. I sometimes feel this way about a huge portion of my wishlist, simply because there's just not enough money to pull it off. I try to jump for the limited sculpts when I can get them at retail over others simply because the secondary market prices put them out of my spending comfort zone. (And for the ones I have an interest in, they tend to sell faster than they do from the company site -- and for more.)

      It's very likely Iplehouse Luna will be in this category. I love that girl, but money is just not cooperating with my desire to bring the grey catgirl of doom home. It's not completely beyond the realm of possibility, but it's pretty unlikely.

      The odds of me getting a hold of a Beryl and/or a Sard are roughly equivalent to winning the Powerball lottery. As in, I'd need to, first. ;)
    14. They're not "must have"s (and they're not really in my wishlist), but I just love Zaoll Luv and Soom Topaz! Especially Migidoll Ryu!:D It's funny coz there have been many times when I'll see a picture and go, "Oooh, pretty dollie!" then I look closer and it's...Ryu. Again. :lol:
    15. Peak's Woods Goldie (especially bitten)

      I adore this girl's face, but all the other dolls I want are MSDs/Tinies and she wouldn't fit in. :( I wish they made an msd Goldie.
    16. I will never own an old version Bernard, simply due to costs. I have to hope the new versions that are more in my budget will do, and will if I can ever get the body work done I so wish on them.
    17. I've always wanted the majority of the SOOM MD dolls, but I seriously doubt I'll ever have one. :(
    18. Elf vampire shiwoo Minifee (had a modded one but i want a fully sleeping one)
      Musedoll Ciel
      Dollmore Lusiondoll Dahlia
      Delf Woosoo
      Delf El
    19. It's Dollshe Orijean for me. I really love his unusual face and I think he'd be perfect for one of my characters that I want in doll form, but I've never had a doll over 60cm and the new Dollshe bodies really aren't my thing. I think I'd be very intimidated by his size and body. Sometimes I want to try and save up to buy him, thinking that I could always sell him if we don't click, but I don't really want to go through that.
    20. The Soom Mecha Angels, definitly. I love the look of Corvi and Rex, but my likelyhood of getting them is nil. Cost is not a factor. Just that 80cm is more doll than I can handle and I am particular about putting a MA head on a smaller body. It just doesn't work for me. So I'll admire them from afar.
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