Sculpts you unexpectedly love

Jul 10, 2017

    1. Inspired a little by the 'dolls that aren't designed to be scary but you find creepy' thread. I'm wondering which dolls that wouldn't usually be everyone's cup of tea they have unexpectedly loved.

      I discovered one today. Cutesy/childlike sculpts don't usually appeal to me at all and I also prefer larger dolls (I have just ordered my first BJD, a DC Evangeline), but I stumbled across the FL Realpuki Papilio and think I'm going to have to get one. There's just something about that cheeky smirk...
    2. I can relate - I'm not interested in childlike sculpts but a while back I found one I liked!

      PukiPuki Cupid, he'd make an adorable child version of of my ocs/other dolls. (:
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    3. I'm still waiting on my first doll but when I first started researching into BJDs I had a hard dislike for Doll Chateau dolls. However the more time I spent looking at dolls and unboxing videos (for all companies, not just DC) the more I came around on them. Now I've full heeled turned and absolutely love the sculpts!

      The first doll I ordered is their Xanthe (she isn't quite as unusual as most of their sculpts tbh) but I've got several others from them on my wishlist (Wanda, Susan, Trista, Fiona, etc)

      I honestly didn't peg myself for being interested in the more unusual looking dolls when I first started researching into BJDs but apparently that's what I'm drawn to!
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    4. Generally, I am only into large human dolls in normal human skintones. The other day I was poking around and realized I really love cyclops dolls, and more specifically I realized how much a love Villitunes Cyclops Mizuki in mint resin. She is just stinkin cute!
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    5. When I first joined the hobby and started researching slim MSDs, I didn't care for the look of Unoas. I thought their noses looked too piggy like, and the face plate system looked intimidating, but now I have 2 of them (tan and NS/MNF hybrid)! I still don't care for their bodies though, and plan on hybriding my tan Unoa soon. Looking at owner pics and seeing all the possibilities of what certain dolls can become can really change your mind.
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    6. I'm not usually interested in anthros,but I really like the bunny and cat girls released by Doll Chateau-they are super cute!
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    7. I have to admit that I wasn't hugely drawn to Impldoll at first, as I either mistaken them a lot with Iplehouse (their names are similar in a way:XD:, as well as their aesthetic), or mostly saw some of the older sculpts listed on Mint On Card. Once I spotted Azalea and their line of elf-eared lovelies, I ended up with three of their girls :3nodding:

      There were also several companies I'd heard about but hadn't bothered to really look into, like Dollshe, Immortality of Soul, etc that I eventually stumbled onto the home websites of and developed a love for afterwards. Does that count? :lol:
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    8. I usually go for realistic mature dolls, but I fell in love with Granado Marion and Linca. Not my usual thing at all, but I think they're darling. Linca Marion :)
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    9. I usually like realistic sculpts only but then I found Lillycats Kitty Jolie and Fairyland published Lucywen and both sculpts got me to fall in love with them, even tho they are usuall not my type but I adore both of their cute faces so much !
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    10. I'm shocked by how much I like Bishonen House dolls. They're so fun and so stylized yet expressive.
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    11. I thought I'd never want a doll that isn't human, but I find myself drawn to a lot of the weirder fantasy dolls, like Aimerai QT Monsters and DollZone and DollChateau pets and event dolls.
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    12. This has definitely happened to me... When I first started the hobby, I didn't really like dolls with a lot of expression, and thought dolls with smiles and things were creepy, and I also didn't want any girls. Aaaand now I'm waiting for Lacey, a Dollits Miso, who is smiling like crazy and is a girl. :lol: She's just so sweet and happy! I also never though I'd want a super realistic, buff guy, like Granado or Iplehouse guys, but I really do want one someday... My tastes have changes a loooot.
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    13. I wasn't interested in anything but SDs at first. But then I got the idea of a tiny goblin and someone made a suitable sculpt. I don't think I'll get more than her, but you can't know anything for sure in this hobby.
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    14. I was usually into the realistically-proportioned mature dolls and didn't care much for the stylized non-human ones, but recently I've grown into the likes of Dollzone's special fantasy dolls (Arwen, Trieda, Frieda, Sawarieda). A shame many of them are going to be discontinued and I doubt I could handle such fragile-looking resin anyway.
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    15. Ok - so perhaps this thread was a bad idea, haha. Now I'm just finding a ton of other dolls I love. Was only just thinking the other day that I was pleased I am so fussy with the aesthetic I prefer in dolls (to hopefully keep my future collection manageable and save my bank balance a bit), which I am to a large extent, but it doesn't look like it's going to be that easy! Guess it's both a blessing and a curse that there are just so many different styles/designs out there now.

      N'aw, he's sweet. It's a neat idea to have a child version of your other OCs/dolls. I'm really surprised at myself for liking any of the FL PukiFee/PukiPuki/RealPuki; they're just absolutely not my normal taste at all, but some of them are very charming. I particularly like the changeable faceplates they have. It's not something I think I'd bother much with with larger dolls, but I find it appealing on the FL tinys for some reason.

      Ohh, a waiting on first BJD from DC buddy! When did you order yours? Xanthe is beautiful. It's weird how your tastes change, isn't it, and sometimes so quickly. It's lucky that we have a resource like DoA to research before taking the plunge. I was almost ready to buy a ResinSoul Mi (who I still think is lovely), but I'm glad I was able to thoroughly research options before ordering.

      Oh my! She is just so weirdly precious (and a massive u-turn on your usual style, haha). Will you be buying her do you think?

      What is it about the body you're not keen on, out of interest? I'm considering an Unoa at some stage. Am a bit torn about them, as I think they may be a bit too much on the cutesy/anime side for me, but I find myself really drawn to them at the same time. The resin looks lovely; almost luminous.

      I'm with you. Anthros are really hit and miss for me - am going to have to look up the DC girls now.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one! I keep confusing the two. If you have three dolls from a company you weren't originally drawn to, how many do you have from the ones you were? Lol. This hobby is going to be slippery slope, isn't it? And sure, that counts! There are so many companies, it's hard to keep track of, let alone throwing the artist dolls into the mix.

      They really are darling. I especially love Linca.

      Yep, they're both now on my wishlist. Lucywen is breathtaking, but so popular by the looks of it. I bet she's very hard to get ahold of. Do you own both dolls?

      Oh, they're neat. Not my style but they do look very well engineered and the sculpting of the facial expressions is very impressive.

      I thought that as well, and now have a DC Nehemie event doll on the way. She did come free with my other order, but I'm surprised by how much I love her. I'm almost more excited to work on painting her than the Evangeline she's coming with.

      Ohh yes, Miso. I saw her mentioned on another thread the other day. Seems she is a very 'love her or hate her' kind of sculpt, but I think she's lovely. The artistry is very impressive on her facial expression; they have really captured her smile in her eyes and through her whole face, which is something that seems to be lacking in lots of smiling dolls.

      I'm still at the stage where I don't think I'd want any ultra realistic dolls - no doubt I'll end up with one.

      That really does seem to be true! I started out wanting a MSD. I have ordered a SD as my first BJD and now want a tiny...

      Oh wow - they are all glorious. Really, really amazing. What a shame they are going to be discontinued, but might be a blessing in disguise (for our wallets, at least).
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    16. @Vanytie The body has a plastic feel to it, and I haven't been able to tighten her limbs to my liking. I have yet to try hot glue sueding and/or wiring, but I'm leaning more towards hybriding at this point. Their faces are adorable, and definitely have that cutesy look, but they can look very mature with the right face up and body. I saw a lovely Unoa/Withdoll tan hybrid a while ago, and think I want to go that route.
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    17. I don't typically go for cutesy little anthro dolls, but I couldn't say no to Dearmine Lupy. She's too precious!
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    18. I didn't like the creepy sculpts before but recently the doll from Universe doll are catching my attention. Some of them look so creepy yet I find them a little cute haha
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    19. My first response seeing Seed Art's Wol was that it looked interesting, but not my style. Fast forward to today, and I put one on pre order. The odd sculpts are growing on me more than they used to. I guess I want an eclectic collection full of unusual sculpts, and anime!
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    20. @Vanytie I ordered her on June 26th, so not too long ago! Its gonna be a long wait though, if what I've heard about DC dolls production times is true but I'm sure it will be worth it :)
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