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SD "Friendly" hands

Oct 5, 2004

    1. I don't think anybody has reported on this yet, but...

      Viewers of the Kyoto Channel Hobby Network were given an opportunity to advance-purchase "Friendly Hands for SD".

      These "Friendly Hands" are compatible with PureSkin/New Body dolls with the one-touch hand installation system, both girls and boys and SD13 girls.

      They cost 4000 yen, including shipping within Japan and tax.

      Unfortunately, there aren't any photos of them on the site yet, but the description makes it sound like it might be a hand-holding hand part.

      Hopefully, this means that Volks will start making option parts in pure skin in the near future.
    2. Friendly hands as opposed to unfriendly ones? ^^;
    3. "Holding hands" hands would be so cute. They'd sell well too.
    4. eeek,...! any way we can buy them??
    5. It's not likely, but anyone know what time/ channel (as in number) this is on? Is it the channel that's like the Home Shopping Network, where they're always selling stuff? I might have to just leave it on randomly and hope I catch these.
    6. Unfortunately, all the information we have is here:


      This has the times that the show is on. Looks like it's Channel 8, Kansai TV? I'm not sure, as I've never watched TV in the Kansai region before.

      This is the same show that had MSD Enn as an exclusive.
    7. I could be wrong, but I think the "advance sales" means that this is an item that would be available later on as well? Quite a few of the items that debut at Dolpa are also listed as "advanced sale", and I think they later become available at stores.

      It would be so nice if new option parts became available, or debuted at the next Dolpa. :)
    8. maybe...? does the auction say pureskin?
    9. That I don't know. I ran the page through several translators, got the usual gobbledegook, but couldn't find any reference to the skintone, dang it all!
    10. I don't know if those are the same as the "Friendly" hands mentioned on the Volks site. Those are labelled the "Sweet Dream Nono And Cecil Buy Them As a Pair" hands...

      Actually, I hadn't thought of checking Y!J for the new hands.

      This set below is also listed as "Nakayoshi Hand" ("Friendly/Good Friends hand"), but these were apparently sold to commemorate the opening of Tenshi no Sumika Ginza (which was well before Pureskin, I think).


      Since the new Nakayoshi hands are made especially for the one-touch installation bodies, maybe there is a slight mold difference?
    11. Those are pretty darn cute, I hope they become more widely available (if that is what they are).
    12. Oops, I wasn't logged on~
    13. thanks krambear! I got one! haha... but are they for SD or SD13 or MSD? (doesnt really matter because I have all kinds... )
    14. It says they're for SD/SD13 boys and girls, so all your dolls will have an equal shot at using them. :grin:
    15. :chibi whoot whoot! :D