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SD Kun back in stock at Volks!

Oct 22, 2005

    1. What the subject line says. ^^
    2. She will probably sell out pretty quickly! But I don't seem to remember a lot of people on this board having a Kun. Is she really popular in Japan?
      Maybe I'm missing something. But anyway... Kun is cute! I love to see her re-paints. She's versitile.
    3. I got one! Yes, she seems very popular. Yesterday she came into stock and today she is at 'Only a little bit left.' However, her head isn't for me. ^^ I'm only keeping the body.
    4. I ordered mine!

    5. ...egads I love Kun. But she's down a bit on the list...maybe by then she'll be a little more regulated...instead of out of stock forever, in stock for a few days, then back out of stock forever again. lol

      And everyone that bought her, pictures when she arrives!! I demand them! lol
    6. I also have Kun :)
      she's so cute :D
    7. Have you decided to keep her Marti?

      BTW, does anyone know what the average shipping time is for Volks?
    8. at this momment,she's staying.I wanted to buy Mimi instead, but it won't worked out. but she'll be probably for sale before next wacations-I'm going to Japan once again and I'll nead money...
    9. It wasn't too long ago when it seemed that no one had a Kun!
    10. Holy frijoles! Even D&H got her back in stock! :o

      I wonder if this means Volks hasn't severed ties. Darn it... if I'd only known I would have ordered from Frank. I love ordering from Frank :cry:
    11. I know it! Frank is just awesome. :blush