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SD/MSD relationships?

Jun 14, 2005

    1. Wasnt sure where to put this... but okay... I have my 60cm boy - Dolmani, and Im getting my 45cm girl (Sandia) in 7 weeks... x_x How many of you have "relationships" between a SD and MSD? Would it be funny? Dolis age changes on a regular basis - but Ive finally decided on 19... and Sandia will be around 17. She will come to about his shoulder... I mean - thats not completely unreasonable - Im short 5'1" and I come up to tall guy's shoulders... o.o What do you think?
    2. I guess it might be a little weird if she was, say, MSD Marie, 'cause she looks like a little kid. Bee-A is much more mature than that.
      Plus, I know Ladylovemark has an El/MSD couple - the MSD, I believe she said, was actually older than her El.
    3. Someone....I forget who, has a Bermann and Unoa couple. They don't look terribly disproportioned, rather cute acutally.
    4. im 5'4" and most of my guy friends are 6'+...some even 6'5"+...so i would say thats fine proportions, im used to being short - so that sound perfectly natural proportions to me, unless she looked unusually young.
    5. I think it would be fine. I come up to a lot of my guy friend's shoulders (and some of my girl friends o_o). She could just be petite. ^__^
    6. There are some people that think since it's an MSD-size doll that automatically makes it shotacon.

      That's just stupid.

      I think it would be adorable.
    7. I don't think height is the only consideration, there is the issue of proportion, too. When your girl arrives, if you like how the couple look standing next to each other (i.e., they don't look odd or out of proportion to you), then that's fine, isn't it? ^_^
    8. I think that would be really sweet :grin:
    9. As long as we're not getting explicit material between a doll you age 7 and a doll you age 20, I don't think it would be a problem at all.

      Doll age is all in your mind anyway, I have a mini who's a couple of thousand years old, so as long as YOU believe that the dolls are such and such age (19 and 17 :daisy ), and YOU believe they make a cute couple it's perfectly fine! ^_^
    10. I'm going to have that problem, too, but even worse - my minis are supposed to be around 16, and my full-size is supposed to be around 12 ^_^; They're from different stories, but I'd still like to get pictures of them together. I think it's going to be an exercise in creative photography *grins*

      The extra features on the LotR DVDs will come in quite handy, too - they show you all sorts of different perspective tricks to get modify something's apparent size ^_- And, of course, there's always the old TV standard - stick the short one on a box. Hey, if it worked for Scully and Mulder...

      Edit: I finally found the pics I was looking for - check out this post:

      In this case, the girl's a fullsize and the boy's a mini, and the two of them hanging out doesn't look at all unnatural =) Reverse the genders and they could easily be a couple.

    11. Yeah Doli is SD sized. @_@ I didnt think there was that much of a size differance. XDDD I guess Ill have to wait for her to get home to decide if shell be his lover or his sister. XD;;; Hes patient - I however, am not. XD Completely OT: OMG I have to go to school in like... 2 minutes but Im sitting on my bed in my skivvies, reading DOA... XDDDD Whoooooo
    12. My Madren (Customhouse Sram)'s lover, Fenrir is a DOD Yen.. Unfortunately, we (me and Fenrir's owner) live oceans apart, so we don't have a picture of them together... :(
      In fact, almost all of my dolls (and future dolls) will have a SD/MSD relationship.. I think it looks extremely adorable! :)
    13. I'm planning to order an SD for my DS Hound, so similar kind of height difference :lol: but if you think it will be a good idea, go for it! I know that I think the idea is cute... but MSDs are really quite small.
    14. the lovelyhouse site says 60cm....???

      And SD to hound is a smaller difference... she should be about up to his lower shoulder
    15. My Kohya is going to be romantically involved with bubonicapple's Calvin.

      They're going to be zombie lovers.

    16. I think she would be perfect to potray Claudia from the Anne rice books <3
    17. Well, I thought about this, too. I have an MSD-girl, called Ophelia. She has a quite childlike face and is around 13. My incoming SD-boy will be around 25 years of age. I do not plan on pairing them up, but regarding what I have planned for the boys character it might happen that he falls for her. Which is a little weird.
      This is a classical case of lolicon, isn't it?
    18. With the right faceup, she may just look reeeally small? I'm 4'11 and i dated a guy whi was 6'7, and i looked like an MSD walking with an SD for sure. Wendy only seems to date SDs, and as long as they're not standing, it usually seems normal.
    19. Well, no, I like her the way she is now. Before I change her I'd rather accept lolicon. xD; Plus, my darling is a Rosette Doll from Soom. So she can't really look much older than she does now.