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SD size Doll Houses?

Mar 11, 2010

    1. I've been wondering. I have a doll house I'm making for a tiny doll, but does anyone have a full doll house for our large 60+ dolls? I realize that would take a lot of space, and I've seen the BJD Games sections thread on where one's dolls live (loved it).

      Room boxes are welcome, but I'm more interested in a full doll house. Has anyone seen anything like this?

      Disclaimer: I didn't find any threads like this in some extensive searches beyond the one mentioned, but if I missed one, more than happy to peruse and this can be deleted.
    2. I believe marti here on DOA has an SD-size structure she uses for photoshoots, you can see it in the background of some of her pictures. It's 3-story, one room each, and very large, so storage can be a problem. Sorry, I don't recall who built it; she does a lot of craft things herself. I have not seen anyone selling dollhouses.

    3. I searched through most of her gallery threads and did not find the doll house, sorry. :( But thank you for responding!
    4. I think you might be thinking of Neil, aka "Le Meridienne" who has a lot of BJD sized sets of rococo rooms and gardens. You can see a bunch of them here (there is auto-playing music!) That's probably the most extensive BJD house I have seen...

      Slightly OT, but the fashion designer duo Viktor & Rolf had an exhibition where they constructed a 1/3rd scale house, filled with antique dolls wearing miniature versions of their most famous designs. I wish I could steal all of them for BJDs!
    5. Wow, the first link had more of what I had in mind! The second was interesting, but not quite what I was looking for, and I don't mean the dolls or the clothes at all (they were awesome!).
    6. Bumping this up? Anyone with SD size doll houses or plans for one?
    7. I ended up here while trying to look for the same thing. I don't have nearly enough space to even plan on a dollhouse for an SD (but I am planning a Puki house, of course), but I was wondering if anyone else actually had the space and/or the ideas for an SD or even MSD house :)
      So bumping. Just cause I think it would be cool to see if anyone does :)
      I myself am planning on making a bedroom/room box thing for my girl, but it won't be too soon yet, and it won't be a large space. After all, she's 59cm tall! But I think somewhere with a nice chair for her to sit on, and maybe a bed to "sleep" in would be cool.
      If not, She'll be sleeping in the box, and if that ends up being the case... I am making her a coffin and turning her into a vampire! lol

      Do you have plans or any ideas on an SD dollhouse?
    8. Wow, those are both really cool!
      DoA member Leda has a lovely room box where she photographs her dolls. Here's a thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...ng-in-the-Parlour&highlight=dollstown+sisters
      I have no plans for a full dollhouse, but I do want to try making an SD-sized room box this summer. I'm probably going to use a very sturdy cardboard box, like the kind appliances come in. Less classy, but much lighter.
      I would LOVE to see a full SD dollhouse. That thing would be huge.
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    9. Just one 10'X10' tiny room would be over 3 feet by 3 feet and ceiling would be well over 2 1/2' tall! I would think the most practical way to enjoy anything like that would be to make shallow rooms (maybe on shelves 1 1/2' deep) to display everything in? Even if you could make a nice room, because you've got the space or the money, you'd pretty much have to go inside of it all to reach all the spaces! Imagine climbing inside to put your doll in a chiar ;)
    10. Well, see, what my roommate and I are doing is making a bunch of take-down sets (eventually, we're collecting props first to help decide the decor and patterns we'll need before fixing up the triple sectioned cardboard display boards we have), so that all can be folded up and put away in a bin after we're done with them. I'd totally do an actual house if I could, though. It'd take the entirety of a wall, I think, unless the house had a real outside, then we'd be getting really fancy and amazing...
    11. I love the idea of shallow rooms. I do have the Ikea EXPEDIT bookcase which is probably deep enough, BUT not nearly tall or wide enough. That's why I am thinking the top of a dresser , cause I can use the drawers underneath for storage in sewing room, but if I do that, I am going to have to find a way to put 2 walls on it, one at the back and one on the side that will be away from the open space for me, so I don't have to worry about stuff falling behind the dresser.

      Love that "room box" display thing that folds up idea. Dollmore has these which are like foldable rooms, under "doll articles". But they are only 56cm tall :( But that's the idea. Something like that, but with 2 full walls, instead of one and 2 halves :) with a nice floor and nicely decorated walls? That would be all the space I need :)
    12. Hey guys. I recently asked a company that makes children's playhouses if they could scale down any of their designs, and I was sent pictures of a few designs in 1/3 size. The guy is really nice, and will customize anything for you, even from scratch.

    13. Hi- I know this won't fit the SD dolls, but might give some ideas: there is an ebay seller that has a doll house made for American Girl or other 18" dolls. The seller id is 18inchdollshouse, title listing is American Girl Dollhouse.
    14. Thanks!

      Oh holy cow! Just whoa! That's fairly close to what I'm thinking! I know they're stacked roomboxes, but they look put together enough to be a house.

      Oh how I'd love to make a mini castle like that for my dolls! :aheartbea
    15. He can make houses in any size and design. The only limit is your imagination. My bf is going to buy me a scaled down Ellenburg Castle at the end of the year for xmas or for my bday next year. Here's a pic he sent my bf to show he has scaled down his items before:

    16. Ohmy. I think we all could have benefited from rich parents :) I would have LOVED a whole castle in my room! But I might have never left the house then *ponders*

      And that set up that Meguone has... makes me wish I had a spare room now. If I can figure out proper measurements that I can live with, I MIGHT make my girl a roombox type of deal. But she's 59cm tall *ponders some more*
      Let me go look at Meguon's set up again to see if she mentions the dimensions of the rooms...
    17. That is so cool, I guess I could get one of the plans and build the doll house scaling it down of course also I need to store it in the basement we don't have enough yard space for a doll house!

      EDIT: Oh I could use my garage instead, plus I do't need any of those pricey layout plans, since my dad is an architect! When he gets back from work today I'll ask him about it. I'd be happy to share the plans for free once my dad makes them.
    18. Bwahahahaha, that's awesome! Now I'm pondering what furniture I can get rid of to make room for something so cool!

      My SD is 60 cm, so I appreciate the dillemma. What's more fun, the doll's hubby is 70 cm. Yeah, fun!

      :D My hero!
    19. That's great! Please share what he thinks about scale. This has been a hard for me to picture in my mind, as I'm trying to plan what my castle floor plan is going to look like and the size.

      You should. I think it's worth it. Plus, I'd love to see an actual house for SDs. I'm surprised no one has anything like that on this forum yet. The rooms are the closest thing and they're pretty cool, but an entire house would blow my mind.