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SD13 guitars from Souldoll

Mar 28, 2005

    1. Thank you so much for posting this. I got the three I most wanted and one of them became sold out just after my purchase.

      I'll be very curious to see how long these last.

      Thanks again,

    2. :( The one I want is already out of stock
    3. They are very nice ~~~~

      :( I paid alot for the one I got from http://www.miniguitars.com
      -- possibly because they are replicated guitars from famous musicians...(?)

      but the style of Souldoll guitars are fun ~~~
      that black one is cool ...so are the others!
      can't wait to see your pics, Tom!
    4. Seeing Dollfie-size versions of famous guitars makes me giggle.

      Totally nabbed the Stevie Ray Vaughn one. :D
    5. OOh! .. yes, I loved that one too !!!! :D
      please share pics if/when you can .... !

    6. Damn, that black one sold out already. And that's the one I wanted most. *sighs* I hope they restock soon...

      Oh well, I'll grab one of the others ones in the mean time. :) Thanks for the post.
    7. Foo!! I would have loved Guitar #2, or even #4... if only shipping weren't so expensive, and that we'd waited a little while longer on our group order. >_< Oh well.
    8. So I guess they're no longer making the msd guitars because I don't see them listed anywhere on the site. :/
    9. Wonder why the American Flag one is still in stock. Personally I was looking for one just like the first red one but in black. :( Oh well.