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Sd13 outfit fit super gem soom doll?

Apr 23, 2011

    1. hi, i was looking at dollheart the other day and found the perfect outfit for my doll and im just wanting to know would an SD13 size fit a super gem soom monthly doll???? Yes i know i could probably find the answer searching the forum but i don't want to be searching for hours to find the answer. I want to just buy the outfit already XD
    2. A Super Gem would be able to wear some of the new stuff Dollheart has been making in the SD17 size but not the SD13 size.
    3. Some pieces of the SD13 size can fit, but they don't fit perfectly. I've been able to use skirts and crinolines from the SD13 size from Dollheart, but the non-elastic ones tend to be fairly loose and may require pinning. Stockings fit all right, and there's usually some small accessory items that aren't a problem. Shirts? ...not so much. The SG girls are far too topheavy for them. Any one-piece dresses would also have this problem.
    4. Oh, I assumed Moemi13 was asking about boy clothing and just forgot to specify???
    5. yes i'm talking about a boy doll XD. He has a few SD17 clothes they are a bit big on him. but i guessed that it wouldn't fit