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SDCute size (compared to Unoa and MiniFee and Narae and MSD)

May 6, 2007

    1. I apologize for the n00bie question but I am just moving in to the SDCute size and have only had SD and Tinies before.

      I would like to know what my incoming SDCute girl can wear as far as other doll clothes go so when I'm looking in the market place I can broaden my search.

      Do SDCute girls wear the same size wigs/clothes/shoes as:
      Other Mini Dolls:

      What size wig does an SDCute wear? 6-7"?

      I apologize if this has been covered before but I searched and couldn't find anything about it.

    2. SDC wears 6-7 yes~ I'm not sure about the other things though XD;;;
    3. My SDC Kaede fits beautifully into a size 6-7 CanCan wig. Most wigs that say they fit Narae or Unoa will work.
    4. great, thanks for the answers on the wig question :D

      Now, I'd love to hear if they are the same size as Unoa and MiniFee :D
    5. They are most definitely not the same size as unoa/minifee~ >_< Unless it is baggy/stretchy, Unoa-sized stuff will not fit SDCs. Tragic, I know... the real issue is the waist. But sometimes the tops will fit, especially when I had Kurenai, I remember it was easier to cram her into stuff cause she had the S-bust and therefore was totally flat.

      They are closer to MSDs in size. I tend to look for tight-fitting MSD stuff, or the few thing made specifically for SDC girls that Volks sells (or... sold... they don't seem to be selling as much anymore :/) But even then, don't worry about it too much. I have lots of stuff that's sized for MSDs that looks perfectly cute on her, and not too baggy (some dollheart outfits come to mind).

      Shoes are definitely MSD sized, they're not even loose on my girl. And yes, wigs are yo sized, as everyone mentioned, 6-7".

      Are you getting a SwD Kaede, digital_grrl79?! Or someone else? :D
    6. Yup, that's who I'm going to be welcoming into my home :D I'm so excited as everything she comes with is perfect but I am definitely looking to get her more outfits as well.
    7. I just bought one of the hakama sets from the Osaka Dolpa that is supposed to fit an MSD or SDC. I found that it was quite tight across the chest of my Kaede. So even the Volks MSD/SDC is not guaranteed to fit!
    8. Well, I just bought a SDC boy outfit for my MNF Soo, and it fits nicely! The pants are only a smidge too long, and the same goes for the shirt sleeves. But it creates this adorable "too big" look that matches with my Soo's personality! ^^ The hat doesn't fit too well though. XD
    9. I had a Kurenai and a Ren, and from what I noticed, their proportions were different that Unoa and Mini Fees. SDC's are slimmer and have a more mature figure than MSD's, but, they are not nearly so curvy as Unoa and Mini Fee. Unoas and Mini Fee have small waists and very curvy hips, along with a prominent bust, but the figure of an SDC girl isn't so dramatic. IMHO, you'd probably do well with clothes for slimmer minis in general (like DoC, Soulkids, etc), including some Unoa clothes, though you may find that clothing that is made to be a tailored fit on Unoa or Mini Fee won't fit quite right on your Kaede.

      I hope that helped, and big congrats on your new girl! :)