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Searching for a "kid"

Jan 7, 2010

    1. Hello all,
      My mom is currently searching for a little doll that would take the roll of "child" to her Narindolls (43cm) that would look the age between 5-10. She is hoping for a doll that is realistic enough in style to fit with her dolls and proportionately correct for a child and a 43cm doll as it's mother. I unfortunately don't know much about the smaller dolls, so I'm hoping you all can help find my mom a kid! =D

      Please link the doll website that you think would be the most appropriate, and even better, if you have pictures of a little doll with a slim mini, that'd be awesome!

      Thanks for your help! :aheartbea

      EDIT: What about a Planet Doll?
    2. How about Firefly by Narindoll? There is a thread in this section on her, although not many owners as yet but she looks great with Narae

    3. Have seen photos of Minifees and Littlefees by Fairyland with larger adult bjd's.
      The faces are wonderful INMO.
      Have fun shopping
    4. Maybe look at Custom House bisou or ange ai
      ...but that's just me, cause I have one. ^^;
    5. How about Lati Yellows? :XD:

      If you're looking more for a "toddler" size, there are Brownies. Here is my girl (41cm DOC) holding one so you can see the proportions:

    6. I think a Planetdoll 27cm looks to be a completely different scale and has much too small head and eyes and adult body for a young child to go with a slim mini.
      There are lots of useful comparison photos on this forum and elsewhere but they're kind of hard to find because of the various dolls involved:


      unoa sist with several tinies


      sist with secretdoll binu


      Soulkid Apple with several tinies


      unoa hybrids with several tinies


      minifees and bambicrony tinies


      a whole thread of tiny with mini!


      DOC with assorted tinies


      there are lots of useful photos at the flickr BJD comparison pool.

      Good luck with your search!
    7. I agree! They are simply gorgeous, their faces are absolutely adorable. The ange Gaby is love at first sight...
    8. Dollmore's Narsha -- and the more Asian looking Coco (Narsha friend) would probably work for a child around age 7-10. Here's my Coco boy. He's 35cm, very realistic looking.

    9. At the end of the day the final choice is going to be determined by the 'age' of the child in question. Children can look very different proportionwise between the ages of 5-10 but from the pictures I've seen I think you are looking at the BC and up size not just in height but also in build.
      The most obvious suggestions have already been mentioned but I think the biggest hurdle you are up against is finding something with a similar amount of realism about it to fit with the doll in question. Might end up having to go for a hybrid.

      You may actually get away with a Planetdoll mini if her look was carefully planned.