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Second anniversary events of Latidoll.com~ (Heavy IMG)

Aug 29, 2007

    1. Lati posted a notice about their second anniversary events,
      and I love extra head parts specially, yeah~ :)


      Hello, this is Lati.

      0. second anniversary Events

      Greeting second anniversary of Latidoll.com, We`d like to thank you
      for your concern and support. We are preparing a variety of events
      in commemoration of our second anniversary.

      -Third photogenic contest
      *We will post a notice for more information soon.

      -Second anniversary event 1 : Yellow character cushion for all kind of dolls

      *We will send a Yellow character cushion shown below to every customer who purchase our doll.

      -Second anniversary event 2 : extra outfits for Basic ver. dolls

      *We will send extra outfits that we made in commemoration of Second anniversary
      to customers who purchase Basic ver. doll by order of receipt.

      *We ask your understanding that these outfits are limited to 50 sets for White/Yellow/
      Yellow Sp. Basic ver. dolls and limited to 30 sets for Green/Blue/Red
      Basic ver. dolls, so the event may close earlier.

      -Second anniversary event 3 : extra head parts for Special ver. dolls.
      *We will send extra head parts to every customer who purchase Limited/Special ver. dolls.

      0. Release and restocking schedule in September

      -Early of September
      White Sp. body type Special ver. doll will be released.
      *We will update more information about White Sp. body soon.

      -Middle of September
      White Sp. body type Basic ver. doll will be released.
      White/Yellow/Yellow Sp. Basic ver. dolls will be available again.

      -End of September
      We decided to release Sepecial ver. Adel and Grown up ver. Laches for answering customers` constant concern and request.
      *Especially, Grown up ver. Laches will be released as both Renewal and Sp. body.
      Green/Blue/Red Basic ver. dolls will be available again.

      *We will update Webzine 3rd and 4 chapter of Guardian soon.

      We will keep trying to do our best for customers. Take care.


      I`m excited at Grown up Laches. :lol:
    2. By order of receipt? I can't tell if the outfits will be add-ons that you can purchase, or gifts that you'll get if you order them fast enough. Hrmm. On the one hand, they're way too awesome for me to believe that they're free gifts! (If they are, I'll be over there, kicking myself for ordering my LatiBlue last month.) But anniversary events are almost always gift-events... Ahhh. I posted up the question on the Q&A board.
    3. Will there be any possibility to order just the outfits? Anyone who knows?

      I'd really like to buy that latiblue outfit to my boy :love
    4. When does the event start? I've been wanting a Rucas and now may be the perfect time to order him because that aniversery outfit is awesome.
    5. 'K, got a reply. The outfits are free gifts. Hurray, no more wondering. :)
    6. They answered that the event will apply to Basic and Limited edition dolls which are released and restocked for September.

      And they have a plan of release the outfits seperately after close of events. :)

      I`d love to purchase Yellow outfits, moo~ (I think what he is wearing looks like a cow mostly, but a little like a dalmatian... :sweat )