New Doll Second generation Sally BJD by Boverly8

Oct 26, 2020

    1. Hello!

      I'm happy to show you second generation Sally dolls.

      Number of dolls is limited.
      Soon i will show to you some fullset dolls.
      Sally dolls wont be casted anymore and this line of dolls will be closed.
      Doll made of high quality American resin Task 2.
      Dolls available as blank dolls and can be shipped in two weeks.

      Right now i have:
      3 Cinders blank dolls
      3 Ash blank dolls
      3 Oblivion blank dolls
      1 Haze blank doll
      3 Twilight blank doll
      1 Bone blank doll
      2 Choc blank doll


      Price of one blank Sally doll of any color is 600 usd.

      PayPal fee included!


      Full payment

      2 parts payment +10% fee

      3 parts payment +10% fee

      Shipping - $30 worldwide

      Email me at zatzepka[email protected]

      Please title an email: "Second generation Sally doll order” - your name.
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