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Second hand dollies- tracing their 'Geneology"

Jan 4, 2006

  1. Yes, I'd trawl through the search function and find out everything I could!

  2. No. I'd let the doll start over - like a reincarnation, a fresh slate.

  3. I'm not sure/I've never bought a doll on the second-hand market.

  4. I'd straight out ask if I was curious.

  5. The infamous "other" to be explained in comments!

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    1. So, you've sat up all night. It's gotten down to those tense last minutes of the auction. You're clicking refresh feverishly right up to the last second and then... you've done it! You've won the auction! Zing goes the PayPal, away flies the cash, and a week or two later your precious new doll-person has come to live with you.

      And then you look back at the auction listing, and recognise a name. The name of a DoA member. It's possible there are photos of this doll on the board somewhere... maybe it even has a past history.

      Would you find out? Or would the doll be effectively reborn as a new person?


      This post and the thoughts behind it were triggered by the arrival of Eric, a Shiwoo head I won on eBay. Part of the sales "blurb" on the auction listing made mention that the face-up had been done by Neo Rebirth. The face-up itself isn't why I bought the head; I bought it because Shiwoo was the first BJD I ever fell in love with, and I grabbed at the chance to own at least the head whilst I could. But the name rang a bell; I realised that at some point he had been owned by a DoA member.

      It didn't take long to realise that my Eric is very probably Neo Rebirth's old Toshi. Not all the photo urls of Toshi work any more, alas, but I'm pretty certain that's who he was once. It was strangely fascinating to read back through the past history he once had.

      I shan't be keeping his Hide-like face-up; I have other plans for him. But as a small acknowledgement to his past, I've swapped out the 20mm blue glass eyes he came to me with for a pair of 18mm green ones. He seems to approve....
    2. I've been stuck in a situatuion where I considered a doll here on DOA. I eventually decided against it because I knew that doll's character so well that I don't know if I'd bond. ^^; but that's just me.

      You can research, if you'd like, but personally, it always makes me sad to see doll characters that have 'died', or 'dissappeared.' :(
    3. I think my Jocelyn is a good example of this, for me anyway.

      He began life in a very different way, as a very different character in a very different world, someone else's vision. While I adore going back and looking at photos of his previous incarnation, it's not influenced who he is at all. He's my Joce, and that's all there is to it. When I look at those past photos, I don't see Jocelyn there, I see Valerius. And Valerius is gone now, for better or worse, and I'm more than happy to have Joce in his place.
    4. Caeli is a second hand doll, the second of second hand dolls to be incarnating my vision of Caelia Maxima too. Her first incarnation was Jujube's old nono 10 head Gwena on the sd10 body of TinyRedRobot's previous nana and then nono, and then on the b-02 body of Amy's f-08 (I think!) She was all around a very loved doll before I got my hands on any of her! She resides in her current B-02 form once again as Gwena with OtherUnicorn who seems much more taken with her than I ever was, and that makes me extremely happy. She's a special doll and needed much more attention than I could give.

      Cae now resides in the nono 13 (I LIKE nono! ^_^;; ) from ilovedollfies. I enjoy knowing where she had been and who had owned the various incarnations of her, but I didn't seek any of this information out.
    5. I've bought several of my dolls from DoA members, and they've all made a completely fresh start when they came home . . . a new name, a new identity. I've never gone back to see who they were "before".

      I've only sold one doll, and Jinx is now happily living with Dezarii, who I think is keeping her name and something of her personality (if she's been posted in the Gallery since she went to Japan, I haven't seen her, I miss a lot of posts due to the new gallery setup) . . . I'm really glad she's in a new home, but she's not 'mine' anymore, I'm curious to see how she looks and how she's doing, but she's not part of my 'family' anymore.

      Not that I have any issues with dolls continuing relationships with their former owners, and Aubrey keeps in touch with Lilykoi, who customized him (although she wasn't his owner), it's just not the way that my family has turned out to work in general :)

      -- A <3
    6. I think if I ever were to buy a doll second hand, I would HAVE to research their past. I am one of those who believes every doll has a spirit and I don't think there is any way to force a personality out of the doll. If I didn't research, I might wind up with the sort of personality that I didn't much care for in the doll. If I did ever buy second hand, I would do like my friend did who adopted s2kitty's Yukito and keep everything about it the same, adopting the whole package of the doll (personality, name and all). The only exception would be if the old owner got that personality a new body, then I would let it be reborn ^^
    7. Eric is the first second-hand doll I've ever bought; Neph and Talula came via eBay but were brand-new (I bought them from lemonday), and though Amalthea's head was bought from someone on LJ, it was brand-new and unpainted. Eric is the first doll to come into my hands with an actual history. In a way, it was as if he wanted me to know his past. I also get a very definite feeling that he is Eric now - Toshi is who he was.

      I'm a practicing Pagan and I share somewhat similar views on dolls and spirits; and Eric has quite a forceful personality. I hope he'll be happy and peaceful here. Certainly I haven't noticed any strange goings-on in the house since his arrival, which is a good sign I think! :sweat
    8. I've bought two dolls from DoA members. Tambre (AR Bada) was previously owned by Skywhys. While the pictures she posted for the sale of the doll ultimately led me to purchase her, I had no inclination to investigate for Gallery posts or character profiles. Since she's been home, Tambre's character has become so well-entrenched in my mind that I can't imagine her being anyone but who she is now.

      The second doll I purchased second-hand, well, she's another matter entirely. I'm sure many people are familiar with radiotrash, and remember her Tender Zen girl Anika-the-former. She had an established background and a distinct image, as well as a modest fanbase. Heck, I was among the fans (Nika and I have known each other for years)! Truthfully, if there had been a way for radiotrash to keep her minis AND buy a larger doll, she would have. I'm just glad she offered me first dibs on her Tender Zen and that I had the monies to do it.

      If Safiya-the-now had arrived with a face-up and the orange-and-pink fur wig radiotrash's character wore by default... Well, I would have had a really hard time reinventing her as the eldest Elisden daughter. As it was, she came with a silky straight brown wig, and I gave her a new face. When I look at her, there is nothing left of the previous incarnation. She's mine. ^_^
    9. Both my dolls were new when I bought them, but if I did buy a doll on the secondhand market, I can't say I wouldn't be curious. I'd definitely let him/her start off with a clean slate, but I'd be interested to know what kind of life they led with their previous owner(s).
    10. I have a one second hand doll and one second hand head. I honestly can't say that I believe that my dolls have a personality other then what I give them with clothes, make-up, wigs, and a general attitude that I play up in photos. That is why two dolls with the same face mold can be completely different. So my second hand dolls are the same way. I know a bit about their pasts, but to me, they're only what I made of them. As soon as they left their old "home" all personality is shut off. They don't get a new personality until they are in a new "home" and given that love that gives them a life. Am I making sense? I could never use someone else's character that they've given to their doll, because I could never do it the same- it's all in perspective.
    11. I bought Claudine (CH Limited Sia) here on DoA, but luckily there weren't any adjustment or transition issues involved. Since the previous owner hadn't really established a personality or a name for her, she was just Limited Sia with slightly crossed eyes and a funny default outfit, lol. I called her Sia Crosseyes for quite a while, until I happened to try a wig on her that made her look like a 1960s French schoolgirl. From that point on, there was no looking back or shutting her up, even if I had wanted to . . .
    12. I bought my Astarte from Sher and she's the DD used for the first Shers' Esthetics in Haute Doll. I consider that her lineage (as well as being really cool! She's been a fashion model!). I have not researched her previous personality and I have never thought of doing so until I saw this thread. She came to me as who she is, with a new birthday and a new name. I am sure her first life infuses this life, I just don't need to know about it. It is enough for me that she is herself.
    13. This is one of the reasons that I'd love to adopt a second (third- fourth-) hand doll, so I could research their history. :D
    14. On a converse note, has anyone who has sold their doll wanted to ask said dolls new owner who he/she is now?
    15. One of my boys is second hand, I actually want to know more about his past life because he is a FCS doll from almost three years ago. All I basically know is that he first lived in Japan, was resold on Yahoo Japan auctions to a young lady, and then she resold him to me because she needed the money quick. None of that really effects who he is now, but its still very fascinating!

    16. Bunni owns a second hand doll her Leya Anya - My little Ammon has been friends with her since Anya's past owner. and we both where rather dare say, upset when Anya, Daniel, and the Yen that lived together where all sold. We even tracked the ebay listing of the Yen.

      Ammon is very pleased, as am I that Anya at least has found a wonderful new home. and a pretty girlfriend.
    17. I'm in the final stage of buying a Hound from Tinybear (tomorrow, the last payment will be in the paypal acct and immediately sent out), and he's going to start completely fresh when I get him. I consider it more of a spirit possession--Konnaru is happy about the prospect of inhabiting a body, while Tetsuya's still pouting in the back of my head at remaining formless. Once he's well-seated, I'll check to see who he used to be, but he will be Konnaru from the moment our eyes meet.
    18. I have one and a half previously owned dolls.

      Idris Fynn got his body from Akari. I don't think she ever intended to keep it and I don't think of a body as coming with history. It is funny to see that I took the Kohya body put an El head on it and now it's my Fynn (hermaphrodite) while the Kohya head has been placed on a CP body and is Akari's beautiful Miz (gay crossdressing). It's as if the body and head had a similar feeling to them and when they went their seperate ways it still came out! (no pun intended) XD

      When I got Magnus I became his third owner. I know he couldn't have been with his previous owners for very long since he went through both of them in a matter of months after his release at Tensiya. I know one of them called him "Wolfe". It doesn't matter to me at all that he was elsewhere with a different name, it fits with the personal history I've given him. He's 2,500 years old and has lived with many people in many places and has been known by other names. He'll tell stories if he wants to but I don't pry.

      I think that is influenced by my own life. All the kids in my family are adopted and none of us have ever been interested in searching out our pasts. There's a vague curiosity but no real interest.
    19. Kai is second hand ~ I oogled pictures of him on his previous owners website ~ however he has a new name, and a new persona.. in fact this 're-birth' thing is a part of his story line ^_^
    20. I think that curiosity would get the best of me and I would simply HAVE to find out about his/her past. It would drive me bonkers otherwise!!!