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Secret doll - "Yoi"

Jul 13, 2005

    1. I'm not sure this topic was posted before.
      Did you see Secretdoll's new BJD Yoi?
      Yoi is really really cute and seems to be younger sister of Yomo.
      Well,,,, I like Yomo little more. :wink:

    2. You are killing me Sienna! Oh so many new dolls to see!

      Yes, Yomo is a sweet little girl, sigh.

      I wanna go to the show in Korea! I bet it will be amazing! So many new doll makers with such incredible dolls!

      Hey, can they come to California and have a show? Please, pretty please???
    3. ::dies:: a yomo and yoi will look positively adorable together! I was just thinking today that I wished they would make another lovely Dear. :D

      ::luuuuuurve:: I'm going to get him!!! :chibi ... after I pay off the U-da head and get it customized... :( ... and get clothes for my current dears... :cry:

      I think I'll have to wait until christmas... :|

      I wonder how much he is? He's smaller then yomo, yet bigger then the other tinys, so I hope he's not too much... Yomo was really expensive. *_*
    4. I agree, Yomo is expensive but so cute ... I'm not very found oy Yoi's nose.
    5. *dies* Oh my..... Yoi is such a cutie - looks like a disgruntled version of Yomo. :grin:
    6. Nhaaaaa how cuteeee!
    7. The first thing I thought of when you said that was a postman. xD Yoi needs a postman outfit. :D
    8. Cuuuuuuuooooooote!

      I can't stand it! :love
    9. I so wish I could go to Korea and share all this doll vibe. :(