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[Secretdoll 2007 special limited "YOI"]

Dec 21, 2007

    1. Hello, everyone!

      Secretdoll announces special limited event for year 2007.
      This special limited event is going to do three times.(Once a week.)

      1st 2007 special limited event is "YOI"
      2nd 2007 special limited event is "YOMO"
      3rd 2007 special limited event is "BINU"

      The first special limited event begins on Dec.21.2007.

      *Tanned skin Yoi : 10 sets.
      *Normal skin Yoi : 10 sets.


      We are always thankful for your appreciation of Secretdoll!

      Please visit us at www.secretdoll.com for more images and information.

      ~ We ask you join our new secretdoll !! ~

      Secretdoll studio