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[Secretdoll 2007 special limited "YOMO"]

Dec 29, 2007

    1. Hello, everyone!

      Secretdoll announces special limited event for year 2007.
      This special limited event is going to do three times.(Once a week.)

      1st 2007 special limited event is "YOI"
      2nd 2007 special limited event is "YOMO"
      3rd 2007 special limited event is "BINU"

      This time event (The second special limited) begins on saturday.Dec.29.2007.

      *Tanned skin Yomo : 10 sets.
      *Normal skin Yomo : 10 sets.


      We are always thankful for your appreciation of Secretdoll!

      Please visit us at www.secretdoll.com for more images and information.
      ~ We ask you join our new secretdoll !! ~

      Secretdoll studio