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[secretdoll] A new model of 'Baby Fairy' series

Feb 18, 2010

    1. Name : "Dazzle"
      A new model of 'Baby Fairy' series

      Type option:

      Type 1. Normal skin, Black curly hair, brown eyes.
      ( gold band hat,muffler,Pants with orange side stitches, boots)
      Type 2. Normal skin, blonde bobbed hair, blue eyes.
      ( plumed beret, lace choker, all in one, fishnet stocking )
      Type 3. Tanned skin, Black curly hair,blue eyes.
      ( Felt hat, T-shirts, Striped leggings )

      >All of the images above are 'Dazzle' except for differences in make-up and outfits
      >There is no custom selections for hair and eyes.
      >Outfits in the image are not include.All costumes are available at 'Outfit' catagory
      >Tanned skin may NOT be available depending on circumstances
      >Tanned skin requires additional fees due to higher unit cost of production
      >All hair, eyes and outfits are 100% hand made and require six to seven weeks of production period.



    2. The discussion thread for these tinies can be found here.