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Secretdoll Binu Discussion part 1

Apr 30, 2007

    1. height : 31cm
      Circumference of Head : 13.5cm
      Circumference of bust : 13cm
      Circumference of waist : 11cm
      Circumference of hips : 14cm
      Circumference of neck : 5.5cm
      width of shoulder : 6.5 cm
      eye size : 12mm
      Foot size : 3.0cm
      wig size : 5-6 inch

      from the news thread
    2. She's quite a bit bigger in the body than Limhwa ToYou. In the body she seems closest to Domuya Potpourri, Serendipity Lovely Freyja, the Unidoll tinies, and Bambicrony. She has the same waist as Bambicrony but 1/2 cm larger bust and hips. However, she's taller than all of them so unless all of the difference is in her legs, her body may be longer.

      I love the clothes they have for her. They make her look so tall.

    3. Okay, so I crumbled after seeing the real thing. She'll hopefully be mine by the end of this month.

      Report :

      1) She's extremely slender. I knew she was from the photos, but she was even much more. Very delicate looking, long limbed.

      2) Tiny head. I brought my BambiCrony to compare and BC's head looked large in comparison. I expressed my concern about fitting wigs and they said they would have a selection available shortly.

      3) Shoes. Seems like some of the Tonner doll shoes fit, as long as they're not high heels. I'd think if you aren't picky about having a perfect perfect sized shoe, the USD sized ones, though slightly larger might not look that awkward. Again, they are planning to have a selection available as well.

      4) Boy? Yes, a boy is in the works. They are working on the face design and sculpt.

      5) Overall impression? I loved Binu because seeing her in person, you could really see the potential of her versatility. She could be the teen waif (as in the official photos), a pouty child, a fresh-faced quirky fashion model, a royal princess, a punk goth rocker chick with attitude. And her eyes are so expressive.

      I was pressed for time and the place where we met was so crowded that I couldn't take photos, hopefully toydogz will post pics when hers arrives. I promise to put up pics as soon as I get mine as well.

      P.S. Hi, tibiloo. It's nice to see someone familiar from TIB.
    4. Oooh, sh is so cute! Okay, you win, I'm going to order her. Now the hard part--which outfit to order for her. It looks like she and Tonner's Marley/Alice are nearly identical in size, so that's a plus. Her feet could be smaller, but it's a really close match there, too. She's got a great figure!
    5. She is slightly smaller than Marley overall, smaller feet and longer legs. Marley shoes fit large on her, but with socks they are okay. Might stuff the toes a bit with cotton, they aren't that big. Have you seen the new Tonner Agnes Dreary? Interesting clothes there, something might work for Binu. Her body is also the same size as Bambicrony/Unidoll Cupi, but with long legs. I really love this girl. She has the most delicate hand sculpt, really pretty, and her resin is satiny smooth without being shiny. Secretdoll is awesome! The clothes and shoes they sent are gorgeous too!
    6. Oh, no. She's wonderful. :aeyepop: Hear my bank account scream in horror!
    7. I should have taken a picture of her feet, she has delicate toes as well.
      Her delicate hands:
      and here she is dressed in the wig she came with wearing Marley pajamas, and another in the Secretdoll clothes and a Lati Yellow wig:

      lovely face up, pretty eyes, really an all around high quality doll.
    8. She's gorgeous! Now I'm getting her too. What will you call her?
    9. Pretty! Congrats, toydogz, I think you're owner no.1.

      She does have a translucent quality to her. I never got the 'high-end Barbie' feeling from her because she has the body of a young girl, not Barbie's va-va-voom voluptuousness.

      Tonner dolls aren't that readily available here so I think I'll have to be making a lot of clothes and trying to find shoes that fit.

      Do the Lati yellow wigs fit well? I didn't realize LY's heads were that small.

      Oh, and where is the little doggy from? Its expression is priceless.
    10. The pictures of her are adorable! She is everything that I wanted and hoped she'd be! Now I really need to decide if I want to get in on the U-noa preorder or skip it and get Binu. I'm really torn over what to do! *_*
    11. She really is gorgeous, and there is nothing Barbie about her, she has alot of expression and really can look different ages with different wigs and clothing. Yes, the size 5.5 Lati wigs I bought from Can-Can fit perfectly: http://www.cancan-jseries.net/,
      I also bought some of Graces new Jpop wigs in mohair that also fit in size 5-6, but the style and color I bought didn't suit Binu. Rosen Lied also makes size 5-6 wigs for their Monday's Child doll, but I haven't ordered the wigs yet. (And my MIL made off with both of my Rosen Lied dolls!) The dog I had previously for my Kish dolls, I bought it from an e-bay seller, it is needle felted. Binu has taken the little waif in and it is now her dog. Now for a name for her and her little doggie... I was thinking she looked like a Sascha, but I am not sure yet.
    12. Excellent resources for the wigs. She's a totally different size than any of my other girls (natch), so I'll be needing some new ones.
      Here's a link to Agnes Dreary's outfits with a 15% off sale for pre-orders:
    13. She will fit the Alice Tonner stuff too. Oh man....I love her. It's funny; months go by and I don't see a new doll I like and then suddenly, five of them appear at once. It's brutal. *sigh*
    14. My order went in this morning for her--they tell me 3-4 weeks before shipment. Was that about the same for you, toydogz? I've got my eye on some Agnes outfits, plus I already have several Alice/Marley ones. Thank goodness there are some ready made things for her.
      Have you decided on a name for your girl yet? I'm thinking of Josette or Angelique, unless they're taken already.
    15. Oh yes, lots more Binu love to go around! I ordered my Binu on May 4th, and they shipped her to me on June 13th, so their shipping schedule is pretty much what they say it will be. I will try and convince my Binu, now Sascha, to model some of the Alice clothing, it does fit well, but Sascha is smaller in the chest area.
      PS I love the name Josette for your new girl!
    16. I'm so excited about my incoming Josette. What colour skin would you say she is, toydogz--she seems rather pale-ish, but pinky/gold. I'm wanting to order her a wig, but am shilly-shallying about the colour. I want a blonde/brownish tone, I think. Did you find that that the darker shades work better with her skin?
    17. I prefer the darker shades, but it could just be the wigs I have. I tried a curly gold wig on her but it didn't look good. But the wig just had too much hair, so that could be part of it. If I get a chance today, I will snap a picture with lighter hair color. Her skin looks pinky normal, definitely not white, I like whiteskin dolls and she has a darker tone.
    18. Happy news--she can fit into stretchy Barbie clothes! They look really cute on her, too. Some pants can fit (she has a very curvy butt) but they hit low on the hips, and of course they are capri length, but it actually looks quite stylish, if you like the slightly trampy look. I will get pics of some Barbie clothes and the wig tomorrow--ran out of time today!
    19. Bad toydogz!!! Look what you made me do! I've been waiting patiently for Latidoll to open orders again, and the day that they do, I go ahead and buy a Binu and its all your fault. ;)

      Please do post some pics. There isn't a single photo in the gallerys of Binu! I'm interested to see which wig they sent you.