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Secretdoll Mini Discussion

Mar 23, 2005

    1. Does anyone know Yomo's default eye size and her wig size? I have a certain look in mind for her, and I didn't want to buy anything until I knew for sure.


      Mod Note:

      This is a discussion thread to talk about Secretdoll mini dolls.
    2. Yomo's default eyes are 18mm, and I like that size the best.
      You can use 16mm, but the eye doesn't fill the space all the way, unless they are heavily paperweighted.

      She uses a standard MSD wig, but the DOD wigs are waaay too small for her.
    3. Hi everyone

      Sorry if this is the wrong area to ask but im still working out how to use DoA and the internet. Does anyone have a Secretdoll Yomo? I am hoping to find out what size clothes she wears and if any are available to buy. I am also hoping to find out about shoe, wig and eye sizes. Has anyone her got her? I would love to see pics also.

      Lesley :)
    4. I have Yomo; she is my only MSD and I absolutely love her. Secretdolls are beautifully made with quality resin. Her eye size is 18mm, but she could wear 16mm as well. Her wig size is 7/8. I have a J-Pop wig on my doll. She can wear all the standard clothes for MSD-sized dolls. My doll wears DollHeart shoes, but she can also wear Luts shoes or any other shoes made for the MSD dolls. Here are some photos of my doll:

      Victorian portrait


      Sitting in a doorway


      Luts MSD shoes

    5. Hi *estrella,

      Yomo's head is 7.7inches, so I guess wig size 7-8 should fit.
    6. Here's another photo of my doll taken by the fabulous Keeley Keena. She's wearing a Volks dress.

    7. I hope this is where I post this..(.relocate if it's out of place...!)
      I need to see the difference between the white and natural versions of Yomo. Which do you prefer?;)

    8. For those who have this doll, Yomo, did you figure out how to have her sit comfortably?
      I can only get her to lounge backward since she seems to be a bit heavy in the chest area and it seems more natural for her to lay backward a bit.
      Not a criticism, just a comment.
    9. My Yomo came and now I have to get her Yogi or Sen! She too deserves a doll.
      I ordered clothes for her from Denver Doll Emporium and they told me what size fit her. However, one outfit was a bit small so another non bjd doll of mine will wear it. They said pretty much any msd size clothing would fit.
      Hope that helps!
    10. She doesn't pose very well, I must agree. I modded her inner join in the chest and that helps her sit a little better, but overall, the design is just a little odd. Her ankles drive me nuts, too. But she is so durn beautiful that I just deal with it.
    11. I like my Lili (Yomo) very much. And it's a pity that these girls are not so popular as they can be... They have wonderful body sculpture, sweet face and touching look.