Secretdoll near person 21 clothes

Feb 15, 2017

    1. Hello everyone!

      I've just got one of this tiny beautiful doll and I've been reading middie blythe clothes fit to them. Does anyone know another clothes to fit them and where to find them? I'm looking for some dark vintage dresses.

      Thank you!
    2. I don't have any advice because I've made all my girl's clothes, but I have Near Person 21, too, and she's so dear to me! Her name is Pidgeon, what's your doll's name?

      Here's a picture of her in her new spring outfit, I'd love to see yours!

      EDIT: Ah! I just saw her profile and she's so sweet. What mods does she have?

    3. Hi, did you find some good clothes. I just received my 21 and middie fits pretty good.
    4. Yes, I’ve realized of that! Besides all the Lati yellow, pukifee and engendrito clothes fit aswell!
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