Event [Secretdoll] New membership Event

Jan 13, 2016

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      [ Secretdoll's New membership Event ]

      During the period from Jan. 12 to Jan. 30, A new member to join our website will receive the credit 2000 points.
      As you become our member you can get our newsletter including like sales and events and enjoy the first than others.

      [ January News ]

      1. We will re-release the secretdoll's classic line " Baby fairy" which is a model beloved from many customers.
      Please expect to see this baby fairy's comeback moment. :)

      2. We will release the Near Person 21 in the basic version, which was first shown on the last Christmas special.

      [ Secretdoll的会员注册活动 ]


      [ January News(1月消息) ]

      1. 预计在1月份,很多人所等待的Secretdoll的古典式“Baby fairy”会再次登场。

      2.在Christmas special首次登场的Near Person21,将以基本版本重新上市。

      如果在注册过程中遇到困难或出现问题,请给[email protected]发邮件。我们会尽全力为您解决问题,提供帮助。

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    2. How much does 2000 points in monetary value count towards a purchase?
    3. Thank you for the event. I registered :)
      By the way, how much are the 2000 points worth?

      Best regards, Azphelina.
    4. In the English version it says 2000 points while in the Chinese it says 2000KRW. Is that an equivalence or a mistake in translation?
    5. According to the notice written in Korean on their website, I think it's 2000KRW = Approximately $2(USD).
    6. I though It would be like $20... Which is not too low and not too high discount...
      You know what I mean... They won't loose much money a we won't too :)