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SecretDoll Yogi discussion part 2

Jun 28, 2010

    1. This is a discussion for SecretDoll Yogi.

      Company website:

      DoA Wiki on SecretDoll Yogi:

      SecretDoll Yogi Discussion part 1:
      Old thread has been removed for server space.
      Information is now in Wiki.

      SecretDoll Yogi Discussion part 2:
    2. [​IMG]

      Poppy's got something else to dance about!
    3. LOL ToyDogz is shutting down all the old threads today LOL!!!!!! YAAAY Congrats Baby Fairy Yogis! SpIce had to take a dip in the new page!!!
    4. Linakauno Nells jaw fell open at all those crowns, how very cool.

      Spice you are an awesome mermaid. Poppy I cant wait until you get a girlfriend to play with!

      Slide down the medicine pot slippery dip to celebrate thread number TWO!!

    5. Tatum wanted to pop into the new thread too!

    6. I've been hunting through my Photobucket albums for a photo I haven't posted here yet (too lazy to take new ones) and found this one.


      Root and Antheria, before Petal came. I think they have a little "Shining" quality about this photo, but I always think that now whenever I see two slightly sinister sisters together.

      Edit: Their little ankles are turning. This was before I hot-glued them in place.
    7. Hehe great photos everyone!! Tatum I wish you played more you are so gorgeous. Love the twins Linkauno and oh my I would not want to be those bad pons when poor Thea gets free.

      Hugs Miss Ally, good to see you again.

      DarkStar we got our Sonny Angel ... it was bucketting down all day, I think he shrunk in the wash!

      You should get one then Jr could be mocked for having a Jr! Nell was happy he had his boy bits intact even tho they are teen weeny
    8. It's time to post pics again !
      All the Babyfairies are so lovely.
      Miss Ally I hope you get better.My little ones say Hello to the quartet !

    9. You have an awesome collection of tinies gilou. I love the little toy dolls they have, so in scale. Gorgeous, especially the little china one in the knitted blue outfit!
    10. Yay, for Babyfairy thread two!!

      adding a pic of my sleep eyed yogi long gone...
      By ggsdolls at 2008-03-03

      and another of Abby with attitude! hugs, gg
      By ggsdolls at 2008-01-25
    11. ggsdolls, I love sleeping Yogi! Even though he is long gone we can still enjoy the pictures and remember the good times you had with him! I am so pleased to see a picture of him because I have been tossing and turning trying to decide on this one or Sen, or Root or Yogi or or or..............
    12. So wonderful to see everyone's pics--what a great way to start the new thread! Gilous group, Abby, Nell--with her teeny dolly with the teenier bits--too funny!

      Thea has resigned as a babysitter, she said she absolutely will not ever do it again!
    13. LOL, imajica, I can't believe even the teenie weenie Sonny Angels have weenies! I haven't come across any of the tiny ones as unicorns - apparently they unicorns were pretty rare. I'll have to keep looking though - it would serve my Sonny Angel (still loincloth-less) right to be followed around by a miniature! I had no idea the small ones were that small - perfect size for Nell!
    14. I had no idea either, I just assumed they were wrong about being useful as cell phone charms and I expected one your boy sized. I laughed so hard when I saw frog boy but yes you are right he is perfect!

      Gosh Abby your colouring is spectacular. Gorgeous girl!
    15. ggsdolls, I just noticed - those are wonderful little shoes! Where did you find them? (Oh, I am so hoping I can get a black haired Yogi - I requested one with violet eyes. Keeping my fingers crossed!)
    16. You may need to remind them more than once. I requested a blond wig for my secretdoll person and they told me they would do that for me. When she arrived she had a brown wig!
    17. The blonde/brown thing may have been a language mix-up as they could seem alot alike for anyone who doesn't speak English.
    18. Princess- I must admit he is the cutest and there's just something about sleeping faces, that seem so adorable and peaceful. Hope this helps you decided^_~

      Darkstar- Thanks so much, The first one's are kelly's friend tod's shoes, it came with the tux and you can find them cheap on evilbay, and as for the second pic with baby booties, believe or not, they are Licca twins sis, and bro's baby booties...you can find them under Miki and Maki chan clothing. Hope this helps you^_~

      hugs, gg
    19. Yes, it was your Abby's little booties, ggsdolls! I'll have to search around for them - they're really adorable! A lot of the Kelly shoes have a tendency to fall off my Baby Fairy and Naripon feet. Really should just get into the habit of using a little Mac's or stuffing the toes of the shoes and boots that I know are just going to be for them.
    20. Secretdoll does a little better sending the color wig you want if you post a photo of the color you want in their Q&A section with a little note. They don't understand English all that well.