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Secretdoll Yoi discussion part 1

Sep 13, 2005

    1. Has anyone ordered this doll? I'm dying to get one but need to save up first. I was just curious if anyone has gotten one yet or ordered one.


      ...mod note....

      This is a discussion thread for SecretDoll Yoi.

      Yoi Measurements
      Height: 29 cm
      Head: 17 cm
      Neck: 7 cm
      Shoulder: 8 cm
      Chest: 14 cm
      Waist: 13.7 cm
      Hips: 15.5 cm
      Eye Size: 14mm
      Foot Size: 4.5 cm
      Wig Size: 6-7 inches

      Company Website: http://www.secretdoll.com/index.php

      Secretdoll Yoi discussion part 1:
    2. Little Yoi arrrived today -- quite traumatized. :( Had a rough time through customs -- the box was quite smashed and overtaped with that lurid green tape. So I don't know if my little one is a boy or a girl yet. S/he isn't speaking but nodded okay when I asked if I could take one photo to share. (I know it looks like a skirt but they're running shorts.) :daisy

    3. Yoi is about equal in size to a CH petite ai, but I think s/he poses better than a CH petite ai. However, like all smaller ones the poseability is hampered by the shortness of the limbs. I think the resin is a lovely color -- more on the whiter side of normal with pinky rather than yellow overtones.

      I'd have a very hard time choosing, Laura, between Ttory and Yoi. I have a Ttory Elf whom I dearly love. I guess it depends on which size you think you'd feel more comfortable with. I'll PM you a picture tomorrow of my Ttory with my Yoi and maybe that will help you decide. Hopefully there'll be light for pix tomorrow. :daisy
    4. Okay, sorry for the delay. Here is a picture of my little boy, Kenji:

      I saw your little Tiramisu in the gallery. She is so cute. I just love her. Congratulations again. I hope you're having fun with her.
    5. I have one. He's a boy and his name is Kenji.

    6. Okay here is Kenji's new freckles. It's not a good picture and he still needs some extra blushing across the freckles but at least you get an idea of how it looks.

    7. Me again! Besides Bitty Bethany clothes, what clothes/shoes fit Yoi? From reading the posts, I may have a long wait for apple, so that gives me time to stock up...:lol:
    8. I hope you won't mind my spamming Tangerine a little. The poor girl has been neglected for some time.



    9. This is my Yoi when I first got her. She has the sweetest little face and she is a favorite tiny!

    10. [​IMG]

      Got it! I was copying the wrong link! Here is Berit in all her pouty glory! I'm not sure she likes pink!
    11. Try 10" anne estelle and Kish Bitty Bethany size clothings. They fit Yoi pretty good.
    12. Oh, she is so cute!! I am looking more into Secretdolls. Yoi is cute. I have two tiny Baby Fairies. I adore them.
      Sorry if this has been done, but does anyone have photos of Binu and Yoi together or know where a photo of this is? Thanks.
      Thanks for this thread. It is fun.
      Oh, just looking into the clothing suggestions above. Bitty Bethany Kish? I don't really see available. Will any other Kish do?
      Curious about how you get clothing for a Yoi. I see Binu has alot available.
    13. It's Bitty Bethany size clothes only that fit, other Kishes dolls are either too small or too big. Maybe you might like to try Boneka's line of clothings meant for Bitty Bethany. Boneka's got pretty dresses for this size.
    14. Thanks. Is it true that this doll fits Yo-sd size clothing? What a nice selection then.
    15. Yoi is a bit taller than most yo sds which means some dresses/pants will be short on her and also tight fitting clothes for some slimmer sized tinies may not fit.
    16. Oh okay. It still may work then. I wonder if anyone has put a Yoi head on a Yo sd doll body?
    17. Poor Yoi -- it's very lonely being a Yoi. And she can't decide if she's a girl or he's a boy. Woe is Yoi.
    18. I found out he is a boy. Now he's mad at me for putting him in a skirt the other day. (Boy, I gotta get a better camera!)