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Secretdoll's Person Series Discussion

Jun 30, 2009

    1. Hello, everyone.

      I decided to go ahead and make a thread to discuss the new "person series" by Secretdoll.

      I'm sure I'm not the only one to be shocked and fascinated by these little girls. I have never seen anything quite like them before, outside of Pullips and Blythe.

      I am in love with the idea of them being based off the artist's surreal and non-realistic drawings. Her drawings are shown along with the girls and are adorable in my opinion. (mainly because this is the type of art I do.)

      I'm wondering what everyone else thinks. How do you think these dolls will be welcomed into the community?
    2. hmm, i think they might be compatible (in style) to Nari-pon :daisy
    3. i think they are adorable! <3
    4. You're right, Jolarocknrolla. Still, you don't see many dolls like this posted in the galleries. I've seen a few of Notdoll's Naripon and Blue Citron in the gallery, but I'd really like to see more stuff like this around.
    5. I adore them.... I wish their ordering period was a tad bit longer though!
    6. I cant see them due to the daily traffic limit being full.
      Is it possible for someone to post the pics if they have them?
    7. I think they're adorable but I love big heads. I collect Blythe.
    8. They remind me of Yoshitomo Nara's angry little girl paintings :) Love them!
    9. I do like them:)
    10. I just ordered the red haired girl...the second I saw her I knew I had to have her! Yes...very Nara...really great!
    11. there is another thread about these

      I love the little blonde ...I know I have to order more fur this week
      and vets bills ...but I have a few dolls to sell ..and she is so unique !Im wondering if I can sqweeze one in on the old plastic friend
    12. hey ! were have they gone ...I just went on the site and they are all taken off ?
    13. I just saw them this morning (Australian time). I think they're awesome, but I can't really justify the cost I don't think. But they are very unique. I like the blonde one too.

      Wilkies, where did you see the owner pics?
    14. Yes! Another Blythe/Pullip/Nari Pon fan here and I ordered a Special Person 04 yesterday (and I'd love a number 04 too, to be honest, but yeah: way too pricey). ;)
      I just love dolls with cheek and attitude in general! Especially when they look a bit 'kittenish' and remind me of Persian cats. :)
      Oh, and I hope that little black outfit and shoes will not stain her... And these wigs look a bit frumpy in quality, I hope it's not too bad.
      I'm looking forward to see more of these cuties!
    15. These little creatures are just odd enough to be very appealing to me (especially #4), but alas, funds to not permit me to buy one. I look forward to seeing owner photos, though. I love it when the doll companies make something really different from the normal "pretty" dolls.
    16. Did anybody receive a shipping notice yet? They were supposed to start shipping them out, in order of purchase, four days ago.
      I paid for my Special Person 04 on July 1, but cannot remember when sales actually started.
    17. I think they went up for sale on the 1st...that's when I paid too, so ours should be the first ones to ship...which makes me think they're behind schedule.
    18. Thanks, Violetpie! That sounds very plausible. Let's hope they'll start shipping soon; cannot wait to see more of these little girls. I'll post here again when I get their notification.
    19. And I will too as soon as I hear anything...I'm so excited to see her "in person"...=)