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SEE Supia Dolls Artist YU-JIN & read her message : - )

May 26, 2006

    1. Hello everyone, I am pleased to introduce you to my friend Yu-Jin, the artist of Supia Dolls

      Yu-Jin's message:
      "I would like to make dolls that transmit much love to many people. I hope that my dolls could be a medium to deliver much love... I will do my best to make good dolls to repay your kindness..."

      Please visit the Grand Opening of our new site. We had the best-time-ever making this one. www.supiadolls.com

      It's got three types of music you can surf with.. Dance, Rock and Chill.
      Orders are now starting, and...

      every doll order wins a free piece of Bliss clothing like pants, shirts or cardigan jackets.

      Ships USPS priority from USA! No added Paypal fees! Have fun with our first order.


      The BJD community will see these dolls in person at the BJD Con in Austin, Texas as well as IDEX in Florida, January 2007. Korean doll artists love doll exhibits and competitions. They really enjoy their fans being able to see their dolls up close and in person. We will have her dolls for sale in Texas and Yu-Jin might even make some special exhibit versions of her dolls for you to see!

      We will hold monthly sales of Supia Dolls beginning May 28.

      Our service features:
      ** inexpensive shipping from USA (insured Priority USPS).

      ** Grand opening of SUPIA INTERNATIONAL web site May 28, 2006 including PayPal or Visa/Mastercard with no additional fees.

      ** Grand opening celebration-- each doll purchased wins free Softly She Walks Bliss clothing for 43cm dolls!

      ** Personal service in English or French, and direct communication with Supia artist and staff in Korean. Your facepaint instructions will also be translated to Korean by our translator.

      We will initially be offering the 2 MINI sized dolls, Yisol and Yan (aka "MiniSup")
      YES we will have 60cm dolls for sale, but are waiting for information. I know many are waiting for them and we will give you direct info from the artist as soon as they are ready to be sold.

      Go to MINI Supia discussion here:

      Thanks :D
    2. hmm, is that a special supia60?

      everytime i look at that pic i get a little pissed. that was the makeup i requested for my french resin supia and got all warm tones coral orange lips and brown brows....
    3. You will have to ask the person who you bought the Supia from. Since that was not me, I am sorry I can't help you with that.

      I just want to mention that my company has a Korean translator on staff, and we actually make a PDF page (or two!) for each custom facepaint requested by our customers. A photo or graphic is put on the PDF page, and then the customer's written instructions regarding colors, etc. are translated to Korean from English or French. The PDF is then emailed to Korea along with your order. We find this is the best method for doing custom facepaints, though it is very time consuming on this end... but worth it.

    4. A bump for new web site opening just now.

      Have fun!
    5. Do the prices already include shipping?
    6. Also, is it possible to see more pics of the particular Yan and Yisol that are pictured on the side. I like their face-ups better than the ones in the bigger pictures.
    7. The prices don't include shipping-- but you will like your shipping cost because it's just Priority USPS... it depends on how far you live from here, but it's around $10-$15 or so..

      I'm paying the bad EMS from Korea for you, cause I like you guys!

      : - )

      P.S> I will have faceup pics from the artist soon. Thought they were coming Friday, but it won't be long. People are already ordering, so I will be sending them the link to a faceup page as soon as I get the photos.
    8. Wow, that doll in the picture in your opening post is gorgeous...will she ever be available?
    9. Nope, she was a limited edition. Only 20 sold worldwide.
    10. Actually, Dollyholic mentioned that there will most likely be more available soon:

    11. You're both right. Despite my pleas for her to open up the edition of 20... she has closed it. It could be something as practical as the mold being worn out. Sometimes a doll mold will not last for too many dolls. It's very expensive getting the molds made.

      So! The news is, she will have some new 60cm dolls coming out as early as sometime this month. And of course I will have that for you. (you knew that!)

    12. is there a date for the Florida one because id love to meet her! :)
    13. January 19-21, Orlando Convention Center, 2007.

      Supia's dolls will be there, but not the artist. I do like to takea lot of pictures and video and send it to them though, for a souvenir.

    14. o__o Oh my! She's so pretty!

      I imagine it's too early to estimate when the new 60cm dolls will be available?
    15. What is the date for Austin? I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    16. Oh, Yu-Jin is so pretty! And young! She reminds me of Yan; I wonder if she used herself as a model, or at least inspiration for the sculpt. (After all, an artist's best model is herself!)
    17. Yes Yu-Jin is certainly adorable. I cant believe how talented she is- she looks so young.
    18. Yu-Jin is such a nice person. I ordered a Yisol through a group order before. Unfortunately Yu-Jin sent a BW instead a normal skin one. But it was no problem at all. Yu-Jin speaks English perfectly and we had nice and good communication. And within a week we changed the dolls and she did a wonderful face up on my Yisol. Never new how young she is and she really looks like my doll. :)
    19. She's so darling! Please keep telling her how much we love her dolls . . . I can't wait to see the new 60cm and the 43cm boy revealed! She's a real talent :>

      -- Andi <3
    20. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Yu-Jin is 25 I believe. She is very young. Yes, I have shoes older than she is, LOL!! And I agree.. when I first saw her, I thought she looked a lot like Yisol! I already emailed her that she is much prettier than her dolls though. She really is a beauty.

      She does speak English, however, since there have been problems in the past with miscommunications we are only working with her in Korean. All the ordering and facepainting requests will be translated into Korean. We want our first order with her to go perfectly, so we're going to make it as easy on her as possible. For anyone who does speak a second language, it's always easiest to work in your own language.

      We'll have news about a new 60cm doll to order this month. As soon as we get photos, we'll be sure to show them to you!