Seed Arts heads - Wol and Peabody

Mar 13, 2017

    1. Wol is a birdlike, MSD-sized head sculpt by the talented Armeleia, and was made in artist-casts by the artist as well as pro-casts by Haru Casting. Some (if not all) of the Wol heads come with a special hand-cast "crystal" glittery resin s-hook holder unique to each Wol.

      Wol takes, on average, 14mm eyes.
      The neck hole seems to be 7.5 cm,
      it should take wigs at size 6 and 1/2 inches.

      This doll also may be known as Seed Dolls Wol.

      Peabody takes, on average, 14mm eyes, but the actual eye openings are very, very small.
      The neck hole seems to be 7.5 cm,
      And it should take wigs at size 6 and 1/2 inches.

      *EDIT: Thread has been expanded a smidgen to include the other Seed Arts MSD sized head, Peabody. I couldn't find a discussion thread for it.


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    2. Oooh a Discussion for them! I am currently waiting for customs to spit out mine... and her body :lol:
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    3. Oh good!

      I was lucky and got mine already, but I'd been working on her wig for a while.
      She's going to be a dryad.
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    4. Her wig is just perfect for a dryad! Which body are you going to use for her?
    5. She's going to be so cute as a Dryad @Rosslyn
      @Roterwolkenvogel hope yours arrives soon!

      I was wondering what the neck hole size on the Wol head is. Would anyone be able to assist me?
    6. Sorry for the double post, but I am doing a trade for a tan Wol! :aeyepop: So happy I was able to get one after all.

      Thinking about the Dollzone Gil winged body in tan, but perhaps I should wait and see if anyone would be able to show a resin comparison. Or if the head would even fit that body ok?
    7. Ooooh congrats Bean! I should be able to pick up the head this weekend after I paid her ransom and can't wait! I sadly can't help with a comparison tho, I have a load of tans but none are DZs nor a DZ body ^^"
    8. That's ok, thank you anyway! Once mine arrives, I'll measure the neck hole for researching.

      What body are you planning to use, @Roterwolkenvogel and @Rosslyn ?
    9. Mine's going on a K-11 DollChateau body, but there's a bit of a neck gap. Let me go see if I can measure the neck hole on Wol...
      Edit: sorry my sister surprised me with unexpected outing so I'll try and get this tomorrow!
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    10. Mine's on a KDF body with Soom Dune/Nor wings - resin match not yet tried but I expect it to be horrifying :lol:
    11. I love her and I want her, but I can't justify it atm. I love her birdy features heh.
      Some day....
    12. Okay, @Beansproutmomo I got the numbers! The neck hole seems to be 7.5 cm,
      and I also measured her head around where a wig should go It's a little odd shaped but it should take wigs at 6 and 1/2 inches. (since I made mine I wasn't sure of her commercial wig size until now)
      Sorry that info took so long to get!
    13. That sounds like a very cute birdy hybrid!

      Thank you so much! A bit wider than anticipated, but I'm sure I can mod things, or make a neck lift. Good to know it's a 6-7 size head too, thanks!
      Maybe we should add a reference chart to the first post, with eye/wig/hybrid info?
    14. Youre welcome! And that's a good idea- sometime this week when I am not falling asleep I shall edit that first post to include more stats.
    15. [​IMG]

      Picked up my Kendra today <3
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    16. Oh she's gorgeous! I was hoping someone would go full Bird with this sculpt and give her some wings!
    17. I just could not skip on that opportunity :lol: she will even get claw feets! (One kind soul offered me LUTS Bory Breath of God claws)
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    18. EDIT: well I was gonna post pics of Aspen but the site, either DoA or Imageshack, is being weird again and I just get a broken image signal. Too tired tonight to work it out, will try again later.
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    19. Got it working. I am happy to present Aspen Wol!
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    20. She's gorgeous! :o
      I just love the owl-like facial features. She isn't still available by any chance, is she?
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