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Nov 14, 2005

    1. Arashi found this website and she refuses to tell us how (I think she was looking for ecchi stuff, hohoho). Thought you guys would like to know.


      I think it's an original doll, though there's an "Obitsu" written somewhere on the profile. He's quite small considering his mold - at first I thought it was a new Hound. But no, only 58cm.
    2. Huh. I could swear I've seen these photos before...
      He's cute!
      Kinda looks like a Range Murata character design.

      *edit* Oh! He's a Sho-u Tajima character. Duh. VERY COOL! Sho-u Tajima did the designs for Galerians and Kai Doh Maru.
      Now I really really think he's cute!
    3. Good eye, St. James . . . this is the same boy being discussed here, but this site has much better photos!!

      I still want to steal his outfit ^-^

      -- Andi <3
    4. Wow, he has a very unique look to him. Interesting!

    5. Huh, I wonder if this has anything to do with the male body Obitsu says is coming out between the end of this year and January '06:


      (Oh, look, new 60cm female body too!)
    6. Oooh, there was one on Y!J a while back!
      Tajima Sho-u :D :D :D
      I love the man's work.
    7. It says that the internal frame for the body is the Obitsu 604 ball-joint model.
      It also gives the sculptor's name; I wonder if he sculpted male parts on the ball-joint body, or if he was responsible for the face only?
    8. Ooooh, sexy bish! *wants*

      Is he made of resin or vinyl?
    9. It says his body and head are PVC, with ABS and POM (???) for the internal frame and the arm/leg joints. So... vinyl, I guess, with some hard plastic parts for the joints.
    10. I really like him. He reminds me of Donn's new doll. ^^