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Seeing someone who looks like your doll?

Jan 6, 2017

    1. Hey everyone!

      Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

      So there is a girl who works as a waitress at a vegan place that I like to go to. I see her there every time I go. I just can't help but notice that she looks super similar to the Fairyland MNF Shushu sculpt lol. She has big bright eyes and a thin nose, and just the overall face shape of Shushu. I have no plans to tel her that she looks like a doll lol, because that might just come off as weird and creepy and then I could never go back, and I love that place haha.

      But I was just wondering if you guys have ever seen or known someone who looks similar to a doll you own, or maybe even one you don't own? Did you tell them?

      Maybe if she was a friend or something I would, but since I don't really know her I wouldn't tell her for risk of looking kind of crazy. :nowords:
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    2. My bestie looks like Iplehouse Asa...like totally! It's like her doll version of her. Especially if the faceup is done asian /oriental style...scary resemblance (in a good way tho). The first time I saw Asa, I was like wow this one really looks like her.
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    3. I've never seen someone that looks like an existing doll, but I have seen many that I think would be really awesome as a doll! I just like how someone looks and I like how dolls look, so I end up thinking that way. I would never want a doll to look exactly like someone though, just similar, like one person I saw has a really stunning nose shape that would look amazing on a doll. Just like I base parts of characters looks off of real people I think look pretty/cool/cute, I can see doing the same with dolls.

      I couldn't tell someone they look like a doll though... some might see it as insulting (even though to me it would be a compliment) and others might think I'm crazy like you said. Only time I would is if I knew someone that liked the dolls, and I knew they liked the look of the doll I feel they look like. Because even within the doll community they might not like the one I'm thinking of and still find it insulting. I guess same reason I would never compare someone to a celebrity or the like, not everyone likes being compared, even if you mean it in a good way.
    4. Nobody I've ever seen in person has reminded me of a doll. Years ago though, the first time I saw a Soony, I thought she looked like Asami Konno from Morning Musume.
    5. I can't say that I have seen a doll that looks like someone I pesonally know or just see in my daily interactions. I would probably freak out and geek out at the same time. :D
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    6. A friend of the family has a face that's eerily similar to Dollpamm Shark.
    7. @Elvenrose thats really cool! I love Asa's sculpt. She's beautiful! That's a huge compliment for your friend lol.

      @skyf i totally didn't even think of the fact that someone might take it as an insult! Totally true though, especially if they're familiar with or involved in the community. What if they hate that sculpt? Didn't even consider that! I will definitely not be telling anyone they look like dolls haha.

      @RamenDoodles i could definitely see that! I love Soony, she's such a cute sculpt.

      @Lady Alexiel so true! I kind of did geek out a little bit haha. I mean, totally to myself haha. But when I first noticed I was like oh my gosh! I felt like she looked familiar and then when I realized why I was like :D

      @WinonaFlammery thats awesome! Have you told them? Definitely a great sculpt. Very unique, and makes for a very cool man or woman IMO lol.
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    8. Nah, I didn't tell them. I haven't really seen him in a few years anyway, and I think he'd be more weirded out than anything ahah ^^;
    9. Yeah, it can be amazingly easy to insult people when you compare them or the things they love. xD I always tend to take it as a compliment, because that person is normally comparing your image/art/whatever to something they love. Even if I don't see it, we all see things very differently. However lots of people don't like it even when they do like the thing your comparing... So I tend to be pretty careful. I'm also overly paranoid. xD
    10. Yes, but I won't tell her. I think she might think it's cool or a compliment, but I'm not sure and I don't want to seem weirder than I already am. XD

      I started writing the character for my incoming doll back in September. The doll is Jubilee, my April Story Rebecca in dark brown skin. I planned for her to have short fluffy curly hair, wayfarer glasses and mostly wear leggings or skinny jeans, baggy shirts or sweaters and either ballet flats or simple canvas shoes. She is a shy, college age character.

      I recently started working retail again, and last month I met one of the seasonal hires. Aside from hair color, she looks almost exactly as I planned my girl! She's got the same short height and body type, same skin tone, same hair style, same clothing style, same black wayfarer glasses, and to top it all off, she's 20 and a shy, sensitive person. The biggest differences are that my doll has freckles, but coworker doesn't, and my doll has dark brown hair, and my coworker has teal blue hair (which is naturally either very dark brown or black, I can kind of see the roots).

      Usually, my dolls are inspired or influenced by various real people or existing characters, but I created Jubilee fully from scratch a full three months before I knew of this real girl's existence.
    11. @CloakedSchemer thats so crazy!! It's like it was meant to be lol. The world seriously works in strange ways lol. That is really cool though, and maybe she will give you some more ideas for your incoming girl as well. Obviously not that you're going to base your girl off of her now lol but it's just really cool to see an idea you had on your own actually in the flesh like that!
    12. That's sooo funny!! I have never experienced that myself but it seems so cool, maybe I will look different to people fron now on hehe
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    13. I was collecting little Japanese Momoko dolls up until quite recently (and I probably still will get a few more). They're meant to be young teenage girls - the youngest looks like about 10-11 years old and the oldest would be maybe 17-18, but the majority look like they're about 14-15. Well ... there is a family who shop at my local supermarket, and they have a young daughter who looks like a Momoko come to life. First time I saw her I stopped dead in my tracks and probably stood there for a minute looking like a stunned mullet.

      I didn't say anything, of course ... imagine rocking up to someone in the supermarket and saying, "hello! did you know your daughter looks just like a Momoko doll?!!" :blush Nope, couldn't do that! :eusa_sile
    14. I work for a large international company, and just occasionally there is a young Japanese man who visits our office, and he is a dead ringer for one of my dolls, an Elfdoll Mir. I practically fell off my chair the first time I saw him. Now I just try not to giggle like a fool, and no, it would not be "work appropriate" to tell this young man he looked like my favorite doll. LOL.
    15. This is a really interesting thread! I don't think I've ever seen a person that looks like any of my dolls... Maybe some children? Aelic has a very childish, sweet face, and thats my general "doll style," so I think it might be kind of hard to find an adult with features like my boys. :lol:

      There are some dolls I think look like characters on shows and stuff, but I guess that's not exactly the same. (For example, I recently realized that DZ Carter would make a great Midousuji from Yowamushi Pedal...my nerd side is showing. :sweat)
    16. I have seen 2 dolls that look like people I know, but it was the specific doll (wig,eyes,face up etc) Not just sculpt. One of them I showed to my mom and she immediately said it looked like my friend that I also see it as. She said I should post the pic where her and her family would see it but since it's not my doll or photo I am not comfortable doing that.
      The other doll was a mature tiny guy that looked like a dear friend of mine who passed away a few years back and I'm not sure if it would still look like him with different face ups or whatever but if it did I'd be tempted to get one in remembrance even though mature tinies aren't quite my thing.
    17. I have yet to see anyone that looks like my dolls and i hope i dont. Mainly because i think i'd fall out of love with them because all i'd see is that random person's face >_<
    18. confession? I bought a head because it looked like my friend wow I sound like a serial killer
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    19. Most of my dolls are a little on the otherworldly side, so if I saw someone that looked like them I'd probably go to the nearest nut farm and have myself committed. Chloe is green, Alistair has visible fangs, Ylla is a Martian, and Guinevere and Johanna have obvious pointed ears. The only exception to that rule is Johnny, who looks 100% human. I've yet to see anyone that even remotely looks like him, but I'm always keeping my eyes peeled!
    20. That isn't a problem, just don't try to see if they both come off in the same way :evil:
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