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Seeing Something You Made Being Sold

Aug 25, 2011

    1. I'm not sure if there's a topic on this already, and if there is, I'd be very happy if you could link me, but something I saw was bothering me. A friend of mine made an item for a swap a while back, and just recently, she found them on the marketplace. At first she didn't mind that they were there, but after a while, it began to bug her that it was listed as for free. It made her feel like her items were 'low quality', but I can't help but think that the seller did it due to feeling bad for selling something they got in a swap.

      So I'd like to ask

      How would you feel if you saw someone selling something you made, for more or less than you intended?
    2. I understand how your friend feels but at the same time she can't really go making assumptions on the seller's behalf.

      It could be something simple like the item hasn't worked out for them like they thought and they need to slim down their dolls items quickly. It may even be out of consideration to your friend that they're listing it as free because they'd feel bad making a profit on something they effectively didn't really pay for.

      Some people feel the same about on-selling dolls. Once it's gone it's not yours anymore and I don't really think she has the need to feel upset by it or the right to be angry. There's no ownership involved and it's not up to her anymore. It's the seller's to do with as they wish, which is their right.
    3. A few months back my sister was trying to get into bjds but it turned out she wasn't really that bothered but I had made her a few dresses for the ones she had and when she sold them she sold them with the dresses I made I didn't really mind that much but i was a tiny bit miffed that I'd put quite a bit of work in and she didnt ask if I would maybe want them back or anything first, it's a strange one really I don't know how I would feel feel in the situation you described probably a bit miffed but I guess it something that happens in this hobby the thing about swaps is you never really know if the person your sending the items to will really like the items because we all have different tastes x
    4. Was the swap item made for that specific doll? I know some swaps are specific that way, some not. If it was, though, I could see passing along the item to the new owner since it was something special for that specific doll, and not necessarily that they didn't care for the item or appreciate it.
    5. I'm interested to here the answers for this. Because I received some stuff for a doll I no longer own, who was an MSD, and after I sold I decided I'm not an MSD person, I like much larger dolls. So I'll never be able to use the items... but I didn't know if it would be okay to sell them! or even regift them...
      I'm thinking maybe if I make a friend around me at a meet up or something, and if she/he liked the item I'd pass it on.
      Because on one hand, I feel bad about selling something that someone generously made specifically for me, on the other side I feel bad that someone put work into something that's not being used! >_<
      Personally, if I saw that someone was selling or giving something away I made for them, I wouldn't mind. It's all about the 2nd hand market baby. I just want someone to appreciate what I did.
    6. I've come across a few things I've made that have been up for sale/resold. It really doesn't bother me. I know that when I get something, or buy something, I enjoy it for a while. There comes a point in time where, while I still might enjoy it, it may not be useful. I would rather people sell the item & get something they want/can use than hold onto it because they got it in a swap, or bought it from the marketplace/etsy/shop/etc.
    7. I think you're perfectly entitled to sell something that you'll never get any use out of anymore. Just because you don't use it doesn't mean you don't appreciate it, but what good does it do leaving it sitting around?

      Sell it on to someone who will be able to not only appreciate it just as much as you do, but will actually be able to use it :)
    8. I do a lot of swaps around here (and I've gifted a ton of creative work throughout the years) and this is the way I see it: once it's out the door, I just forget about it. Once it's in someone elses hands, a thank you or a smile is very much appreciated...but beyond that, they owe me absolutely nothing. What works for someone today may not suit them tomorrow, and they're free to rectify the situation however they see fit. Creating is a wonderful thing in and of itself:)...and I've already gotten my pleasure out of what I've made. Hopefully my recipient did also. Maybe now that their needs have changed, someone else will too. I personally love the idea of my creations passing through a myriad of hands as time goes by. Art for art's sake, people!;)
    9. My thoughts are that if it was given to you, whether as a gift or swap, it is yours to do with what you want. It is your possession, and the person who gave it to you has absolutely no say in what happens to it. Additionally, I don't think it should be a big deal if you do sell something that someone gave you.

      Sometimes things don't work out, your tastes change, etc., so why should you keep things you no longer want or need? I have a friend who keeps almost everything anyone gives her because she doesn't want to offend them if they find out she got rid of it. Even if she doesn't use the item, she keeps it, but I think that's a waste of space. If you give to someone else, or sell it, someone else who actually wants or needs that item can use it.

      I might hope that what I give to others as gifts will be kept and loved by that person forever, but it's not all that realistic, in my opinion. Perhaps my view on this is more neutral because I don't really make and sell things here, but I just don't think it's the business of anyone but the person to whom the item belongs.
    10. I've come across a few things I've made being sold. Wheather it's from a swap or sale it doesn't bother me. Once it's let my hands what ever they wanna do with it is up to them. The way I see it, if some one buys it, it's going to someone who will love it. That makes me happier. Some times maybe the person's sold the doll or the dolls changed and it no longer suits them.

      The only time I'd be a tad miffed is if it was something a friend begged me to make until I caved. Then I would feel like I wasted my time. Or people selling something they claimed never arrived and got a refund for :/
    11. If I saw anything I made for a swap for sale, or for free, it wouldn't bother me any. In fact, I'd rather whoever received a swap item from me just go ahead and sell it, and get something for it. I mean, they made and sent out a gift, too, so in that way, they DID pay for it. A swap is like a trade, only you don't know what you're going to get, and don't always know WHO you're getting it from.

      And just like everything else...well, once you give it away, sell it, trade it, whatever, it is no longer yours to care about.
    12. I like the way you think Poetic, it's a very good way to look at it :)
    13. I too agree with Poetic.
    14. I have sold things that were given to me by someone. I don't feel bad about it. The main reason I sold it was because the boy it was made for has since been upgraded from MSD to SD and he can't wear it anymore. It doesn't fit the style of any of my other dolls either, but it was cute and well made, so I thought someone else might like it.

      I would not be offended if someone sold something I made. The way I see it, the more people that handle and like things I've made, the more likely I am to get more commissions. It's sort of like free advertising!

      Though I do agree with HighPriestessIce---Selling things that got refunded? That's not just rude and immoral, but illegal! If you claimed it never arrived, then got a refund, then sold it....that is the same as selling stolen merchandise. Bad all around.
    15. It would definatly hurt my feelings. I gave some things to a friend and after using thm for a few months she had them for sale at her yard sale! Really bugged me. She was not the least bit aware ether. But a gift is a gift and people can do what they want but there is a thing called being sensitive to the other person. We have all gotten awful gifts but I have never tried to get rid of it in front of the other person. I always do it behind their backs I guess!
    16. If I saw something I made, sold. I would actually be happy about it, even if it's sold for free. This tells me the item was good enough that they didn't want to just chuck it into the trash. They saw value in passing the item on to someone else. So yeah!
    17. I wouldnt bother me as I entirely agree with VampireAnneke. If the person posted the item to sell then its good! Cause they could have just thrown it out. and if it did not suit their doll then its better that it goes to a home in which the doll is able to use it.
    18. Exactly! And if they sold it for more than I could, Go for it!!
    19. Just recently I had an odd moment on a similar front. I had sold a pair of eyes I'd made to another user for her SQ Lab head. I sold them for fairly cheap, because that pair I felt had come out the worst of the lot--you could see the glue bubbles in it. But that's the pair she wanted, so off they went.

      Then, a while later, I saw someone in the Dollfie Dream thread post a photo of their just-purchased SQ Lab head--with the eyes I'd made. Something bothered me about it, but it took me a while to figure out: it wasn't that the eyes had gotten sold, but the fact that I had felt these eyes were sub-par. It was like at some level I felt it was unfair that the new owner got saddled with this pair of oogy eyes. And I know that if I had liked the pair, I wouldn't be bothered really.

      I guess I'm just crazy. XD
    20. I actually don't really know how I feel about this... ON the one hand, it's completely understandable, because if the item is no longer desired, the owner should have the right to sell it. However, it is also a bit...disconcerting, to see something that you made being sold by someone else, especially without permission. It depends on if you treat the item you made like an item or like a piece of art. It's okay to sell an item, but it might upset the artist/creator to have others selling their stuff.