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Self control on $ when it comes to BJD....

Mar 29, 2007

    1. 1. Do good things come to those who wait? (good self control and patience) Examples?

      2. Or those who buy them instantly? (hmmm even if you shouldn't be spending the $ but you still do because you just have to have it). Examples?

      Which one are you? Please share. I usually don't wait and buy them pretty quickly (clothes, accessories, dolls....) (unfortunately *_* *_* I NEED BETTER SELF CONTROL NOW :doh I WILL TRY. HONEST!)
    2. I've done both : ) I've spent money when I probably shouldn't have, but I don't regret the dolls one bit, and if I had to do the same thing again, I probably would. My Unidoll is the perfect example--I saw him and *had* to bring him home ASAP and I don't think I've had quite that strong a reaction to any other doll that I've purchased.

      On the other hand, there are advantages to being patient as well. I waited until I had the money to get Kohana a body, and it was a good thing that I did, because about the time I was ready to buy, the CH girl bodies went on sale.
    3. I like to think that good things come to those who wait. So far, it's worked for me! I think my best example is my Black Shall. I really wanted one when they came out, but I couldn't get one then. Then over the next 8 months, I watched several get sold on the marketplace. And I still didn't buy one. XD When I finally had the money, there were TWO for sale! That's pretty lucky, considering how limited she is.

      That's not to say that I don't impulse buy... but even with things like wigs and clothes, I'm really slow. That same Shall that I waited for just waited MONTHS for me to get her her own wig! I always just say to myself "It'll come around again someday." (not always true, but that's what I always say)
    4. As I've mentioned here before, I'm saving to buy a house, and I need to get that out of the way before I get my first BJD (which will hopefully be the lovely Mimi, if Volks ever get her back in stock again). So for me it's a matter or priorities rather than patience! I hope when I have have got my new home sorted out that I will be able to be pateint when it comes to the big things and impulse buy when it comes to small, relatively cheap purchases (wigs, shoes).
    5. Tough one! I usually buy dolls when I'm ready for them, so I guess I have some self control, but once I find what I am looking for I tend to go all out to get it.

    6. I don't have self-control, but certain aspects (aka the Parent Problem) means that I need to triple save for each purchase. So, impulse buys are a "no". If I was on my own, hehehe.

      I do impulse buy wigs and MSD-sized stuff I see around, and clothes, and the like. But dolls, no.
    7. I was holding off for a larger boy, but i had the money the time the DOD Vday event turned up.. I gave in x3 i just wanted a BJD badly and Too is one i was planning to get anyway so why not?

      Though.. now i have to wait longer for my larger boy. But that's ok with me ^_^ i'll have a little boy to wait with =D
    8. I never buy on credit and I never impulsed buy a doll. With that said that there been times when I would have, but I was always broke. ^^;
    9. A little of both for me. I usually think through and through for big purchases like dolls, but I did buy a couple on impulse. Both of which left me (well, one did, the other is up for adoption), so now the lesson is learned: no impulse buying, it doesn't benefit me in the end ^^;
    10. I don't know how to impulse buy a doll.

      I don't think I've ever had a moment of saying "well gee, I have this thousand dollars laying around and I ... OOOOHHHH DOLL"

      Generally when I buy a doll, I save for 3 weeks or so, then I go drop it all on a doll..... But during that three weeks I know exactly what I'm saving for. Then the fourth week comes, and I pay off my car payment and my phone payment. So... In the span of a month I can be happy..

      Well until I quit my job. So I won't be buying many dolls for the time being, be it impulse or intended. ^_^
    11. I'm somewhere in between. I prefer to do layaway plans so I'm not spending *all* my money at once but at the same time I probably make larger payments than I can truly say I can suffice without at the time.

      But so far I haven't gone bankrupt or had things reposessed or starved or anything like that. So I guess I've got some self-control.
    12. I have no credit card (other than store specific ones) and never ever do layaway. So that pretty much forces me to not be impulsive.
      Plus I have a mortgage that has never been paid a day late and my credit is awesome and I bend over backwards to keep it that way.
      Plus I definitly think good things come to those who wait.
      I've got some amazing deals in the marketplace here and saved money by not buying it when it's just released or paying the int. shipping. Even with clothing and wigs this has happened.
      For example, Luts had a pair of pants that were 40 plus shipping. I didn't buy them and they sold out. But a year later I got them for 15 shipped second hand.
      I find the more impulsive the buy the higher chance you will be unhappy and regret it later.
    13. I try to control myself but well I usually "OMG hafta buy :o " when I see a good deal :lol:
    14. I can't be impulsive, because I know the second I buy and pay for a doll, my cat will find a way to electrocute herself or there will suddenly be a huge bill for something out of the blue. It always happens when I think, "I'm caught up on my bills, I think I'll splurge a little." Every time.

      Also, I live with my boyfriend and pay rent, bills, save for retirement in two accounts, etc, etc. Saving up to buy a doll is the only way to go, because I am NOT about to put a $700 luxury purchase on my credit card. No way. I can't spend what would have been my rent money on a doll, either, because I like having a place to live. ^_^
    15. I am very impulsive, but I'm trying hard to overcome it.
    16. I'm also impulsive...with the price of these dolls, I cant afford to be though.
    17. I've seen cases of impulse working out and not working out.. Luckily my impulse came when I was saving for one doll and another one came up that was limited and on my wanted-to-buy list at a very good price.. ^^; I think it's a case-by-case decision.
    18. With dolls... I've made a few impulse buys (My tanned Shiwoo, both of my white Breakaway's heads-), but for the most part, I'm patient. I think about it for awhile and don't buy them until I can afford them. I have a near-manic fear of getting into debt, so the one time I put one of these guys on my credit card it was because I knew I would be able to pay the balance off by the end of the following month...

      With clothes, eyes and wigs... I'm a little less disciplined. I'll buy those with less careful consideration than the dolls that wear them, but I'm still pretty picky. If I don't think an item suits some member of my crew, I won't buy it no matter how pretty it is. It won't be worth the investment if I never use it.
    19. Hmm I have a big problem with money :( I do not have a job and spend too much :...( I bought her and didn't have much money and sold my Midori. I do not want a CC because I know I can't control myself. For now I can pay all my bills,but I need to save money and not saving money for DOLLS but for other things ;)
    20. I was about to write that I'm only impulsive if the doll is limited or hard to obtain, but... honestly, so far all of my dolls have been pretty impulsive buys. This includes my Jay & Wren (Luts El & El-SS), who are about as far from limited or hard to obtain as one can get. Historically, my time between first seeing a doll and buying it is incredibly short. I could offer excuses, but there it is. :sweat

      Still, I've always made sure that I had the money and some to spare before buying. No matter how much I adore a doll, I will not go into debt because of one.