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Sellers guilt

Jun 15, 2011

    1. Do you ever get sellers guilt?
      My first, bought over the internet, doll always seemed a bit forced into the personality I wanted. So when a new sculpt came out that was the character personified I couldn't justiphy keeping the former.
      So now she's sold and I'm feeling like I just 'gave up'?
      Which is silly. I am super excited to save up for the new doll. Everything about her is perfect and I can't wait!
      So why the guilt!?
      I hope I'm not the only one who gets this way. Share your stories of sellers guilt?
    2. I've sold 2 dolls so far without any regrets. By the time I had really made the not so easy decision to sell, I had already emotionally separated myself from them. They were both lovely dolls, but no longer fit with where I wanted my doll family to go. It was actually kind of a relief to be able to start moving some of the guys that just didn't go on, because it's left me with a group that I'm much happier with.
    3. So far I have not sell off any dolls yet but I do ever sell off some of my figurines which I bought last time and that time I did not work or have much allowances and I was happy that I bought them but I sold some of them off but in a way, I did not regret my decision for I think that if I did not sell them and keep them, they will still remain in the box neglected...so you can say that, that's the best decision for if I did not sell them and keep them, not only they are neglected, they might end up being thrown away one day =____=

      p/s: Sorry if it does not relate to BJD but I think it's quite a similar situation that I have faced
    4. I've sold A LOT of dolls as I've attempted to figure out my preferred sizes, molds and which characters I've wanted to own. For the most part I don't feel any sort of guilt. This is a hobby and I want it to be fun, if a doll is not working for any reason I am not going to beat myself with a stick over it. However, when a dolls I've sold to someone show back up in the marketplace I sometimes feel a little guilt. Of all the dolls I've sold I only miss 2 or so at most out of something like 40. (Wow, I had no idea I'd sold that many dolls!) Though it's important to note, I sell dolls because they are not working for me not because I need the money for basic necessities. I might feel differently if I had to actually sell a beloved doll (which does not appear to be the case in OP's example.)
    5. Hmmm... I don't think this has happened to me so far- not exactly anyway. I've never sold a full doll- I've sold two bodies, and probably... 3 heads? (I'm like a magnet, whatever comes in here tends to stay >.<) but one of the heads I sold, a MNF Shiwoo, kind of made me feel like that. When he came to me, he had the default face-up and everything, and I think maybe that was why I just couldn't bond with him? I just kept looking at his face, and I really liked him a lot, but I didn't think he'd fit in with the other dolls if I got him a body. I ended up selling him to a girl who really loved him, but I still kind of felt like I'd tossed him away without really trying... :p
    6. Yeah, this is normally how I feel. Like I'm cleansing the collection by cutting out the parts that just didn't work for me, actually.
    7. I have sold several dolls. A few of them, I do regret selling, but not enough to buy them again.

      Don't feel guilty! :) If the doll you sold/are selling is not working for you, maybe its time to move on. Even if its a limited, you can (eventually) buy them again. Patience & perseverance are key on that one, though.
    8. it's weird, i have had dolls that i think are really special and that i think i will never sell. then i get the itch to sell them, and once i do, i really don't care! i have only had 2 that i really thought i would miss and then didn't.
    9. I don't feel guilty about selling a doll and buying one I like better because, after all, I usually have bought the first doll without actually ever seeing one in person. Dolls look different in real life, no matter how good the photographs are, and it's only natural that once in a while, I am disappointed after I see it for myself. What I do regret is the the trouble it takes to sell the doll I have decided not to keep, and the money I usually lose in order for it to sell quickly.
    10. Thanks everyone. I do feel better after hearing everyone else tell their tale.
      I think part of the problem was I still liked my doll, this new one is just BETTER. So a lot of it was selling a doll I was still attached to.
      I do hope the new owner posts lots of pictures of what she does with her so I can see her in her new home.

      Linakauno, that loss of money is a hard thing. I'm struggling with lowering prices on dolls I think deserve more. ^^;;
    11. I don't feel guilty about selling dolls. In fact, I actually feel good about doing so. When I sell a doll, it means that she is not working out for me and is kept in a box in my closet. I recently began to sell off my fashion dolls (I have not been interested in them ever since getting into ABJDs) and a few BJDs that I wasn't able to bond with; it feels so good to send them off to loving homes where they will actually be taken out of their boxes and enjoyed. Plus, I get to have extra money to spend on the dolls that I DO want. As I see it, it's a win-win situation all around.
    12. I've sold off quite a few dolls that have come into my house. As of right now I have only regretted selling one of them, and lucky her sculpt is not limited so I can get her again, it was the faceup that is something I won't be able to easily get again (by Rabiruna) but I still plan on getting the same sculpt and trying to get as close to what she was before :) I think the reason I miss her and only her is because I had to sell her to pay off bills, and not because I didn't like her anymore. All of the ones I've sold that I just did not like, or weren't working for me I haven't regretted selling :)
    13. I haven't sold any BJDs -- yet -- but I can relate to this discussion as a buyer. Whenever I buy a doll on eBay, I think of it as an eBay rescue. I am rescuing a doll from a home where she/he was no longer wanted and providing a new home where the doll will feel loved.

      On the other hand, I now have a fair number of BJDs, which means that many of them are in their boxes, not getting the attention or appreciation they deserve. Sooner or later, some of them will be looking for new homes. Whether I feel guilty or not will depend on the doll. Some dolls were eagerly anticipated, only to disappoint me when they arrived. They never look quite like their promo photos, do they? I look at some and ask, "Who are you?" If I don't feel any connection at that point, I know those dolls will eventually be sold.
    14. I feel remorse when letting go of one of my BJDs. I think it's because I still enjoy them and find them beautiful, and deciding to let them go for whatever reason always makes me feel a bit sad. But then I think about the new home they'll be going to, and it doesn't feel so bad.

      I usually feel a touch of guilt when I sell anything of mine because it brings up happy memories of that object and me. Knowing that no more memories will be made is kind of sad, but getting the doll I fancy more and spend more time and devotion to cheers me right back up. :lol:
    15. I've currently only sold one BJD, and I don't feel guilty about it. I get somewhat emotionally attached to many inanimate objects, but at least with dolls you can pass them on to someone who'll (hopefully) enjoy them and even get some or most of your money back in the process! I have a lot of things I care about that I need to get rid of that I couldn't even pay someone to take.
    16. I feel no guilt. If I am selling the doll it is because I did not bond with it. If there is a buyer who can give the doll the attention it deservse it is better.
    17. I have never sold any dolls yet, but I do have one doll in which he just cant seem to fit into the character I have for him, and despite changing his name, outfit, wig, faceup, I still cant really seem to make him fit into my doll family. He's currently in his default company outfit, which is very cute, but I would sort of like to make him more "personalized" and fit more into my doll family. I've considered a few times selling him, and I do sort of feel guilty like I didnt really do enough. Maybe I'll try one more time to give him a total makeover and see how it goes.
    18. I've only sold heads, and no I don't feel guilt or regret because I'm sure that they'll be more useful to another person than they ever will be for me. Plus, they were never really "whole" to begin with, so yes... I just gave up searching for the right body/look for them. But the thought of getting a whole new different doll to fit the character the head was originally for, makes me feel a lot happier. I'm happier without the floating heads, and I'm sure the people I've sold the heads to are happy with them, too, so all is good. :)
    19. I had seller's guilt after I sold my impulse buy pukifee. I didn't really feel like she fit in, maybe because she didn't have a faceup yet - but the money I got from her went to my KDF Bory, which I love to pieces.

      But I guess I missed having a tiny around, because after seeing the pukifee Luna, I'm hoping this time she'll be a better fit.
    20. ^This! I've never sold a doll, as I just got mine, but yeah, I don't /plan/ to feel seller's guilt because I know I'm selling my doll to someone else who'll be potentially much happier with their new purchase! However, I've been losing inspiration with my Unoa despite how long I searched for her and have been thinking vaguely of selling her in the future, but then I do feel /sad/ about the idea of selling her, but not necessarily guilty. xD