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Selling All of Your Collection to Buy Dolls From Another Company?

Oct 30, 2011

    1. Sooo...Not sure if there is a thread like this or not, I looked, but I couldn't find anything. If this is a duplicate, mods please delete! :D ♥

      Mods, if you think this is too similar to the pre-existing thread, please delete or move or merge or whatever you have to do! ^^ I tried to make it as clear as I could as to what I was asking, but I know I can be a little...confusing with words sometimes!

      I know this is going to get confused quickly with the "Are All Your Dolls From the Same Company?" thread, but that's not what I'm asking here. I'm not asking if your dolls are all from the same company. I'm asking why. How. What made you decide such a thing? Did you at one point in time have dolls from another company? What made you change your mind?

      Lately I've been having a craving for Volks dolls. But I know the only way I will be able to afford them or have the room for them is to sell my old dolls. I love my old dolls, but their sculpts are not as interesting to me. There's just something about Volks that has really been appealing to me lately, and I can't help myself.

      I know there are a lot of people who catch "the Volks bug", and sell all of their old dolls and get only Volks dolls for the rest of forever. I kind of...want to be one of those people. But I know I will never sell the dolls I have because I am too sentimentally attached to them.

      Am I the only one? This of COURSE does not have to be a Volks thread. I don't want it to be a Volks thread. I'm curious about ALL doll companies; SOOM, Crobidoll, DoD, Bobobie, ANYTHING you can think of that you have an addiction to. A company that is, (or that you want to be), your ONLY company, and you know that will never change. ♥ Please let me know your thoughts!
    2. I kinda wanna be a migidoll addict! But I don't even own one, but I think their dolls are beautiful. That and Iplehouse. Mmm..... You can still get plenty of variety from larger companies with lots of dolls like Volks, Iplehouse and Fairyland!
    3. I don't think I personally could just do one company, but I have gotten a lot choosier. I have had such nice luck from Iplehouse I am tempted to order from them again, just because I had a good experience and everything about the doll I ordered was *perfect*. I could see doing 90% Iple sculpts..but then along comes a Soom head that I just love. But I could see how a person would find one company just makes faces that match what the person wanted perfectly, and be easy and familiar to buy from, and then pretty soon that would be all you owned!
    4. It does seem like as time goes on I've been settling into a company rut (Dollmore and Rosen Lied, to be exact), and I have toyed with the idea of going one-company-only, but in the end, I love all the dolls I already have, and wouldn't want to sell them! I suppose for people who regularly sell dolls anyway, it wouldn't be as big of a deal. Honestly, before you sell all your dolls to go all-Volks, I would buy one Volks doll first and make sure that's the direction you want to go in!
    5. Most of my dolls are from soom. I just. love them so much.
    6. All of my dolls are from different company brands, DOD, Luts/Delf, Migidoll, CustomHouse, Supia, Volks and Switch.
      I see my dolls the character I built for them and not the brand. I fell in love with the mold/doll itself.

      When I got my first Volks SD17 Reisner, it took me 4 years before I get it. The price tag he has is way too much for me, same as with other volks I liked. But since he is my "Grail Doll" I finally decided to give in... Maybe, he'll be my first and last Volks doll I will have. :D
    7. :sweat hehe, I guess i can say i got the "luts bug" as almost all my dolls are luts sculpts.
    8. I could see myself being a one company/one sculptor collector. Even though I have dolls from other companies, most of my dolls are Luts/Fairyland (sculpted by CP). Really, the only reason I have heads from others (Crobi, Leeke, Iplehouse) is the sculpt. I don't know if that makes much sense, since the scuplt is the most important thing to like in a doll.... I guess I've just noticed that when I go looking for a new doll, the first place I look is Luts, then Fairyland. Most of my non-doll collections are refined or specific within a collecting area. For instance, while I do collect pocket watches, I primarily collect English pre-1900 silver watches. It's not a brand thing with dolls, I just feel more drawn to one kind than another for my own crew, even though I admire so many others.

      I don't know if that really makes sense or not. It's sort of like having a favorite color, but not being able to explain why.
    9. This year I went crazy for Migidoll :XD: I'm not collecting them at the exclusion of other doll companies, but they do make up a third of my BJD collection with another one on the way. Only Ryu, the vampire, sleeping, and cynical heads (excepting Cynical Yujin) are the ones I don't think I'd go for at this point.
    10. Well, a sample size of one does not indicate a pattern, but given my wishlist, I'd say that my collection is probably going to be dominated by Volks Dollfie Dreams. (The Volks SD lines are pretty, but they don't tug at me the same way those big cartoony DD eyes do.) I suppose, however, my DD loyalty is partially because no one else is doing quite the same thing. If someone else like Azone were to do open-eye headed but still truly anime style vinyl dolls there's a good chance I'd mix some of those in in a heartbeat. But so far, I'm apparently a DD girl.
    11. I have dolls from a few companies (Blue Fairy, Fairyland, Pipos, Volks, SOOM, Souldoll, Bambicrony, Dream of Doll). I will never have dolls 100% from one company, but my favorite company is Blue Fairy. They are reliable, fast, honest, and just wonderful! I have never had a problem with them, and what you see on the site is exactly what you get. Plus their order processing time is very fast, and if there is a problem they tell you what it is right away. Plus I love far too many of their sculpts for my comfort, lol!
    12. I only have one right now, a Soomling. I've owned Infiniti, Luts, Crobi, Lati (x2) and more Soom in the past, but I've sold them all as my interests changed. I don't really have any intentions of only buying from one company, but more often than not, only a few companies tend to a) satisfy a particular aesthetic while b) looking good together. Right now, all I have are Iplehouse and Soom boys and girls on the to-buy list, with maybe one Spirit Doll Elegance boy hybrid and a Gu Mi-Jeong Alex boy thrown in.

      So, I guess I have the "Soom and Iplehouse" bug? It's not that I think those are the only companies worth buying from, or anything like that. They just seem to come out with dolls that I want pretty consistently.
    13. As of right now I can easily see myself purchasing only DiM dolls from here on out (head sculpts that is, I need variety among my doll bodies and won't buy the same body twice...plus DiM isn't exactly known for their well-sculpted bodies). However, I absolutely adore my current sculpts, especially my Glorydoll and Napidoll, and could never sell them out to replace them. However, as I buy my sculpts so they mesh well together I do think my current dolls all have that certain element to them that draws me into DiM's sculpts.
    14. I thought about buying exclusively from Dollmore - they were my first company, so I was aprehensive about expanding - but then I realized that they don't sell their heads separately, and the clothes tend to always be black or white. While there are dolls I do like (such as the Kara Klum) I don't see myself getting too many others.

      If I was going to become an "addict" I would probably be a Migidoll one. I have a bunch of sculpts on my list from them because they're my style.
    15. i have some companies that i have multiple dolls from, but i really can't see getting all of them from one. i really like the variety i can get by mixing it up.
    16. All my dolls bar one came from Luts. Four Delfs, one JDF, and one SDF. I didn't really do this deliberately- more like I just really like those sculpts and they happen to come from Luts! :D
      My non-Luts doll is a Crobidoll Lance, who, with his big eyes and lovely nose, looks like a cross between CP sculting and Luts sculpting ^^ best of both worlds!
    17. I have been slightly enchanted by the beautiful and realistic dolls from Iplehouse, and some of my earlier dolls would look a little odd next to them, but I have resisted the urge to sell and buy new. Just because I may have some realistic dolls and some that are not, I don't have to photograph them together. I'm very happy with my strange eclectic collection. It suits me perfectly. I like seeing other people's dolls that are all perfectly harmonious together, but it's not for me.
    18. I'm sticking with Dollzone so far, though I have one head from another company, La Légende de Temps. I guess I'm just comfortable with Dollzone. Their dolls are easy to handle, I like their aesthetic and the personalities of the sculpts, and the bodies are very poseable. If they'd had a head sculpt that fitted my Gawain, I wouldn't have hesitated. As it is, he'll only be getting a body from Dollzone. I also like the willingness to experiment and innovate that this company has been displaying.

      I guess I tend to be loyal to a company if I'm satisfied with their service. When I order from Dollzone, I know what to expect, and I have been really happy with them so far. Their style suits me to a T.
    19. I have kind of an addiction to Fairyland for what concerns adulte/mature female bjd and a Soom one for males. In fact all of my men at home are Soom and I'm waiting for other two:sweat For tiny I prefer FL and Lati. From Volks I've got just the one doll I've always loved and really wanted.

      But this is the situation now. I have to admit, that my first dolls were more "affordable" ones, since I didn't have the money for more expensive ones. When I started working and had the money, the I sold the bjd I had and bought the ones I really wanted from a few selected companies, more because I prefer the molds and quality, not necessarily because they're more expensive or prestigious.
    20. Have you sold off your 'other dolls' t be able to afford your BJDs?
      Guilty as charged. I once had quite a large inventment in 16 to 19" fashion dolls. Once bitten by the BJD bug, i quickly began selling off dsome of my most prized fashion dolls in order to afford the way overpriced BJDs. I had to move away from the fashion dolls becuse they didn't allow me enough artistic freedome to customize and change them as I wanted. With BJD the opposite is true and I love that about them. I think a collections should move and change because the collector's taste changes in much the same way.