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Selling all of your dolls to buy one or two?

Nov 3, 2010

    1. Horribly sorry if this has already been posted, but i couldnt find anything :)

      So. My issue is, im not sure if im at all happy with the dolls i have now. I have a specific story that i have written, and 2 of my most beloved characters are in said story. I have chosen their shells perfectly, but the shells are some of the more expensive variety of BJD! I am now considering selling all of the dolls i currently own, save 1 and maybe another, just to buy and spoil them.

      Enough of my blabbering.

      Would you ever do something like this? Would you feel horribly guilty for doing it? or even thinking it for that matter. If one of them were a gift would you feel particularly bad?

      Im not asking this to help me decide, im just wondering what others think of this, whether they think it is something they think is good or bad. (not right or wrong, necessarily)

      **asking if its good or bad is just taking a side for the sake of debate.
    2. I don't see anything bad about it at all. I'm not sure what could be seen as bad with it to be honest. They're dolls - objects, sometimes treasured sometimes not so much and they're your investment. If you're no longer 'in love with them' and feel you wont regret selling them then go for it. I've done this kind of cycling a few times already and I have to say for me it's worked out for the best.

      When there's so much money involved I have to be happy with my collection and whatever limitations that come with it. Some people are more sentimental about it and wouldn't feel comfortable with this and then it might be a bad idea. You need to know yourself before you make a decision like that - especially if it's a hard to reget sculpt.

      As for someone buying the doll:My best friend would understand - I'd probably just sell and give her back her money or split it, or discuss if she's okay with me doing that. Knowing her she'd be pretty cool with it since she's been in doll hobbies with me and we both know how it goes. If by some magic my parents or brother bought one for me I'd have to sit down and talk to them about it. I assume they wouldn't be shocked since they know how I am with my dolls. That being said - they wouldn't buy me one lol.
    3. I have bought dolls that I love the mold but when I got them together with my other dolls they just didnt fit in although I still loved the mold. I bought a boy doll twice and I am just not a boy doll collector so they had to go. I find the longer I am in the hobby the more I seem to gravitate to a specific (style/look) type of doll. Dolls are objects so you can buy or sell them however you choose. I often have sold one doll to pay for another that I wanted even more figuring I could always re-buy the doll I sold because of it not being limited or what ever the case. Some people would never sell their dolls but I feel I got my enjoyment out of them now let them make someone else happy.
    4. It is definitely something I could see myself doing. Right now I wouldn't do it because my dolls are all characters, most very loved characters so I wouldn't do it, but if they weren't, I would do it. I have sold off several dolls in the past because they were not working and I wanted to shell characters instead.
    5. Hmm well I still consider myself a complete newbie in this hobby, in fact I'm still waiting for my first doll haha, however even say three years ago when I first learned of ball joint dolls I had the resources to get a doll but I didn't decide to buy one even though I loved the hobby already. I guess what I mean is that I don't think I'd have that problem because I'm always just waiting to buy "the" dolls I want, to represent my characters. I wouldn't buy ones I'm not too sure about or think I would have second thoughts for. I know there are people who have very large families of dolls, but I think I'll be perfectly content with 2, 3 at the most, so far they're all the really expensive sculpts lol, gives me time to save up though.
    6. I really don't see myself doing a drastic downsizing to get other dolls. However, people do it, and there's nothing wrong with it at all. It's your collection, you should be happy with it. I've sold one doll in total, but that's because he just didn't quite fit the character I got him for. In this particular case the buyer really wanted that sculpt, so I don't feel bad about it at all. It felt right. It would not feel right to get rid of most or all of who I have now to replace them with other dolls.

      I personally would not sell a gift doll (not that I'd ever receive one) unless it had been given to me quite some time ago and by someone I rarely had contact with . . . and even then I'd feel guilty and/or might not sell them.
    7. This isn't "good or bad". It's practical decision making.
    8. I think it's impossible for me....I may sell some dolls which I don't like very much.But selling all my dolls to by one or two is really unreasonable...
    9. I am a collector almost by nature.. It would be very hard for me to make the decision to sell one of my dolls(not that i've seen mine yet but still ...).. and that goes doubly if not quadruple if someone were to buy it for me. I have an extremely hard time getting rid of stuff that was a gift to me dolls or not.. I mean maybe if I REALLY don't like the doll.. but I would be more likely to give it away to someone I know that may want it vs selling them.
    10. I can't do that ^^ I love all of my dolls I have now. Selling them for get new one or two?? Oh no!! I just can't even imagin that.
    11. My first doll is a graduation gift from my parents and I wouldn't sell it to just make some quick cash. I would sell my other dolls first in case of a financial emergency that is so big my savings aren't enough.

      People learn, grow, and change when time passes. It has happened before that people wanted smaller doll collections or that the dolls they currently own no longer suit their tastes. I have sold dolls that I didn't like that much anymore and that I wouldn't mind letting go to finance the purchase of a new one. As said before there is no right or wrong in doing this or good or bad. It's just a choice.
      There is, however, the "danger" of getting blinded by the desire to buy a certain expensive doll so much that you sell dolls you later on regret selling.
    12. It's a parable. The man who found "the pearl of great price" went and sold all he had so that he could purchase it.
    13. My dolls are also based on a storyline, and the first two dolls I got are the two main characters. I have a really hard time buying any other dolls now, I'm much too focused on getting the basic core of my group right. If you think you may be that kind of a collector, it would make a lot more sense to sell the others so you can get the two that mean the most.
    14. I would say that it's ok to do so if you really wish to get those one or two dolls and can bear to replace all the other dolls you have just for them. As with any collection/hobby, many people change somewhat in what they collect, the quantity they have of something and the amount they have as time goes by. I may be talking out of my ear but I believe this is true for at least some portion of the population in the world.
    15. This. There's nothing inherently good or bad in this kind of decision.
    16. I'm in a similar situation - Thinking about selling the vast majority of my dolls, to free up the money for a (currently) more desirable endeavour. I've decided to approach it by selling them one by one, in order from my least favourite to most favourite, and after each sale ask myself "Do I have enough money for it now?". It's both lessening the shock of the decreasing number of dolls in my house, and allowing me time to assess where else I can spin money from.
    17. I don't really get it, personally, I don't think there something really "good" or "bad" about this thing
      decision-making is only up to th person, only he can decide for himself
      if you decide to sell them your dolls and save only one
      well I can't see something wrong about that
      but think about it first, if that is what you really want to do
    18. Focusing and refining your collection is an on-going process, I've found. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and going through a number of different dolls to figure out what you really want. There's nothing odd or wrong with that, even if it means trading a whole tribe for just the special few.
    19. THIS! I've vacillated the past year between the idea of two main dolls and a harem of resin.
    20. If you felt that you weren't happy with your collection as it currently is, and wouldn't miss or regret the ones you'd be selling, then I don't think it's bad at all. I myself want a few very expensive dolls, and I'd consider selling off the ones I'm not as bonded to to raise money. I don't see that as a bad thing. Just make sure you're not going to regret your decision later.

      Personally, every doll that comes home with me becomes special in some way, they just get that personal touch and then suddenly I can't see my collection without them. I firmly believe that there's no doll I can't love once I've got it in my hands. That said, I've sold heads before, because I don't view them as complete, and I don't form the same attachment to them. They're usually the first thing to go when I need to clean out my collection to make room. Besides them, there's only really one other doll that I'd consider selling, and it's because six wigs later, I still haven't found the look for him that suggests the correct character, but I can't seem to let him go completely just yet...